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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is for people who wish to know the latest news regarding the Tribune and Sinclair merger, without all the discussion. Please only post news updates in this thread. Discussion should take place in the other thread. ---------------- TVNewsCheck is reporting that Sinclair has received final bids for stations they will sell. The official list should be announced next week.
  2. Due to a variety of reasons, mainly that there seemed to be 30 concurrent discussions going on at once, as well as constant political discourse that didn't belong in the thread, the old Sinclair/Tribune thread has been retired and taken to a nice farm upstate to live out the rest of it's life in peace. Because the deal is not yet finalized, there is a need for place to discuss the merger. This is one of those places. As this is a large business transaction, there are many moving parts, and therefore there are several other aspects of the merger that have been split off into their own discussions. This thread exists to be a central discussion of procedural and regulatory updates regarding the merger (releases from the FCC, DOJ, etc.) as well as a place to discuss general news updates regarding the merger (statements by executives, FTVLive updates, single station divestiture proceedings, etc.) General TV: Sinclair and Tribune: Just the Facts This thread is for updates and developments without all the discussion. Please cross post any news updates to both threads! Corporate Chat: Sinclair Broadcast Group This thread is for any discussion of policy and procedure at existing Sinclair stations, such as "must-runs" and group-wide initiatives like promo campaigns. General TV: Fox and Sinclair finalizing purchase of six stations Thread for discussion about a reported deal with Fox Television Stations to sell a number of Tribune stations to Fox Television Stations. Speculation: Sinclair-Tribune: Repercussions, rumors This is the speculation thread, where you can come up with all sorts of wild scenarios as to how this deal will play out. If your post is largely based in fantasy ("Here's what I think will happen" "What if..." etc.) it belongs in this thread. Additional threads may be created or broken off from this thread as they warrant. Check back here for updates. The last thread became a real mess, and I'd like to avoid this one becoming a big mess as well, so there are some special rules in this thread that I intend on strictly enforcing. Politics play a their part in this. There's no arguing that. However, there is zero need to attack any other user here based on their political leanings. Keep the politics to a minimum. Any harassment or attacks directed at another user will earn you a 2 day thread ban the first time and a permanent thread ban the second time and a strike on your account. Don't get emotional. There is almost no need to get emotionally invested in this deal unless you yourself work for Tribune. Ranting and raving (going on and on for several sentences) about how Sinclair is going to "ruin" your favorite/a completely arbitrary station will be considered off-topic and will incur the typical penalty for off-topic posting. Don't be repetitive. Don't ask the same question over and over or bring up the same subject repeatedly. This tends to tie into rule #2. Remember the rest of the rules. Consider reviewing your posts before hitting submit. Edit your posts to add thoughts that you may have after submitting. If you're replying to multiple posts, use the multi-reply feature (Click the "+Quote" button on every post you want to reply to, then scroll down to the quick reply box and click the big "Insert Quotes..." button.) STAY ON TOPIC. Going off on a tangent about a completely unrelated topic is not allowed. Your posts will be deleted and you may be thread banned temporarily and/or given strikes for breaking the rules. I will try to monitor this thread as much as possible. Don't forget to hit that "Report" button if you feel a post has violated the rules. Thanks you. Weeters
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