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  1. So will Bally Sports be involved with the MLB this year? I know that they are out of the southwest.
  2. From experience living in the south, and the dominance of the SEC, this could certainly hurt viewership on Saturdays. As SEC college football is king in the south. Also, there is a thin possibility that it could help in markets like Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte and Nashville due to the amount of people that are transplants from historical BIG10 territory (Atlanta has a lot from rust belt, Charlotte and Nashville is more from across the country).
  3. Its been mentioned, just not directly, you think we would not notice that! You might have scrolled right past it, happens to us all. The difference between the top live bug and the L3s, makes me wonder if there going to roll out a new (or refreshed) graphics package. I do not when they last got a graphics refresh, would someone be able to tell enlighten us on that?
  4. I was interviewed for one of WUPA's "newscasts" back in December of 2022, with one of their only MMJs. Watched the newscast that evening to see what was what and definitely disappointed. Wasn't surprised, I didn't even know what the local CW affiliate was at the time until that morning, let alone that they had a newscast. I will definitely agree that they were produced like "Spectrum News 1".
  5. Second that, especially with the offer he made in the fall(?).
  6. You can partially give the New World-FOX partnership/merger the blame for all of this too. Additionally, before WAGA was bought by/transferred to FOX in the 1994-96 realignment, it was arguably one of their stronger affiliates. Notably it is also the only station in Atlanta that currently has a chance at surpassing the almighty WSB-TV. Same goes for the prior affiliates in Detroit, Milwaukee, etc. New World must have run their stations well because the majority of them continue to maintain strong viewership. This time period also coincides with when CBS began to see declining ratings as a whole. Also during realignment CBS had to affiliate with small unheard of channels with relatively high channel numbers, and in many cases the news room was built from scratch.
  7. A notable exception is CBS owned KDKA in Pittsburgh, although a lot of it is historical preference hanging on tight.
  8. I was nervous when she said "now some personal news," I thought she was leaving NBC News entirely. Glad to here she is commiting to the successful 'noon'-ish newscast. Her announcement:
  9. Unlikely, as long as football exists there will be people celebrating. Besides, from what I understand the incident last week in Kansas City was born out an argument gone to far.
  10. WEEK made the switch at 5pm today
  11. WAFF did the same for the few months prior the their switch to GrayONE in early December. That doesn't not make sense....
  12. So does this mean that they are effectively 'shutting down' indefinitely?
  13. It also varies a lot more once you go west of the eastern time zone.
  14. It is going to be hard to get rid of the NBC chimes, those have been used since the beginning.
  15. Plus the previous events (at CBS Detroit) show that it is still possible for a news station to be built from scratch in this day and age. (albeit with some snafus along the way)
  16. I have been wondering will Gray let NBC affiliates display the Olympic rings? I think it is something to be proud of (being the only free station broadcasting the games), and a missed opportunity.
  17. I hope the L3s get updated with the new ticker, the two just don't match.
  18. And the cycle continues, it would even stranger if Gray were to then have their stations (not WANF) put WPCH on a sub-channel, that will never happen though. I am thinking as it is centrally located in the western US, it is possible that they might be another Graphics hub, they could also build a newsroom there to build a western edition of Local News Live. Those are both possibilities. There is a long-shot possibility that they'll try to take the FOX affiliation from Scripps.
  19. Some big news from Gray today: asset swap with Marquee out west: PRESS RELEASE Gray, Syncbak and NAB announce new local streaming platform Zeam (Morgan Murphy Media as well) Read here. Additionally; there is this More Here According to a different website that shall not be named, 'Zeam' is to serve as a successor to VUit.
  20. They have been using the "simulated window" look for years, and when the camera is positioned just right, it is barely noticeable. That is until someone walks by.
  21. the column has always been there, they have just tried to hide it for the last 30 years:
  22. I think they made the change about three Saturdays ago on the sixth. The fake mullions (referred to as border), help distract from the fact that its a camera feed, and in my opinion it is an improvement.
  23. I don't know where else to ask, so here it goes... Is King Charles filmed in front of a live studio audience?
  24. If it is from GrayONE, the graphics would use Barlow as the font as that is the font choice for GrayONE. Its possible that the graphic was done in house and was designed so it would match with their existing graphics as well with GrayONE, so it could be used the end of the election cycle.
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