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  1. I am currently watching the local over-the-air feed of KCAL, and the "KCAL News Los Angeles" on-air bug still remains on screen.
  2. I have seen weeknight sports anchor Rob Fukuzaki of KABC in Los Angeles anchor a sports wrap up show following the 11pm newscasts on Sundays for a few years now.
  3. At one point, Channel 13 was the broadcast home of the L.A. Marathon, televised Clippers basketball and had its own news department, with nightly news broadcasts. Once the news department was shuttered, it seems like the station started to fall apart. Nowadays, other than some syndicated courtroom shows and daytime talk show programming, the station resembles KDOC out of Orange County.
  4. I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I have watched Channel 13 over the past decade or so.
  5. Yes, "Good Day Live" used to be a great program to watch on weekday mornings too! Here in Southern California, it was often fascinating to watch the different contrasts between the local (7-9am) and national versions, in which they stayed on set to host live at 9am local time.
  6. "Good Day L.A" has not been the same since the days of Steve, Jillian and Dorothy co-hosting the program. During their tenure, it was competitive with the "KTLA Morning News" from time to time. It will be interesting to see what Jennifer and Melvin will be like on "Good Day L.A."
  7. Actually, Billy Bush is the weekday host of "Extra," so it should have very little to no bearing with regard to Jenn and Melvin's schedule at FOX11 during the work week. In addition to weekend co-anchor, Pascucci serves as a reporter on "Good Day L.A. She technically has a greater profile now than she had on KTLA, which there were some long stints when I didn't see her on Channel 5. Given her following, FOX11 would be wise to use her in prime spots in the future.
  8. For whatever it's worth, at the conclusion of the regular season episode of "The Challenge" just a few weeks ago, which was a sports trivia and sports highlights show that Roggin co-hosted with former USC football player Petros Papadakis following "Sunday Night Football" games on NBC4 for many years, they rolled extended end credits of the production staff on the show that actually led me to believe at the time that it was possibly its finale. I had the pleasure of meeting Roggin once, who is as much of a terrific person off the air, as he is behind the desk. Such a living legend in the local Los Angeles-area sports scene. I will miss watching his sports reports on NBC4.
  9. The time/temp bug is not as necessary at any time of day as they are during morning newscasts (as it is before traditional work and school hours), in my opinion. In this case, they probably were seeking to establish different on-air looks between both morning and afternoon/evening newscasts.
  10. On CNN, Bill Maher would potentially bring in decent ratings. I doubt he would agree to do a full hour there, however, because his unfiltered style and creative freedom that he's successful with on his own show HBO would be more restrained at CNN.
  11. I was thinking similarly that it looks similar to the time/temperature reading on the CBSN ticker. They finally joined morning news programs just about everywhere else with on-screen time/temp bugs, which is great! As an observer, the placement of it on the bottom-right of the screen seems buried from the rest of the lower-thirds and is small, however. The color scheme doesn't match the rest of the banner, either.
  12. Happy retirement to Tony! He is a glue and one of the remaining originals from the early years of "Good Day L.A." who is still with FOX 11.
  13. On DirecTV, it still shows "My Network TV" for KCOP on my end, but I did notice the "FOX 11 Plus" logo on the bottom of the screen when I turned to Channel 13 this evening. In many ways, Channel 13 basically has been Fox 11 Plus for a long time now.
  14. Yeah, I have seen him fill in both of those roles too. It's a shame that he and Cortese will no longer be co-hosting "5 Live," as they have had wonderful chemistry between each other. I have always been impressed in how he has come across on KTLA, so I would also imagine that he will continue to maintain a role on there in some form or another, going forward.
  15. I happened to tune in to KTLA when Sam Cortese was a fill-in anchor on both dayparts over the holiday season. She's a good anchor -- both serious and light-hearted depending on the time of the day of the newscasts! I can imagine a 4pm newscast having a somewhat light and casual feel to it (kinda like how their 5pm newscasts are now), with the more hard news later on in the day. Have seen clips of the "5 Live" set, and it does look awesome! I wonder what will become of Sam's co-host, Andy Reismeyer. In the past, I believe that he worked in some type of behind the scenes capacity, so perhaps he will return to that, or possibly he will just transfer to a 4pm newscast, as well.
  16. Like "Off The Clock" at 2pm weekdays, which used to exclusively be online, I am surprised that "5 Live" wasn't moved to television, as well. The 4pm hour in the Los Angeles market is saturated with local newscasts on weekdays already.
  17. Yeah. In this day and age, it is counterintuitive for Nexstar to be having this anti-technology stance, indeed. As it pertains to the quality of news sets at its television stations, they are notoriously cheap there, as well. But, to be fair, they did give KTLA carte blanche to construct a beautiful new studio, in celebration of the station's 75th anniversary, which debuted fairly recently.
  18. After sampling a few "KCAL Mornings" broadcasts over the past week or so, I feel that it's certainly the best morning product that KCBS/KCAL over many years. Whether or not they can ever overtake the solid and dominant "KTLA Morning News" remains to be seen. One glaring aspect that is missing that KCAL should incorporate in the mornings -- which is important to morning audiences who are preparing to head out for school and work, etc. for the day -- is an on-screen time bug. All things considered, a good start to the station's new morning program.
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