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  1. True I just know Al Roker did it low-key apparently. What I saw in a video, also the ND and GM of the station can't do anything about it.
  2. Yew, but is there a keycard for both divisions.
  3. Maybe she went to network, and her agent might want her to keep quiet, but do you still retain keycards, or a new one?
  4. Some birdie told me there new set is coming next week.
  5. Yeah I have to add to that, but Jodi Applegate could’ve holded a 6pm show. Kaity and Jim would still be here if that stupid Bill Carrey move didn’t happened.
  6. Yes, finally there making use of probably, the left over space from NBC News vacating the place.
  7. KCAL is a temporary situation; Wendy explained outright it was a much stronger brand than “CBS 2” ever was and they had to reconcile both brands (which prior regimes never did) before starting the process of streamlining everything. Odds are impressively high that “CBS Los Angeles” will ultimately subsume the KCAL brand in less than a year, and KCAL itself becomes “CBS Los Angeles+”. That’s to confusing for viewers you’re factoring CBS, KCAL, and the streaming app, and network news. KCAL News or KCAL News on CBS Los Angeles would sound better.
  8. She may have left on her own.
  9. They could challenge in a battle for #2. It’s possible, because of the audiences they want. The LIV Golf situation could make that happen faster.
  10. Detroit is market #number 15, it’s cheaper to build News departments than it was in 1995. Because you can say goodbye to live trucks and hello to LiveUs, no more microwave trucks digital broadband now. And it’s profitable than a syndie because of local ADs. Wouldn’t surprised if the latter is more expensive. So expanding will be profitable no matter the ratings.
  11. Wow, and a few months ago, she said WABC is the stopping point of her career, and viola she's on GMA.
  12. Well you’re gonna have to wait a little longer maybe 5 more years. Trinity Church is not done yet I’ll be a historic move cause no New York station the number #1 especially a flagship has moved HQs buildings in fact all of ABC News will move there too.
  13. I hope she’s goes network. I realized not a lot of WABC talent jumps to network. I barely see Cefann filing reports there. WTVDs Morgan Norwood went network first with News one, now she’s in New York as a based correspondent and partially helps WABC but isn’t on the local team, Lionel Moise does the same (also a former Raleigh journalist at WNCN), even former, ABC11alum Tim Pulliam is now splitting time between KABC where he left us for last year and the afílate news service kinda nice to see him on our screen again.
  14. Also, they have it wasn't expensive to launch a news department back then, with Microwave trucks, and news truck, and cameras, and satellite they had to take news slow. Today with technology, with Live U's they can get rid of news trucks, microwave trucks, and with IP replacing satelite its a little cheaper to produce news especially with WWJ having a majority of its reporter not even coming into the building. I'm not saying it still expensive but fixed cost and operating cost are lower today then back then.
  15. I thought Disney owned Action News wow, Eyewitness started in Philly than better crafted in New York. Hmm interesting.
  16. I think that gives an impression, the new ABC O&O graphics will get rid of talent, openers.
  17. WNJU was good till the updated it past it barebones. It almost like what WMAQ with their old set. Don’t leave WXTV out.
  18. True… KYW was hardest hit by those racism allegation I’ve never seen Ukee (who deserves and now is the chief anchor) even get that emotional. I’m glad he’s the face of the station. Eyewitness News Is now an ABC since all there O&O are most-watched or #1 outright.
  19. Gosh the Eyewitness News tag, Its dying only a handful carries them mostly ABC. I could probably count on my finger who still have it. KGO should pick it up, All non-action news ABC O&Os should have the title since they own it.
  20. I hope CBS gives KYW some permission to keep “Eyewitness News” as a secondary brand, hopefully reporters still say it at the end of live shots.
  21. I used staggered wrongly… WWJ is going quicker than all of them. It crazy WPTY took a decade. But you forgot Jax and WJXX they did a full-slate of newscasts on the first day they were not in a new world market but you know what I mean. KEYE did so also.
  22. It’s a staggered approach then launching all newscast like station in 1995 with new news departments did. They trying to be new kids on the block but hitting the ground running, try to catch up with the pace of the D.
  23. That so beautiful, WXYZ Detroit Glenda and Diana Lewis did a Mother’s Day show in 2004.
  24. That why I like the variety programs, like after the clock with Chris, and Megan, and Henry.
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