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  1. Annabelle Sedano first day on the job was today. I saw her anchor the 3pm newscast, but I did not see her at 5pm, as Carolyn Johnson co-anchored the newscast with Colleen Williams. Does anyone know why wasn't Annabelle anchoring the 5pm news with Colleen?
  2. Why does NBC still put sports on CNBC weekend? Why not just move these events to peacock? I think they should use CNBC as an overflow network in case there's conflict in programming on USA OR NBC.
  3. ESPN has the major 4 sports leagues - NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL, plus college sports. Is this the first time that one network has all of the major sports in recent years?
  4. Why doesn't NBCLA have an anchor who is of Asian background? Ted Chen used to be an anchor on the weekend morning news, but that was years ago.
  5. I am assuming that Alissa will take some time off since she fainted. Who will fill in for her? Why did Mary leave kttv? I think she's better suited for Ktla or Knbc.
  6. What was the reason for Tuck and Magers leaving the station?
  7. Why do they do that by having 2 weathercasters split the weekdays duties in the mid afternoon? Why does a station need 5 permanent weathercasters? I remember a while back, all KNBC had was Christopher Nance doing the morning newscasts weather and Fritz Coleman doing the evening newscast. On the weekends, they would have one of the co anchors reading the weather report with the weather maps on the screen. A few years later, Paul Johnson was asked to work 7 days a week, m - f doing traffic, and on the weekends the weather. I can understand the station having 4 weather casters, but not 5. If one of the 4 calls in sick, they can have a temp fill in. Or they can have one of the other 3 fill in for the person that called in sick.
  8. What is the TV audience of the 7pm newscasts?
  9. Why doesn't NBC put all of its sports coverage that is on cable on the USA Network, instead of splitting it up. Ex would be rugby on CNBC and some figure skating coverage on E! Channel. Why not combine all of the coverage and put it on the USA Network and use CNBC as an overflow or secondary channel if needed?
  10. When will NBC decide and announce what their plans are for the 10pm hour?
  11. Why didn't NBC want to air college basketball since they don't have as much sports programming as they used to with the loss of NHL? It is strange that they have had channels like USA, CNBC, and Bravo, but they were not willing to pay to air sports on these networks in the past, before peacock and streaming became popular.
  12. Her bio states that Sedano used to work for Univision in Los Angeles at KMEX 34. Will NBCLA have her anchor at Telemundo KVEA 52 in the future as well? If the anchors and reporters are bilingual, why not utilize that and have them report for both stations. That will help with their budget.
  13. Why did NBC not want to put some games on the USA network? I know their priority is peacock, but not even one college football game and no college basketball games at all. I thought they wanted to build the USA network with sports programming as well.
  14. What happened to the local sports business? Why would Sinclair buy the networks from Disney if they were going to be bankrupt? On the national level, MLB, NHL, and the NBA are making so much money from their TV deals. Why on the local level the networks are not?
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