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  1. There is a new bulletin on the BBC called BBC News Now and Maryam Moshiri was anchoring but from what it looks like from the Everything Favorites YouTube channel, it’s nothing special and it looks like a regular BBC News bulletin.
  2. KTLA was pre-recording the weather forecasts for the 5 and 6pm news tonight instead of a live forecast as normal.
  3. The lower thirds of the new graphics packages look similar to the E.W. Scripps’ in some aspects but different in others. The time and temp are separated by a line just like Scripps’ graphics.
  4. It seems like the new KTLA 5 News at 4 will be premiering next Monday, 2/20 according to my guide and Karamo will be pushed away to overnights. So I guess that means they will have continuous live news in the evening from 3-7pm Monday to Friday. All they care about is that money nowadays.
  5. The duopoly is now showing commercials that say CBS2 is now CBS Los Angeles. They should’ve done that for KCBS a couple weeks back and not just KCAL only.
  6. FullSizeRender.MOV It’s 2023 and Nexstar has updated their closing sequences on the local stations. Here’s one from KTLA
  7. Lonnie Quinn filled in on today’s morning newscasts. It’s very rare to see him on that side of the day.
  8. The new set is very beautiful and spacious! I’m glad KTLA is not following some other Nexstar stations and it’s in market #2 so expectations are high.
  9. Over the last month or two, KABC in Los Angeles has been using the new graphics for promos and certain segments. I’m guessing they are just testing for the actual rollout.
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