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  1. I'd assume it would be Shawn getting promoted, yeah. Tonight was Doreen's last newscast. Here's the final 30 minutes of tonight's 6PM, which was entirely dedicated to her:
  2. WNYW Fox 5 News at 7 from June 5, 1991. When they had a 7PM newscast in the first few years after Rupert took over:
  3. Most of WPVI Action News from May 1, 1999: WDIV Nightbeat from February 5, 1996:
  4. According to NBC, MSNBC got more total viewers than CNN last night:
  5. And it is a runoff indeed. Titan TV is showing that the WSB 3pm newscast is sticking around for now.
  6. KSCH Prime Time News from November 7, 1994:
  7. Doreen Gentzler just announced her retirement from WRC-TV after 33 years, effective at the end of November: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/doreen-gentzler-retiring-from-news4-after-33-years/3194257/
  8. The final minutes of Alt 92.3 and the first minutes of 1010 WINS on 92.3:
  9. Also NBC shows SNL live in all timezones now, so showing new non-sports stuff in traditional primetime would be a problem in the western part of the country.
  10. First 6 minutes of WICZ NewsTeam 40 2/21/94 (starts at 2:58). 2 years before they switched to Fox:
  11. Another Nexstar-related dispute. Mission Broadcasting's stations have been pulled from DirecTV: https://tvanswerman.com/2022/10/21/directv-loses-26-local-stations-in-fee-fight-with-mission-broadcasting/
  12. So I noticed that WTTG decided to move up Judge Judy's 3pm hour to 2pm with TMZ Live occupying the 3pm hour. I also noticed that WDCA also aired TMZ Live at 4pm. Turns out WTTG airing TMZ Live was just a placeholder for a new 3pm show starting Monday called the DMV Zone. Here's an interview with someone in management talking about that and the 11am show that debuted last month among other things concerning the station: https://tvnewscheck.com/journalism/article/talking-tv-wttg-keeps-upping-the-ante-with-local-news-programming/
  13. She's going to CNN as a correspondent: https://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2022/10/14/veronica-miracle-joins-cnn-as-a-correspondent-based-in-san-francisco/#:~:text=October 14th%2C 2022-,Veronica Miracle joins CNN as a correspondent based in San,special projects and enterprise stories.
  14. A biggie would be Buffalo and Rochester not being able to watch Bills-Chiefs. Meanwhile, Fox and Altice have something. That includes a heavy presence in the NYC area:
  15. For today's coverage, locally WDCA is carrying it instead of WTTG.
  16. I chalk it up to how traffic in DC is hell (and the Metro frequently has problems). Probably the same reason why WSB still runs World News Tonight at 7.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, the plan for 660 10 years ago was to join the then-new CBS Sports Radio after WFAN went to FM. But there was enough listener outcry to stop that, as their AM signal is listenable in places where 101.9 isn't.
  18. This whole thing just seemed inevitable as it's been nearly 5 years since 92.3 went back to alternative rock and has had no ratings traction whatsoever. I do recall WINS on 92.3 for a day right after Sandy almost exactly a decade ago (and WFAN on 101.9 started that same week). As for KFWB, CBS only sold it because they were above the cap in terms of combined AM/FM/TV holdings.
  19. So the new sports format at KGO is a mix of Audacy's BetQL Network and CBS Sports Radio. That makes it 3 sports stations Cumulus owns in the Bay Area (if you count KNBR AM and FM as one station): https://radioinsight.com/headlines/243796/sports-betting-is-spread-across-kgo/
  20. I think it ended because in 1982 TBS was going to show the Braves coverage nationwide and the courts put a stop to that. Had it continued in 1984 there would've been the same dilemma with WGN and the Cubs.
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