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  1. It must have been because of the holiday that they stayed at the main desk. So much so that the editions of the 23rd and 24th only lasted half an hour. (The noon edition was also in a very different position and with dark graphics)
  2. I believe that the only way to keep the Joe and Sandra duo would be to have them both at noon. David would do 4pm and 11pm (if Bill had only left at 11pm in the first place).
  3. If there is no hiring, it seems that PIX has defined its night schedule with: 4pm – Arrianee and Shirley 5pm – Arrianee and Kori 6pm/6:30/10pm - Kori and Shirley. Shirley changes 5pm to 4pm and Arrianee starts doing 4pm and 5pm.
  4. And Joe is still only on the news, but they still open announcing him with Sandra.
  5. I think the current problem is who is paired with Arrianee at 4pm. They could do: 4pm - Arrianee and ? 5pm - Arrianee and Kori 6pm/6:30/10pm - Kori and Shirley
  6. Shirley was off yesterday and today. Arianne went from 4pm to 10pm with Kori and today it was only 4pm.
  7. Now all that’s left is for WNJU to inaugurate the new set, will it be this year?
  8. And CBS Sunday Morning at 8pm on Sundays.
  9. And David Navarro would be left with 4pm and 11pm then. With that, they would have to have a pair just for midday. (Assuming David Navarro gets the 11pm slot, he leaves the 12pm slot)
  10. Apparently it's a testing weekend at WABC. Will Liz be at 11pm? She didn't do 5pm with Joe today, even though she was there at 6pm.
  11. I just hope the quality doesn't become the same as GMA Weekend
  12. Doug Williams on CBS Morning News and CBS News Mornings Today
  13. CNN Brasil updated the graphics and standardized it with the international
  14. So they will do the same thing that WBZ does in WSBK.
  15. Amanda Starrantino left KPIX? Reed Cowan debuted today on Morning Edition.
  16. Anyone know what WABC will put on at 10am when they move Tamron Hall to 2pm in September?
  17. And they're going back to 1A in New York
  18. WABC moving Tamron Hall to 2 pm.
  19. Does anyone know if there is any prediction of the WWJ launching the weekend newscasts?
  20. Natalie Morales on the CBS Mornings table anchoring today. I never saw her anchoring, just dropping by to say something related to The Talk or 60 Minutes. First time?:
  21. WBFS in Miami also dropped MyNet and no one took over the affiliation there.
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