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  1. The next one should be WCCO no? That newscast of theirs at 4pm is partially on the new standard, which indicates that they already have the new graphics...
  2. They're doing a 7pm edit as well, with Shaina Humphries.
  3. Would that already be the new set?
  4. Finally appeared the weather and time bug in KCAL News
  5. Also appears in some graphics on Nightly News
  6. Did Nichelle Medina come out of weekend mornings? Sheba Turk premiered yesterday.
  7. Amy Johnson. Probably she now stays at 10 am and 12 pm. (She didn't make the 4pm edition on KCAL).
  8. Yesterday's edition of Inside Edition returned to talk about the two.
  9. As it seems to me, the division of schedules looked like this: 4-4:30 am: Kalyna Astrinos. 4:30-6:00 am: Chris Holmstrom and Marci Gonzalez. 6-7 am: Rudabeh Shahbazi and Marci Gonzalez. 7-10 am: Rudabeh Shahbazi and Jamie Yuccas. 10-11 am: Amy Johnson. 11-11:30 am: Chris Holmstrom.
  10. I was wondering if KCBS doesn't intend in the future to do like KNBC and KABC and broadcast the CBS Evening News at 3:30 pm. It was just to advance Dr Phil and pass a part of Drew Barrimore to KCAL.
  11. How will the division of schedules be for each one?
  12. Bill Ritter filling out at 4pm today
  13. Lester back to 3C in today's edition
  14. Chris Welch in "The 6 O'Clock News". I don't know if it's going to be permanent, I'd prefer Teresa.
  15. Natasha Verma debuts this monday! Apparently, Steve Lacy will be solo in the 6pm edition.
  16. Sunday Today being made from 1A. I wanted to know why NBC still insists on the virtual studio, not even compared when the same is done from a traditional studio.
  17. I hope they stay in the Times Square studio permanently, the image on TV3 is horrible.
  18. This week has already arrived at KPIX. CBS News Bay Area _ Intro - 2022.mp4
  19. Jamie Yuccas is based in Los Angeles and occasionally hosts CBS Mornings and Weekend News. That doesn't mean that Natalie can't...
  20. Lori Stokes reliving her Good Day NY days, presenting the 9am edition today.
  21. I remember when CBS broadcast the Weekend News from Los Angeles during Adriana Diaz's maternity leave. If broadcasters in the west adopt live broadcasting from the east, it should be a matter of time before broadcasters create a television news broadcast from Los Angeles, for example, to the entire west coast.
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