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  1. Yesterday Sade said she was replacing Liz at 11 pm, I confess I didn't understand...
  2. And today there was America Decides, replacing Red&Blue on streaming.
  3. Problemas t├ęcnicos fizeram com que CBS Mornings fosse do Studio 57 em vez do tradicional 1515.
  4. There's a CBS News Detroit at 6am on streaming. Any plans for it to air on TV?
  5. Who says there are no sports? hahahaha Even John Chandler has done the 7pm news. What a mess!
  6. It's rotary. It always switches between David and Natalie. Chuck anchors sometimes at 7pm. I would find it better to put Adam at 5 pm and 7 pm and take him out at 11 am.
  7. Lara Spencer hosted GMA on the table today
  8. The next one should be WCCO no? That newscast of theirs at 4pm is partially on the new standard, which indicates that they already have the new graphics...
  9. They're doing a 7pm edit as well, with Shaina Humphries.
  10. Would that already be the new set?
  11. Finally appeared the weather and time bug in KCAL News
  12. Also appears in some graphics on Nightly News
  13. Did Nichelle Medina come out of weekend mornings? Sheba Turk premiered yesterday.
  14. Amy Johnson. Probably she now stays at 10 am and 12 pm. (She didn't make the 4pm edition on KCAL).
  15. Yesterday's edition of Inside Edition returned to talk about the two.
  16. As it seems to me, the division of schedules looked like this: 4-4:30 am: Kalyna Astrinos. 4:30-6:00 am: Chris Holmstrom and Marci Gonzalez. 6-7 am: Rudabeh Shahbazi and Marci Gonzalez. 7-10 am: Rudabeh Shahbazi and Jamie Yuccas. 10-11 am: Amy Johnson. 11-11:30 am: Chris Holmstrom.
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