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  1. The Utah Jazz decided not to sell their TV rights after ATT Sportsnet folded - but this article describes the partnership with KJZZ/Sinclair as not super long-term. (Time buy, perhaps?) https://www.deseret.com/2023/6/20/23766592/utah-jazz-to-air-games-on-kjzz-and-new-streaming-platform-says-owner-ryan-smith It'll be interesting to see what they do to program this station when it launches.
  2. I believe every Sinclair anchor said it best: This is extremely dangerous to our democracy
  3. This also means "This is the Place" is running on three Western Slope stations if KFQX is still simulcasting some KDVR newscasts.
  4. Wonder how much money they paid someone to press CRTL X and CRTL B?
  5. Kind of sad that KDLT getting absorbed by KSFY/Gray is likely the least worst outcome of the Red River stations as that group sold off assets.
  6. I can think of at least half a dozen friends from my 15 years in news who have jumped to school district communications jobs. Holidays off, stable hours outside of the occasional evening school board meeting, an employer who won't be going anywhere any time soon, government benefits, and storytelling about the good things schools are doing rather than covering the crime of the day. And the school district gets a trusted person in the community to serve as the face and voice of the district in their internal communication channels and external earned media opportunities. No job outside of news is perfect, but this is a regular escape route for people who get out.
  7. Alison Starling leaving WJLA after 20 years. Arguably the most recognizable talent at the station and one of the few remaining from the Allbritton ownership. https://www.instagram.com/p/CzJI46ou_xI/
  8. Feels silly to make changes when they say they'll be moving into their new building within a year. But, then again, it's always silly season in Southwest Florida TV news.
  9. Here’s more than a tweet… https://thedesk.net/2023/08/scripps-general-managers-fired-layoffs/
  10. If a Fort Myers Broadcasting WINK/Sun WXCW sale happens, under current ownership rules, unless they find a main owner and sidecar willing to take on radio properties, someone would need to find two different companies to divest the radio properties owned by FMBC and Sun. (By my count FMBC has three full-power FM stations, Sun has 4 FM stations - no current legal way for one company to own 7 FM stations in a market) Those companies would need to have a similar relationship or unwind their connected operation on the radio side. Not impossible. But a piece of the puzzle that could complicate negotiations of any potential deal because of tax advantages for the sellers to sell whole rather than piece by piece.
  11. Down five channels and a few blocks north...
  12. Must be retirement day in Denver... Anne Trujillo leaving KMGH in November. https://www.denver7.com/news/local-news/anne-trujillo-to-sign-off-from-denver7-after-nearly-40-years-covering-colorado
  13. An overdue upgrade for WINK and absolutely necessary for any possible sale in the future. No company in their right mind (or their insurance company) would take on that building after Ian. Oddly enough, they were committed to a future in that building until a few weeks before Ian. If you look at Fort Myers building permits - they shelved a plan just a few weeks before the storm to add a studio to the northwest side of the building—the part of the building closest to the creek and water.
  14. The desk is almost a replica of the WTTG desk. The rest... not so much.
  15. Looks like a retransmission battle is a'brewing... https://www.newsnationnow.com/important-message-for-directv-uverse-subscribers/
  16. It's comparable to my doctor praising me for losing 3 pounds this year compared to one pound last year. Sure, the percentage of growth is big - but the reality is the audience is still not substantial. Their PR team does a great job selling a story that's all smoke and mirrors.
  17. KTIV continues to poach the remnants of Siouxland News https://www.ktiv.com/2023/05/30/news-anchor-larry-wentz-returns-home-ktiv-news-4/ And, at least SBG isn't holding the employees they screwed to non-competes. Not that they would hold up in court if they tried.
  18. Not to mention Tegna not taking LIV golf on CW stations they own is almost certainly a sign the relationship between the two companies is probably messy already.
  19. The FCC paperwork makes it very clear: Hearst agreed to buy the option to purchase WZVN that Waterman held should it become legal for them to do so. Any talk of an outside sale is pure fantasy.
  20. This is from 10+ years ago, but promos that taunt the other station for their perceived shortcomings, orders from management for field crews to go scorched earth with the competition when out on stories everyone was covering - block other stations from getting interviews that they happened on first (witnesses to car crashes, fires, and crimes and other things where there's really no meaningful reason to sandbag the competition), on one occasion WBBH deceived the widow of a murdered police officer saying they would share an interview they did with every other station but really used it as a heavily-promoted exclusive (to be fair, they did give WINK and FOX4 the video a few days later after it aired and other stations learned of the sketchy tactics they used to get the interview and possibly a chewing out from the police department PIO) And management where I work definitely frowned upon being friendly with people from the other stations socially. All things that didn't happen in any other market I worked in. Healthy competition? Yes. But respect and understanding the biggest difference we all had with the people working at the other stations was the name of the company on our direct deposit.
  21. The answer probably is wildly inconsistent. I've seen people who have fallen out with management at one station in a group land at other stations in the same group. I know HR systems, as part of the termination process (be it voluntary or involuntary), have a question that asks if it is beneficial for the employer that they are leaving. I'm sure the answer there can determine a possible future. I also know people who took buyouts had to sign paperwork saying they are ineligible for employment at a station group ever again. And chances are a release from a contract would include similar language. But, considering how difficult of a time TV is having hiring people... there are probably exceptions that can and will be made.
  22. I'm surprised it took this long for Waterman to sell after Bernie Waterman's death several years ago. It is great to see Hearst buying. It will be interesting to see how it shifts the culture of the market, which as someone who worked there for a few years, is beyond toxic competitively. And all the stations have toxic internal cultures too. Now we wait and see if the McBrides realize now is the time to cash out WINK.
  23. The NY Times has a very brutal and honest article on the contracts/noncompetes many anchors, reporters, and producers must sign with many station groups - and how TV stations are convinced they're still an in-demand employer like it is still 1985. Broadcast News Is at Center of Fight Over Noncompete Clauses
  24. Not sure how YTTV picks up stations, but hopefully they won’t use the borderline unwatchable super low resolution SD WDVM feed on WDCW’s bandwidth onto their service. Another layer of compression on that would be… not good. (And to be fair, the news product is also borderline unwatchable!)
  25. As of Saturday morning, they are on the flash cam which shows the feed room setup in their temporary newsroom. Presumably solo anchors until new set debuts, which would only affect their Sunday morning newscast on the weekend.
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