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  1. So what you’re saying is, they’ve been in the same space the entire time? Why does it feel like the ceiling used to be higher? And maybe now, looking at a clearer version, the old 2000s set was just a great optical illusion because I remember it being a lot more expansive and larger than it actually looks. Which begs my next question, when they blew up into full iPad mode in 2010, were they on the second floor or on the tenth floor? Am I the only one confused by WPIX’s setup?
  2. Actually I was right, whatever happened to this large studio they used to use?
  3. Why does it feel like, to me, their late 2000s set before the blowup was in a larger studio with a larger ceiling? Is that space not available to them anymore?
  4. Looks like CBS News Detroit is launching today. I like their new slogan, "On Your Block. Around the Clock." https://www.cbsnews.com/detroit/
  5. Why are you so angry? Everyone makes mistakes and hiccups on Day 1, everyone, even your beloved KTLA did on their new set (i.e. main backdrop). You and a few others on here act like it’s the end of the free world because you think this branding is going to kill Los Angeles television. It’s not. People will adapt and move on, as they have done for eons. This isn’t the first time KCBS/KCAL has done something different like this either (NewsCentral) so again I’m not entirely sure what has your boiling point up but you need to cool off. It’s not that serious, it’s a branding strategy. It’s a branding strategy that was tested, tried, and worked. They put A LOT of time behind this I am positive. They asked A LOT of people about it. They’re not just going to throw something on the air without market testing it first, and it tested favorably so here we are.
  6. Not just the opens are new, everything except the ticker and the bug are new. It’s a variation of the WJAX/WFOX package, which itself is a variation of both Scripps and KTRK.
  7. I could tell by the full screens and the lower 3rds. Though I believe the WJAX/WFOX graphics are themselves a variation of not only Scripps but of KTRK. It's not a bad look, but it ages quickly. Renderon is just too 3D for today's design standards.
  8. More like it's a variation of the WJAX/WFOX package.
  9. The meltdown of this forum over this whole thing is just absolutely sad.
  10. I wonder if that circle/desk/weather center element moves because that backdrop would be a heck of a standup/secondary desk area.
  11. To be honest, WCPM only recycled the content from 615, Gari, Non-Stop, the Shelly Palmer catalog, and whatever else they acquired. With just a sprinkle of some uninspiring and forgetful updates mostly just from a select few 615 and Gari works, there haven't been brand new packages made since each of the bigger fish was gobbled up, unless you count New York's Very Own for WPIX, and Sinclair Curves and Glass. I don't know what WCPM is going to do now since the principal 615 composers left to form 11/One.
  12. Surprised this wasn’t already mentioned elsewhere, but the change occurred Sunday. Graphics are largely the same except uses more navy blue instead of purple. The logo bug is very clunky. Must be a soft launch because the website and app have not flipped over yet from Newsy.
  13. She had apparently struggled with dementia in recent years which is why she retreated from the public eye. By the end she didn't even know who she was or what she had brought to the world.
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