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  1. It looks similar to KCRG!
  2. Here is a couple pictures of the set from the newscast!
  3. Today at 4 PM KCRG will debut their new set!!
  4. This is also a video of them giving us a look before the set is put together! https://fb.watch/hlQ4jT4yvi/?mibextid=v7YzmG
  5. KCRG TV-9 a Gray Media station will be getting a new set by early of next year! The link is a video of them showing the empty space! https://fb.watch/hlP_mviigp/?mibextid=v7YzmG
  6. KWQC TV 6 in the Quad Cities is working a another set change! I asked one of the meteorologists at TV-6 if that was the case and she said yes! So there is a lot of changes happening at that station. I don’t know if a graphics package will change or not! Something to watch in the coming weeks!
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