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  1. An update from WOOD-TV: Employees of the station have been complaining to Nexstar higher ups about bullying, harassment, and racism from the station’s news director, Stanton Tang, for months. The anonymous employees also state that many have been overworked, and the constant burnout has led to people taking multiple personal days or leaving the station entirely. WOOD-TV staff informed Nexstar corporate about Tang’s behavior, but their complaints were ignored. https://thedesk.net/2023/06/wood-tv-stanton-tang-harassment-allegations-nexstar/ Furthermore, regarding the pride memo, Tang apparently instructed assistant ND Amy Fox to write the memo on his behalf. It is also allegedly not the first time Tang has used his personal politics to sway WOOD-TV’s news coverage. https://thedesk.net/2023/06/stanton-tang-anti-gay-pride-memo-wood-tv/
  2. Still, could be worse. They could be talking in incomplete sentences and flagrantly using the present participle instead of speaking like normal human beings. I think the new graphics look good enough. I do think the tease graphics are a downgrade, though; lower thirds are simpler and convey headlines much better then whatever they’re doing with these new graphics. There’s also a non-zero chance that the 3D elements will look really outdated sooner rather than later. Overall everything looks fine.
  3. A few thoughts (probably way too many for such a short clip tbh): 1) I don’t know why they would bother promoting a show that airs on Sundays at midnight (assuming this is a promo). 2) If your station’s on channel 62, I’m not sure I would be eager to make that the prominent brand. I get that their station is harder to find for OTA viewers, but using channel 62 as the primary brand sort of makes your station look cheap (as if you’re promoting the fact that your station is hard to reach). It also goes against the whole “streaming first” thing that they had going for them.
  4. Not to get too off topic, but is there anything that’s come out to suggest that WPHL will take the 10pm in house when they switch to the CW? From what I remember they were handily beating WTXF at 10pm with WPVI’s newscast, so I’m not sure why they would mess with what’s working. Either way, I doubt that would have too much bearing on when WPVI launches the new graphics.
  5. There’s an internal row at Nexstar’s WOOD-TV over an edict from the station’s local management over coverage of pride events. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2023/06/15/wood-tv-lgbtq-reports-memo/70326709007/ Chief Meteorologist Ellen Bacca posted this on Twitter in response to the memo from the station’s assistant news director: Furthermore, Nexstar has issued a response to the edict from WOOD-TV management. Notably, WOOD’s ND and AND will “no longer be involved in news coverage decisions regarding Pride month.”
  6. If WLS is using music that dates back to 1994 (I think), I doubt WABC or KABC is changing anything music-wise (especially how expensive it reportedly is to commission upgrades from Warner Chappell). I could see them dropping talent opens, but that’s about it.
  7. I wonder how much Nexstar paid The Daily Beast to crap out that story.
  8. Those are fair points, but the package is still a massive upgrade for pretty much all of those stations (esp. WABC). Imo, it’s still on par w/ the other major network O&Os, and it looks far better than the packages the major station groups have put on their stations.
  9. I’m not sure about that; the intro cut of music has the NS2000 signature tacked on at the end. It sounds as if it’s an old cut that’s never been used by anyone before. EDIT: Here’s the video
  10. Is that the same David Friend who went on to CBS? If so, that certainly aged…
  11. Interesting…he did say he was moving to NY, and he’d be a great pick up for WABC.
  12. No offense, but I have no clue where you’re getting that idea. They’re gutting and centralizing creative services to cut costs; they aren’t going to eliminate positions only to fill them up again with new people. It’s got nothing to do with some guy getting the font wrong at a particular station; as others mentioned, the people being let go are more than qualified for their positions.
  13. Nexstar may be cheap, but they’re not stupid lol
  14. The press release made it sound like the LIV Tour would continue as an independent tour under this new PGA/PIF consortium. However, if prominent LIV golfers switch back to the PGA Tour, I don’t know how that format sustains itself unless it’s some sort of second-tier tour. In any case, the PGA gets a massive cash infusion and the Saudis can exert their soft power over the PGA itself. The broadcasters must be fuming right now.
  15. Nope. They weren’t privy to the merger. Broadcasters aren’t all-knowing, all-seeing overlords of the leagues they broadcast. Even the players were blindsided.
  16. Gotcha. I don’t think that kind of reporting is bad at all; it’s the other BS that bothers me. Pretty much the fact that he gave exclusive access to Tim Alberta at The Atlantic, and effectively made himself the center of attention. If you’re able to read the full Atlantic piece on Licht, that provides full context.
  17. When’s the last time CNN has even mentioned climate change? If anything that’s a story they need to cover more of. Otherwise I agree with your suggestions; they’re still politics-heavy under Licht, and that should change. I’d add that we really don’t need the endless parade of political pundits during dayside programming. However, can we honestly say that people would watch the network even if they followed through with all of that? People looking for impartial news coverage and thorough explainers aren’t going to cable news; if they were, BBC News and France 24 would be in demand. I get the impression that the average cable news viewer is just looking to be pandered to. Perhaps it didn’t have to be that way, but you can blame the cable networks, including CNN, for making it that way.
  18. Or don’t, and just leave Tegna the hell alone as long as they’re profitable and able to operate. But yeah, I agree, Jessel is a rather embarrassing read imo.
  19. Now that you point out the comparison, I can see two positives. The ticker looks good, especially because it isn’t just a constant crawl of doom anymore. Also, I appreciate the fact that they’re no longer putting every damn headline in all caps. It still looks really outdated to me, though, and I think they could’ve done a far better job than they did.
  20. Yeah, MLB clearly had well-founded contingency plans for this scenario, and it’s impressive that they were able to put something that polished on the air in such a short time. Honestly, even if the Padres find a permanent OTA/cable partner, I could see MLB continuing to produce the games.
  21. You could honestly stop right there. The new graphics look about as cheap as David Zaslav himself. I’m not gonna lie; I think the 2011 graphics look far better than this. Granted, I am glad that CNN’s actual content has shifted to the center, but it’s still not all that watchable for me. A new set of graphics (and poorly designed ones, at that) doesn’t change that they’re often just as sensationalist as every other American cable news channel.
  22. I actually noticed it last week when they were airing “Shang-Chi”; I figured it was a one-off but I guess not I think it’s an improvement; the old bug was far too big imo and I found it distracting. People watch TV to see the programs, not to look at the bug.
  23. I’d rather it take forever and be done right than having it take 8 months and be done completely wrong.
  24. I’m going to have to agree with @MorningNews; if channel 7 weren’t number 1 in the morning, this would be a fantastic experiment to try out, but right now it would be unwise for them to mess with what works. I feel like this kind of thing works well as a mid-morning show, though.
  25. Is it me or do they have trouble deciding what slots to give their meteorologists? Travis Herzog is their chief, yet he was working nights this past weekend. Not to mention, if you’ve never seen their mid-morning stream, it is not a well put together newscast at all imo.
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