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  1. All good lol (And in fairness, man do those colors look ugly…) I think you nailed it. I’ll continue to give CBS credit for launching the best/most watchable local streaming newscasts, but even aspects of that whole endeavor (like CBS News Now) were seemingly done on the cheap. I would just add that Paramount’s current financial situation probably isn’t helping either. IIRC, the O&Os were hit with layoffs in June and December, and CBS News laid off 20 people this month as part of company-wide layoffs.
  2. I don’t mean to offend, but I really don’t understand why this bothers people. They’re not my favorite colors either, but we’re talking about Pittsburgh here. Sure, there are better ways to execute the black and gold look, but is it so bad that a station’s visual identity reflects the city it serves?
  3. I understand Colorado (the Denver market covers a majority of the state geographically), but given that Texas is also home to a big city like Houston and growing cities like Austin and San Antonio, the brand just doesn’t work IMO.
  4. Don’t count on that happening. The decision’s been made, and unfortunately, what’s done is done. Not only would that be unfair to the person they hired for the job; news executives generally don’t walk back their decisions like that. They’d have proverbial egg on their face if they did.
  5. That’s a shame. I thought Andrea was a good anchor, and she and Doug had great chemistry. I’m glad they were allowed to be frank and honest about the whole situation on air, though. That said, they’re fixing something that isn’t broken IMO.
  6. On the off chance Nightline actually does expand, I'm bookmarking this. Just saying
  7. I don't know...I think the cancellation of the Late Late Show after Corden's departure was a bit of a bellwether for the decreasing relevance of late night talk shows. Kimmel has his audience, but if I'm not mistaken, he is routinely beaten by Colbert and Fallon. As far as his current place in late night TV is concerned, I feel like The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight are more culturally relevant than Jimmy Kimmel. I suppose there's a chance that ABC finds a fresh comedian to helm a new talk show, and if they're making money between 11:35 and 12:35, they probably won't fix what isn't broken. However, if they end up giving an extra 25 minutes to the affiliates, that really wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Oh, absolutely, nobody notices. As long as the headlines are legible, and the graphics don’t distract from delivering info, nobody gives a crap. I have to agree with this though. WABC didn’t originate the Eyewitness News format (even their logo isn’t original), and yet it has always taken on the identity of the city/region it serves. Most of it is due to the long-tenured anchors/reporters and the longevity/viability of the format, but I do think building around a local identity plays a role too. Much of that would be lost if we woke up tomorrow and found ourselves watching “ABC News New York.” To be fair though, the CBS O&Os were in a different situation than the ABC O&Os. When a lot of those stations are either dead last and/or lacked a local identity to begin with, their approach makes some sense. And full credit to them for beating the other network O&Os when it comes to streaming, and for finally patching up the embarrassment that was their Detroit outlet.
  9. I think there’s a difference between stations sharing a group graphics package and stations taking on the identity of the national network news division. The former is nothing to scoff at imo. The latter is far more noticeable.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if, given the social media reaction to that font, they make some adjustments to the scorebug before the 2024 season starts. FWIW, I feel like the whole thing would be fixable if they just used TT Norms as the font. On the plus side, I think the game clock is a definite improvement.
  11. I didn’t always agree with some of their editorials, but there aren’t many accessible and professional insider publications that I’m aware of. Hopefully they’ll be back sooner than later.
  12. I doubt it will be. They’ll probably have an option to show betting info and game stats, sort of like how Amazon has an NFL StatCast feed for TNF. They would be dumb to bake that into the main feed itself.
  13. I think this certainly applies to Don, but I don’t think it’s fair to apply this to Poppy and Kaitlan. The latter two seem to have had a good working relationship. Don shouldn’t have been put on that show to begin with; he was well “past his prime,” as he might put it. IMO, the issue with CNN’s approach to things is not that “no amount of time could have saved” the show; it’s that they keep trying new things only to blow them up. If you keep doing that, you’ll have no audience to speak of. As you said, building chemistry takes time, and CNN This Morning was not given that time.
  14. IIRC, Bill Ritter himself was on weekend evenings before he replaced Beutel on the 11pm. If they're grooming Mike Marza to be Bill's eventual successor, I could definitely see Pedro taking the weekday morning slot.
  15. I mean, the worst case scenario is that they get a station in Salt Lake City in exchange for some stations in very small markets, all without cash considerations. In and of itself, that sounds like a good deal to me. I'm sure they'll do something with that station though. KJZZ currently airs Jazz games, and I don't know when that agreement expires, but I agree that they could be in play to air sports if the NHL moves to Salt Lake City (via the Coyotes or an expansion team).
  16. The bare bones temp set actually looks more up to date than the outgoing set. This IG post gives a view of the anchors. Looks as if they’re using an old desk from KSWB. https://www.instagram.com/tsardinatv/p/C2tZT_Yreel/
  17. Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of that. Would be a great (and much needed) get for them then.
  18. I wouldn’t bet on it. The live broadcast of the Indy 500 has been blacked out in Indianapolis for decades.
  19. I’m not a fan of that “2” logo though. It looks a bit…off with the rest of the package. And unless they’re planning on rebranding as “KTVN,” I don’t really see the point of having the call letters in the box; seems rather redundant. I do prefer the music here though, mainly because Enforcer is a lot more versatile than Dimensional. Other than KPIX (which uses the package well), the O&Os use the same one or two cuts that get really tiresome after a while. Just my opinion though.
  20. Wow, this is the first time I’m seeing this project, but it looks fantastic! Seems like a wonderful way to introduce high school kids to video journalism (and journalism in general). They certainly seem really enthusiastic about it. Good for you guys.
  21. That’s actually putting it lightly. Drew Carey and Wayne Brady certainly never set out to be game show hosts any more than the “career game show hosts” have. I remember watching Drew’s interview with Alex Trebek for a game show documentary; his initial reaction to the offer to host TPIR was something along the lines of “I don’t want to host that old man’s show.” Of course, he’s become such a natural at the gig that you’d never know that if he didn’t say it.
  22. I don’t think so. The role of career game show hosts made more sense when game shows were in greater demand by the networks to fill out the morning and afternoon hours. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having people who don’t strictly host game shows do just that; to me, comedians are especially great in that role. Keep in mind, it isn’t anything new. Dick Clark was primarily known as an DJ, not as a game show host. Alex Trebek was a CBC DJ before he hosted game shows. Pat Sajak was a local weatherman. The only modern example of a career game show host that I can think of is Jeff Probst.
  23. You can still visit if you’re in the area and find yourself in/near Lincoln Center; it’s pretty cool to see it in person. It’s a shame there won’t be one in Hudson Square, but I imagine they have their reasons for that.
  24. Couldn’t have said it better. I do think their newscasts would come off as being rather ostentatious and gaudy in most other cities, especially when you consider the occasional mild editorializing on the part of the anchors. However, the “populist” (for lack of a better word) style of WABC’s newscasts does fit in NYC imo.
  25. Not to sound speculative, but I do think the prospect of networks dumping affiliations with certain station groups is becoming more feasible. The networks (except for Fox) are already able to distribute “network-only” feeds of their programming; ABC did just that when Sinclair and Hulu had a carriage dispute last year. Sure, it might be a loss for OTA viewers, but I’m sure the networks would find a way to get their feeds carried on streaming/cable. It’s not as though the networks care that much about OTA antenna viewers anyway; if they did, we wouldn’t be seeing Peacock-exclusive NFL playoff games. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but I do think there will come a time when the networks won’t need the affiliates, especially if they’re run by a company like Sinclair. I’d be intrigued to see what the TV landscape looks like 10 years from now. Disney can’t be happy to associate with Sinclair, and I imagine if the opportunity presented itself, they’d want to rid themselves of that association.
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