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  1. I know Meade is popular around here (and I quite like her myself), but I can’t say I’m surprised that she’s leaving. Her program always had a bit of a niche audience, and since it was the only news program on what’s become a true crime channel, it’s always been out of place. While I personally think it’s better than New Day, its lighter tone means that it wouldn’t fit in with the rest of CNN’s programming. Hopefully she finds work elsewhere (she’s too good not to). Still, I really don’t like this whole “cut to success” mentality that Discovery is implementing across CNN (and across the entire company, for that matter). Yes, CNN desperately needed to change, but making the network irrelevant is not the answer. You kind of answered your own question there. Still, the amount of zombie networks they have is astounding.
  2. Yup, afraid so. I guess it’s a good reminder that people in TV news (or in any place of public prominence) can be as wonderful or as horrible as anyone else.
  3. I’m not sure if they’re planning on keeping it this way, but the branding looks and feels temporary. I’m not a fan of it either, but I suppose it’s necessary given that CBS airs a bunch of newscasts on two LA stations. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all becomes “CBS News Los Angeles” at some point.
  4. Plus, the game itself featured 2 out of market teams. Even though it was a national broadcast, it’s not like KHOU interrupted the Texans for their weather advisory. Not that it would’ve made a difference, of course; public safety always takes priority.
  5. I remember reading this on the Discord, but I wouldn’t be surprised if every Nexstar station technically has the autonomy to pick any designer; it’s just that they don’t have the budget to go with a designer like JHD. As much as I’d love for every Nexstar station to have a set that looks as good as KTLA’s, stations that are below market #10 aren’t getting anything too elaborate. We shouldn’t expect them to, either; the money is better spent elsewhere.
  6. Given the controversy surrounding this year’s World Cup, broadcasters are bound to be caught between their responsibilities in covering the matches and a journalistic responsibility to cover Qatar’s human rights issues. It appears that Fox’s coverage will not have a strong focus on the human rights aspect of it at all. From Awful Announcing:
  7. DAMN. Nexstar really pulled through for them. Bravo.
  8. Yeah, almost all of that was completely unnecessary. Music has its place, but a good interview/news program doesn’t need an excessive amount of overly dramatic music to manipulate the audience. The way ABC went about this was so tabloid, it’s almost comical. You guys are interviewing the former Vice President for God’s sake; this ain’t a freakin soap opera. For some reason, the meme about the British vs. American versions of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares comes to my mind. The British version can tell a compelling story without any background noise, while the American version can’t go 5 seconds without strings or a ride cymbal. Sometimes, silence is the best music.
  9. On that subject, apparently the interviewer (Markie Martin) is the sister of Margo Martin, Trump’s Deputy Director of Communications. That relationship was not disclosed. I know I should really stop giving NN undue attention, but when they’re interviewing the former president like this, it’s kind of hard to ignore. FTVLive referred to the network as Fox News Lite, but even Fox News has greater levels of transparency. NewsNation is more like Diet Newsmax with a side of Fredo.
  10. IIRC it wasn’t until recently that KLAS started streaming online. And that’s a station in Vegas. This is where Nexstar should’ve been investing instead of trying to create CNN/Fox News Lite.
  11. If the Daily Beast is to be trusted, it may be because George didn’t want to be second fiddle to David Muir given the alleged power struggle between them. Bear in mind, that particular piece of gossip is just that, and has not been authoritatively confirmed. That said, if the “chief anchor” debacle is a point of conflict between the two, casting the two as equal co-anchors might’ve solved that. In fairness, Muir has been doing a solid job as anchor IMO, and Rick Klein has settled into his role as ABC’s political director. Still, not including George in some capacity is a waste.
  12. A good rule of thumb that’s worked well for me: If it’s a sensationalist piece from the NY Post/NY Daily News, there’s a 50% chance it’s horsecrap.
  13. Good point, the last thing the stations need is for more people to see them screw up. That one KSAZ issue could send Arizona’s election into a tailspin just because of all the craziness surrounding it.
  14. I’m surprised they aren’t rolling everything out right now. I’m not just talking about the graphics; I’m referring to the new newscasts in both Detroit and LA. The midterms are going to see higher news viewership than normal, and this would be the best time to launch. To me, it doesn’t really make sense to wait until general interest in news has waned to launch new newscasts.
  15. Oh no, I totally understand that aspect of it; my point was that stations in general give an undue amount of attention to what are essentially house decorations. The set itself looks great, and it’s long overdue, but stuff like this doesn’t really need a 2 minute package on a newscast IMO. But that’s just me.
  16. That’s the Anti-News Desk in Corner with Endless Monitors League to you. And you’re right, I think it looks great. I couldn’t help chuckling at them making a giant story out of it though. It’s “revolutionary” and a “new era of news” because they can change the color of the lights and there’s a big TV and everything. Sheesh, it’s only a set News must be slow in Fresno.
  17. Maybe because it’s the first of the month? That’s my best guess.
  18. Why would he sue Tegna? They’re not in charge of whether the deal gets approved or not; it’s the DOJ’s call.
  19. Wow. That’s a massive surprise; March Madness was Jim’s first big sporting event at CBS IIRC. He’ll be missed, but family comes first, and I can’t blame him for that. Also, it’s about time Ian Eagle gets a shot at a championship game. I guess that means that the remaining top announcers for CBS/Warner Bros (Eagle, Harlan, Anderson) now have top play-by-play gigs covering the NCAA, NBA, and MLB respectively. And Nantz will still do golf and the NFL, which I always felt were better suited for him than college basketball anyway.
  20. No. They’re not interested in the deal happening in the first place. The last thing they need is a Goliath competing against them in Jacksonville. Besides, considering how the deal is essentially stalled, any talk of spin-offs is likely to be a moot point.
  21. To answer the first question, Newsmax didn’t seem to care when it initially went on air. At no point did a producer/director decide to pull the plug and go to break when Logan brought up the topic of a “global cabal.” On the contrary, Bolling appeared to encourage her ramblings, and even articulated the sentiments behind the “Great Replacement” theory. The whole segment was nothing but a series of conspiratorial (and arguably overtly racist) claims. Even the lower third graphics seemed to encourage Logan’s BS (ex: “Logan: It’s Good vs. Evil” when she was going on about the End Times). I get the feeling that Newsmax is only now condemning her statements because they gave the game away and got caught. As for what happened to Lara, I’ve wondered the same about many of my friends and relatives who’ve found sanctuary in the far right/far left (though the far right seems to have received more mainstream acceptance in the GOP than the far left has received among Democrats). I can name people in my own personal life who were otherwise good, decent, and rational, but even they have been seduced into becoming fanatics with a hunger for political violence. They didn’t become like that overnight; it happened over several years. The quote about fascism coming to America “wrapped in the Flag and carrying the Cross” comes to mind. It’s not because patriotism and religion are always inherently fascist (they aren’t). Rather, it’s that extreme ideologies become palatable and popular by dressing themselves in respectable clothing. They attract people with the familiar, and slowly but surely drag those people towards extremism. I know that sounds overtly political, but I can’t think of another way to explain why so many respectable people have gone off the deep end. The only other answer is that they’re human, and humans are capable of these things. That answer scares the daylights out of me.
  22. Yeah, the last set actually had…stuff in it. Granted, I don’t think the brick in KDVR’s old set represented Denver as well as KWGN’s awesome set, but there was at least some sort of identity there. This new set is basically a retread of every other FX/Nexstar set with a bunch of monitors. Even the plexiglass weather center has been done in other markets. More importantly, it’s a set that didn’t need to be built. I still think this is the best execution I’ve seen of that set, and it actually looks good IMO (especially compared to the sets at WFLA and KRON). It’s also an unnecessary waste of money/resources that could’ve been better spent elsewhere.
  23. Damn. That looks awesome. Would easily make for the best set in the market if it comes to fruition.
  24. Having seen what they posted, I change my mind; it looks really good. Yes, it’s essentially the same corner set that most other Nexstar stations get, but this is one of the best executions of it. Maybe it’s the lighting, but they made that set look better than it does at other stations (see WFLA). As I said before, my main gripe isn’t the new set itself; it’s the fact that in the process of building it, they wasted a perfectly good existing set that was only 3 years old. I would’ve put those resources somewhere else.
  25. Long overdue IMO. Not that Dana wasn’t a good solo anchor, but Dick Brennan deserves the spot. This also helps on days when one of them is off; the other anchor can just do it solo instead of having the 5pm team fill in.
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