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  1. With all due respect, I doubt their ownership situation had anything to do with their ratings. Most viewers don’t know or care which station group is being sold to whom. I’d attribute it to WANF gaining traction in the market with their new product.
  2. I guess they’ve walked back the “CBS New York” brand, at least for now. Even the newscasts are still called “CBS2 News.” If I had to guess why, perhaps it’s because there are a lot of OTA viewers in NYC? That’s the only reason it would make sense to me.
  3. The annoying thing is, it’s still less than cable (at least where I live), and as @MD TValluded to, the prices for similar services (like fubo and Hulu) have gone up by about the same rate. I would happily switch out YTTV for multiple streaming services, but for something like March Madness, it doesn’t really work when the Turner games aren’t on a streaming service.
  4. Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz are looking at providing a hybrid linear/DTC offering next season. https://awfulannouncing.com/nba/utah-jazz-looking-at-hybrid-linear-direct-to-consumer-broadcast-model-for-2023-24-season-and-beyond.html
  5. Agree, and if MLB had a streaming app where I could watch all games of every team without region locks, I’d shell out the money for it. I’m sure a lot of other people would too. Same goes for NHL/NBA. The NFL essentially has that service already with Sunday Ticket; why can’t the other leagues have something like that?
  6. I wish they’d change that logo, but those graphics look like they’ll fit the station well.
  7. I think I might make a few “visits” to Chicago and LA as well, just to check it out, you know…
  8. I generally agree, but I think radio was heading in that direction whether they had live talent or not. Musical artists, talk show hosts, and anything else that’s on the radio have never been more accessible, so most people (especially my age) aren’t going to consume content via an outdated medium unless we’re driving. Even then, I usually listen to either a podcast or my Spotify playlist. People are already “going somewhere else.” I think NBC’s 10pm proposal is a symptom of a bigger problem. Other than live sports, I can’t remember the last time when there was an original show on one of the major networks that I actually wanted to watch. “Abbott Elementary” and “Ghosts” are pretty good, but most shows are either safe, unfunny comedies (the “Night Court” reboot,) cheesy crime dramas (most of the CBS schedule), or game shows. There’s also outright garbage like “Farmer Wants a Wife,” which is better fit for meme material than something I’d actually want to watch as a full series.
  9. I think Peacock is a much bigger priority for them than USA. Trying to make a sports destination out of a cable network that isn’t ESPN is an uphill battle in 2023, and NBC has severely lagged behind in the streaming race. The problem with their strategy is that a few live sporting events alone won’t convince enough people to subscribe to Peacock. Other than “The Office,” much of their content is awful (this video takes a good look at it). FWIW, they are looking to make a run at NBA rights, so there’s that.
  10. They’ve been doing this for several months now; the promo is the only thing that’s new.
  11. That’s a shame. I really like Reggie as a broadcaster, and he and Dan Bonner had some good chemistry with Kevin Harlan. Considering that Stan Van Gundy has previously defended the government that just flew spy balloons over the US, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of him. I really hope they don’t pair him w/ Harlan.
  12. That has to be outdated; if they did, they would be the “broadcast home of the Yankees since 2023,” since PIX hasn’t carried them for some time.
  13. Probably because they got paid to air live sports and didn’t have to pay production costs. We might see bad ratings and a harmful association w/ Saudi Arabia, but Nexstar sees an opportunity to run low cost programming on a low rated network and make a quick profit. It worked. For better or worse, this kind of thinking is perfectly in line with how Nexstar runs the rest of its media operations, including NewsNation.
  14. The columnist in question comes off as a lackey for large media groups. He seems to run defense for every M&A.
  15. I’m probably going to be preaching to the choir here, but this is precisely what I don’t get about Apollo and SG’s handling of this. If they had just spun off the conflicts in Cox markets, and possibly a few other stations, I’m pretty sure they’d own Tegna right now. How could they be so greedy and arrogant as to shoot themselves in the foot? I’d go as far as to say that this was more incompetent than the failed Sinclair/Tribune merger. Sinclair/Tribune established the precedent that even an M&A-friendly FCC wouldn’t tolerate companies trying to blatantly circumvent ownership rules. Apollo/SG knew that precedent (and knew they were dealing with a stronger FCC), and decided to circumvent those rules anyway. That’s just stupidity IMO.
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