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  1. And it’s a shame that neither WABC nor WSVN seemed to give any tribute to him whatsoever. Even KODE in Joplin noted his passing. Even if he didn’t leave WABC on the best of terms, the fact that they didn’t even acknowledge it online is neglectful at best and low at worst.
  2. Fox 5 may not stand out these days, but I think they benefit from WPIX going through several anchor/personnel changes every few years (especially in the morning). PIX’s newscasts have always been inferior to their Tribune/Nexstar counterparts in Chicago and LA, but they at least used to have some character. They now have newscasts that are even more bland and uninspiring than Fox 5. IMHO, they never fully recovered after dumping Jim and Kaity from evenings, and that’s worked to Fox 5’s benefit.
  3. Yesterday’s parade shooting in the Chicago area received coverage from the big cable networks, and of course from local stations like WGN. Per FTVLive, this was not the case at NewsNation. In the immediate hours after the shooting, their Twitter page posted a single article on the shooting that contained reporting from both WGN and the Chicago Sun-Times, but not from NewsNation itself. While WGN was live and on the air, NewsNation was showing the famous award-winning news program… Blue Bloods. They did not go live on air or update their digital content with their own reporting until much later. It should be emphasized that NewsNation is located in the same building as WGN. In Chicago. I think we can finally pronounce this thing dead. No need to give any more attention to a network that can’t take itself seriously enough to properly cover a story miles from where they’re located.
  4. In hindsight, I suppose you’re right, nearly 10 years is a long run. And I didn’t say that presentation didn’t matter, just that it wasn’t the single most important aspect of a newscast. Still think they could’ve done a better job, but hey, it’s the best set in the market, so that’s fine. That said, I’m still not sure why some stations (KDVR, KNTV, WTKR, KXAN) are junking sets from 2016 (and in KDVR’s case, 2019!) when the money could be better spent elsewhere. EDIT: To WKRG/Nexstar’s credit, the old set isn’t going to waste. It’s being donated to the University of South Alabama.
  5. What is it with these stations changing out sets when they aren’t even 8 years old? Granted, this isn’t as egregious as, say, KDVR ripping their studio apart after just 3 years, but still. Hopefully, their new one at least has a longer shelf life, because this trend is getting ridiculous imo.
  6. I’m a bit surprised that they decided to go for a new look entirely. That set has aged very well over the past 8 years, and I’m personally a big fan of Jack Morton Design’s work. I guess ESPN may have figured that given how often SportsCenter is broadcast, the set was starting to look mundane and there was a need to freshen things up. Hope the new studio looks even better.
  7. If this set were replacing a set like WALA’s, I’d agree with you. A set isn’t even the most important part of a newscast, the journalistic product is. The problem is that Nexstar doesn’t seem to think this way when it comes to some of their stations. They place so much emphasis on building sets for stations that don’t really need them (the set this replaced wasn’t even 10 years old,) and the new sets look dated even at launch (see WTTV for another example of this.) While I agree with @tyrannical bastard that this set is the best in the market, that’s not a very high bar. The competitors are Sinclair (speaks for itself) and WALA, which hasn’t updated their set since they first went HD. IMHO, if a new set is that important to your news operation, it should be built to last. As I said in my post in the KXAN set thread, Nexstar could’ve spent that money on more staff, resources, and employee benefits. An FTVLive article from today featured a reporter from a Nexstar station that was tasked with solo-anchoring and producing an 11pm newscast, while also doing the weather. How is it that Nexstar can spend loads on new sets that don’t even look all that great, but can’t afford to hire staff at other stations to lighten the workload? I’ll give Nexstar credit for how WJZY has turned around under its stewardship. Their story selection has improved, more people have been hired, and their new set (which they actually needed, unlike WKRG) looks great imo. I also recognize that local management has a lot to do with these decisions, and that corporate isn’t just controlling each station with marionettes. That being said, if a new set A) isn’t needed, B) doesn’t even look as good as what other designers have produced for stations, and C) adds nothing new to the overall product, what’s the point? It’s like replacing a working iPhone 12 with the brand new iPhone just because it’s newer.
  8. Man, Nexstar loves to waste their money, don’t they? They could spend some money on employee benefits, special projects, investigative journalism, adding original reporting/programming for their 10 hour/day news network, a new building for KXAN (as previously mentioned), replacing sets that actually need replacing…Nah, let’s blow all our cash on dumping a perfectly good set and replacing it with something that’ll look noticeably worse. And you better believe we’re gonna shove that desk in the corner. Seriously, who is in charge of their finances? Xzibit? #PimpMyStudio
  9. Just caught a peak of New York Live. The show itself is basically a reformatting of the lifestyle-oriented 10am show, minus the news and weather segments. As mentioned, Chris and Marysol are now the primary hosts (as opposed to having an anchor front the bulk of the show.) Ben and Ojinika continue to host segments. The show is utilizing the traffic set (at least for now) and graphics look to be a modification of the existing news graphics.
  10. As far as I’ve seen, not really. The extraordinary amount of long winning streaks has driven a lot of interest back to the show. Although ratings have been noticeably better for Ken Jennings than Magic Bialik, the show itself is doing just fine. To paraphrase Alex from his memoir, anyone can host the show and people will still watch it (except for people who think they can trot out Alex’s head Futurama-style). https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/jeopardy-savors-a-run-of-super-champions-after-host-stumbles https://www.showbiz411.com/2022/06/21/ratings-jeopardy-post-ken-jennings-falls-below-5-mil-for-first-time-in-months-dropped-8-last-week
  11. If anything, they'll probably end up using the traffic/NewsNation set, given its relative versatility. I doubt they'll want to launch from the cramped space in the newsroom. I wouldn't expect it to be much different from the other lifestyle/pay for play shows out there, but we'll see.
  12. I know that Altice is horrific when it comes to how they run News 12, but to hire Audrey Gruber *after* the NY1 fiasco is a whole new level of incompetence. Then again, Altice probably doesn’t care. They seem to have been moving toward integrating the News 12 networks anyway, and these resignations will give their out-of-touch management team an excuse to move further with that effort.
  13. My apologies for not responding to this earlier, as it never showed up in my notifications. Much of the current media measures being taken by the Boris Johnson's government are political in nature. In the case of Channel 4, it's news department (which, admittedly, is rather leftish) is not friendly to his administration, and that is one of the major factors behind privatization. The gov't might claim it has to do with making Channel 4 more competitive and freeing up a burden on taxpayers, but Channel 4 was never meant to be a competitive network. Furthermore, it wouldn't free up any burdens, since Channel 4 receives no public funding, even though it is publicly owned. In the case of the BBC, there's a valid case to be made that inflation has made it difficult to justify the license fee being increased, hence the freeze. However, Johnson's government has also been hostile to the BBC, and Nadine Dorries (the culture secretary) has advocated for the permanent abolition of the license fee in the past. Such a move would completely change the nature of the BBC, and weaken it to the core. If I had to guess, the UK television scene would have a stronger private sector at the expense of public broadcasting, but considering that Johnson's government isn't all that popular at the moment, nothing is definitive.
  14. It's worth noting that Gray CEO Hilton Howell made a reference to a possible rebranding at WGCL prior to the Meredith acquisition. Per FTVLive: While WGCL has seen the departure of Karyn Greer to WSB, the past few months seem to have been relatively stable (although Gray has only owned the station for a short period of time.) I imagine Gray will want to keep a semblance of stability that had been sorely missing from the station under Meredith. The decision to "fire CBS" could be read as wanting to create a unique identity for the station (much like WJZY did when it "fired" Fox.)
  15. Wirtz and Reinsdorf wouldn’t need to start entirely from scratch. They could feasibly buy out Comcast’s 25% share of NBCS Chicago and they’d have their own RSN. Given that Comcast can’t find a buyer for their RSNs (since they aren’t in demand,) this would be an easy way for Comcast to sell one of them. Both sides would essentially get what they want.
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