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  1. Source that new graphics are being worked on, and what do we mean by that, a whole refresh of individual show intros, L3'ds or all? Also by Licht's anniversary, that's fast approaching!
  2. I'm pretty sure it has been like that since they've moved into 1A
  3. I've withheld my thoughts on all of this for a bit but here is my 2 cents. All of this just seems unnecessary and a downgrade in all honesty, the graphics and set. The set looks incomplete and disjointed, I would expect this from a station like WPLG in the late 2000's trying to copy WSVN. And the graphics are also disjointed, messy, and hard to look at in the modern sense, again something you would expect from the late 2000's
  4. I at first did not like it, simply because it was different, but the more I looked at it, that was the whole point and it was executed great! It's nice to see a good set that releys on texture and depth instead of nothing but screens upon screens again. The only thing I would change is the lone tv screen beside the weather area, either having three monitors stacked or a large vertical screen (something WAGA like) might have looked better.
  5. So what all were the past brands of WSMV? Definitely not as crazy as WANF.....right?
  6. Honestly I have to agree, I really would like to know how the whole "call sign/ call number branding" came to be as it's uniquely American and confusing for international spectators. You have "Global News BC" "BBC Look North" "9 News Queensland" but not "ABC Philly News" or something I don't know. Was it because early station owners wanted to be more unique or something more complicated?
  7. Wow, this is something. It honestly doesn't look that bad, really an improvement for CBS O&O's. Do we have an intro yet?
  8. Not for Lexington but I don't know, at this rate anything would improve WXIA's logo!
  9. That's just dumb, a graphics package for weather that completely feels out of place considering all of ABC O&O graphics
  10. I don't have any video with me but in recent months they have yet again updated their open with an updated C-Clarity theme and a voiceover for the first time in a while!
  11. Do we have any update on them presentation wise?
  12. So if promos are being done now, they'll likely air when? At this point I'm thinking early January
  13. Very sad to see the last of news on HLN go, I, like everyone will miss Meade and hope she finds herself a good replacement at maybe a local station. That being said what will happen to studio 7 now?
  14. It's likely but let us not get our hopes up, this has happened two times before remember!
  15. What a nice way of saying someone's loosing their chief Met spot
  16. Their set honestly hasn't aged THAT badly as say some sets that have been around for shorter periods of time.
  17. Will CBS (and other networks) cut off for local news/late night, I seen Mr. Colbert will be live, but with no time specifics
  18. And WKTB has made the move into 14th street with WANF. Alongside the move they have officially moved into WANF's temporary set as it's new home, has rebranded as "Telemundo Georgia" and is now using look S, all of which look great! Really an improvement in Spanish Television in the market, now if only Univison would care about it's stations
  19. Ah yes the station were the weird 90's trend of having industrial scaffolding on your set lives on! (just why?)
  20. 7 Australia and NBC have a lot of similarities so I'm not surprised
  21. Honestly CBSM is already a hodepodge, the set "update" does not help either, flip flopping music, pretending viewers want to wake up to a giant Pizza Hut ad, honestly CBS was it all worth it to get rid of CTM? And for those who will bring up CBS News Streaming, Studio 1515 would have been just fine for them with minor updates to the 2020 Election set.
  22. Honestly I like everything but the intro. The end looks like something made in SketchUp without any sculpting with too many shadows.
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