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  1. Looks like they covered up the studio view from the newsroom with this.
  2. Just seen an ad for the Big Bang Theory, they will be known as Atlanta News First even outside of News Welcome to ANF!
  3. Anchor Brooks Baptiste said on a livestream we are in the final hours of CBS 46 before they become ANF, noon to be exact, also there was this from the livestream, the new (only recolored) L3's?
  4. Do we have a picture or video?
  5. Also wanted to mention (if this needs it's own thread or should be deleted please do so) that WXIA has more or less recently updated it's intros with more elements in a way to move away from the generic TEGNA look. Also it is using some music package previously unheard to me, might just be a C Clairty rework but I'm not sure.
  6. That's what I've been thinking while reading all this comments, it's just a desk and just a LED. I may not be a fan of standing desks for newscasts but if it'll work for what they are trying to achieve with ANF then so be it. Besides on the sponsor note what are they going to do, call it the Coolray First Alert Weather center? Ofcourse not
  7. Well FTV says the set will debut before week's end. Take that as you will
  8. Have to admit it's an upgrade from whatever it was they last had!
  9. And the new set is done, dress rehearsals are being done in between newscasts, what do y'all think about it? Taken from a video on Twitter:
  10. And so is the other social medias. Update on the set is on the set thread.
  11. I just wanted to point out WGCL (WANF) has thrown some MORE shade at WSB in a new ad, this time for them starting a 3pm newscast only for election season
  12. Very interesting design, it's very simplistic, not sure if the same wood as the floor and walls works though. But just in time for the election!
  13. Are we saying in so many words she is another Stepheny Fisher? (in the fact that so many want her gone, why I'm not sure she's just a morning metrologist, which like most morning crews, are more laid back)
  14. It is according to the other site, who apparently also designed the temporary set (and soon to be home of WKTB)
  15. Not bad so far...... It's actually quite an improvement already to whatever the last set was!
  16. I know anchors/reporters have posted on social media about the promos but has any posted a tease or update on the new set. Also can we get an admin to rename this thread to something like "WGCL (WANF) new set" or something?
  17. Also God please don't let this become some promo music or stinger https://twitter.com/MadelineTV/status/1571651649269272578?s=20&t=rjwfuRergnu5WC4lNTTe-w
  18. Really like the van! Do we have any idea when these promos will start airing and has any anchor teased the new set yet?
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but are three pm newscast really a thing outside the ATL market on the east coast?
  20. Sounds simple enough to me. Now let's mass market it everywhere even though it'll be a rating's flop and reformat it several times before annexing the whole thing in less than a decade!
  21. Not bad for a temporary set? That is better than most *PERMANENT* sets!
  22. GREAT FIND!! I hope we can find more stuff like this to get a sense on how this actually might look
  23. Eh we got a whole day, besides rebrands/graphics don't usually premiere on morning newscast anyway
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