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  1. The temporary and new set were designed by BDI with the temporary one to be the new permanent set for Atlanta Telemundo. https://www.The Other Site.com/2022/08/09/wgcl-assembly-altanta-temporary-set/
  2. Alright here are a few pictures of the set up at "Assembly". Like I said before, I'm pretty sure that's the old weather desk their using, with a non working screen ofcourse. Sorry but a construction site is is not the most desired backdrop for a newscast though. It seems like a very much cluttered space but ofcourse smile and wave for the boss! Also I seen the last image during the LNL feed, and saw that interesting graphic with one of the Gray bottom graphics with the WGCL logo, don't know how to feel about that
  3. I don't really see the point other than to advertise the new upcoming space for Gray. You've got a nice temporary set, why not just use that until October? I wouldn't be surprised if we got ANOTHER temporary set after this week knowing WGCL. This seems rather pointless. And yes I would be complaining to if ai had to take down that complete hodgepodge excuse of a set
  4. Great find! Please keep an eye out on anchor's social media. A remote studio huh? That will be interesting. It feels so great to see that ugly set finally come down. That desk in the remote location looks like the old weather desk
  5. That's actually a good possibility. This temporary set does look good in yellow/orange for WakeUp Atlanta, that would match "MP One on One" 's graphics
  6. I honestly wouldn't mind, it's a major improvement despite being temporary. Just add a desk, add another area for weather and call it a day
  7. Here are some more pictures on how it is being used. I will go as far to say it looks more visually appealing than the outgoing set by a thousand years. Very much like the temporary set they used before the outgoing set debuted, it is more elaborate than most small market permanent sets. Obviously the standing desk is a complaint let's hope the new set won't have that!
  8. Bumping this up because we are on what appears to very much be a TEMPORARY SET!! One picture is below, will attempt to capture more, it is very "out there" to be a temporary set to say the least
  9. UPDATE: It appears the new graphics have made their on air debut and might I say what a disappoinment from the original designed by JCD. The lower thirds were only used in the teaser and credits, still seems to be wrong font. The old graphics are STILL used for intros of some segments like "covering California" and weather still uses the old graphics (despite the initial graphics designed by JCD had weather graphics!). A new green screen set is also being used with the new title card in the background. The intro is though great, the new cut of NewsOne is great too, for a normal station I would say "I hope these clearly easily avoidable mistakes are fixed soon" but knowing this station I HIGHLY doubt that.
  10. Ain't that a way to go out!
  11. This station is just plain pitiful
  12. ATLNewsExpert


    KMSG appeared to launch new graphics from a quick report on Facebook Friday as news was not on that day due to other programming, are these being used on air currently? Intro is different, logo is slightly altered, slight references to the old package are still there though in corners and the weather graphics are the same, excuse the buttons from these poor, quick screenshots
  13. Good for her, she'll do great I'm sure! Not the first time an Atlanta anchor went to Philly or vis versa, Lorrie Wilson for example went from WGCL to WCAU to WSB
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