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  1. Much an improvement! Like this blue variation, what does the open look like?
  2. Also they could have at least done CBS News North Texas
  3. Now KTVF has debuted a new intro for the "Fairbanks Evening News" and good God it's a hodgepodge, pictures soon!
  4. Update on KTVF: Sister station KXDF has too debuted new graphics and a new logo with KTVF's branding, Newscenter. They've so far have debuted primarily only a new on-set graphic, they've seemed to have trouble with the intro with the new logo, it being just a still image and no music.
  5. And no new graphics at five Notably I do like the warmth in this shot
  6. Many similarities to the WANF set, so far so good! Hopefully we do indeed get new graphics!
  7. Well on this mornings broadcast of 'The Fairbanks Morning News" on Fairbanks AK NBC affiliate KTVF, a new open debuted, though its a werid combo of the old graphics and the new ones. It looks even more bad with the bad quality of the morning broadcast, perhaps it'll look better tonight. Everything else seems to be the same, no new video panel graphic, lower thirds, or anything, but in the intro a new logo showed itself, but the old logo is still around for everything else, maybe more will come.
  8. A bit delayed in posting this but in his first "state of Gray" address, President Howell said in research Gray has done, a year ago WGCL/WPCH had a 9% first preference rate amongst Atlanta resident's. Under Gray and Atlanta News First, WANF/WPCH have have grown to a 24% first preference rate! Expand upon that, take that how you will!
  9. I'm mixed on the new scorebug, it'll probably grow on me but my first impression was that is big and a little all over the place from the giant logos to the line at the end of each logo, and don't get me started on the touchdown animation!
  10. my 2 cents, I think it's fine really, no need to bring it out of proportions, but speaking of proportions the ABC logo could be smaller
  11. Maybe this needs it's own thread but Fairbanks Ak NBC affiliate KTVF has announced they are upgrading their graphics system and hence getting new graphics through commercials and asks for viewers patience. They seem to be getting the WMC/WTOC graphics and a new logo (don't know what the name of it is) so at least it is not honeycomb!
  12. Ok sorry if I've been living under a rock throughout this thread's time but what's the speculation/rumor over WANF?
  13. When is the new set set to debut?
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