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  1. While we are appreciative, please don't turn it into a list.
  2. So is a game show, maybe air reruns of the Fun and Games shows (outside of Celebrity Feud and $100k Pyramid due to GSN and BET having the rights) Press Your Luck maybe?
  3. WSVN, please... this is better than 7News....
  4. It is everywhere on Sony's GetTV and on Amazon's Freevee.
  5. So you prefer the comedies of Nat Hiken (Car 54, Sgt. Bilko) or Paul Henning (Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction).
  6. This was due to older demographics, I may say so....
  7. Once again, this has a lot to do, aside from the originals, with the rights to said reruns. Many WB shows (Martin, Fresh Prince, Living Single) could very well be on HBO Max's service and have it also appear 24 hours a day on a Pluto Channel?
  8. We have to give ESPN/ABC (mainly ESPN), a lot of credit for handling the coverage of Damar Hamlin, they didn't sensationalize the story for clickbait or ratings, but instead handled it with grace and respect. More television newscasts should follow the lead.....
  9. We live in a time for consumers to have plenty of choices. It used to be that syndicators/distributors have no alternatives but to sell the rights to local FOX/UPN/WB affiliates who were once independents. Now, the same classic TV shows, movies and cartoons can be seen anywhere and everywhere. Hence, television stations are left with scraps...or worse, informercials to fill time and to pay the bills. I mean, the onslaught of first-run court, game and talk shows produced by Byron Allen is no match for the classics, and even then some. As for classic cartoons, yes MeTV has the rights as of this post to the WB library since the FCC relaxed the E/I mandate for the diginets, so there are chances to see more of those types on as well. As for the main channels, they can either continue or shut down.
  10. Exactly. WBD doesn't know what to to with HLN now? Investigation Discovery reruns? Anything to keep costs low?
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