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  1. I would love to see something like that. Even better: A local version of Nightline. Not the crappy Nightline we have now. The OG Nightline: Ted Koppel Nightline. With the amount of hours Fox and independent stations with their own in-house news department are adding, this would give people something different from another late night talk show with the same five jokes every night. How many times have we all seen the local news only spend two minutes talk about the upcoming city budget, but never really talk about what is really in it? Also, I would like to hear what the mayor or other local leaders have to say after the State of The Union address. National issues do become local ones.
  2. WAVE announced Friday that they will be moving around anchors starting Monday. Shannon Cogan is leaving evenings to anchor WAVE Sunrise. Connie Leonard is leaving Sunrise for the WAVE Troubleshooter team starting next Monday and Brian Shlonsky to evening reporter start this Thursday. WAVE hasn’t said who will be co-anchoring (if anyone) with Cogan. For those haven’t kept track, WAVE Sunrise has been losing viewers since Lauren Jones was cut by the station in 2020. WDRB currently holds first place in the mornings with WLKY I believe in second place followed by WAVE and WHAS. Anyway, here is the full statement from WAVE. https://www.wave3.com/2022/06/10/exciting-changes-coming-wave-news-staff/
  3. To be fair, we have only been asking for CNN to cut back on “Breaking News” since this
  4. In the case of WISH-TV, would they love to rejoin CBS? Yes. Will it happen? Probably not. When WISH lost CBS in 2015, many of us said they would probably been happier to gain Fox instead of The CW. With Nexstar taking over majority of The CW, this will make McCoy mad and probably rethink his affiliation rights with The CW when it’s time to renew. For people that don’t, McCoy did work for Fox26 in Houston and many of his former stations were affiliated with Fox. So he knows what Fox wants and how they work. If WISH/McCoy were to get Fox away from WXIN, McCoy could then go to DirecTV/Dish and say, “You are denying people the right to see Big Ten Football, Big Ten Basketball, NFL, MLB, and many other sports events along with Fox programming.” As for weekend programming currently on WISH, just put it on WNDY and put more local program on WNDY instead of just WISH.
  5. Promo for Monday’s CBSEN aired during 60 Minutes saying Norah will be anchoring from Poland.
  6. Looks like Coastal has started making cuts
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