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  1. I watched the video on another device. I can confirm that is News Series 2000+, and might signal that WLS will revive it if it gets new graphics. I also hope that WLS finds a replacement for Bill Ratner.
  2. I can't watch the video due to technical issues on my end, but assuming this "old theme" is News Series 2000+, it's important to know that 2022 will be 30 years since this package launched.
  3. If so, they would also end KLST's affiliation. Nexstar and CBS are hiding something.
  4. WNCN is a weak CBS affiliate with a small market news operation. If Nexstar is not properly investing in this station, CBS might as well pull the plug and move to WRDC/WLFL. A 7pm newscast can be produced by WTVD, and now CBS has more stability.
  5. This looks like what WFXT would make as part of a “weather graphics upgrade”.
  6. It appears they will sign off(!) on Saturdays. On a partially related note, I also have a feeling that WNCN is at risk to lose its CBS affiliation.
  7. Since they haven't posted a "News Director" job (It's usually the first position stations list when they want to start a news op), I assume WICU is producing the newscast with a skeleton crew in Marquette. We still have many unanswered questions just hours before WJMN is set to lose its CBS affiliation.
  8. Does this station have a news updates like seen on WRDC?
  9. In the Nexstar thread, you can see an image of the logo without the CBS eye. This is the reason why. If they were to keep their news operation, they would've added a 9pm newscast.
  10. They're probably just saying that these new graphics would be perfect for those stations. Unfortunately, all three stations have chain graphics.
  11. Might as well cover the whole state, and some more! And IMO, when this happens, expect to see more 1 station companies like BH Media, more network O&Os (Fox in particular) and Nexstar and Sinclair downsizing to just their core stations.
  12. When we're discussing about VHF-->UHF moves and LP-picking ("DRT"), a broadcaster willingly getting a VHF allocation is rare. They're not trying to reduce cap space. They fully anticipate that the UHF discount will be eliminated again, so they purchase LPs en masse to avoid the cap. Gray will reach 36% of all US households when the UHF discount gets eliminated.
  13. Nexstar does not think they will be able to compete against WRAL and WTVD. Their main/only market are people who are loyal CBS viewers and went mad by the fact WRAL lost its CBS affiliation. In other words, all of the ex-Outlet operated TV stations are in ruins. WCMH has a weak anchor team and poor graphics. They are a divestiture option for Nexstar, though. WJAR is just your regular Sinclair station. Obvious Fact: WJAR and WCMH have the same VO. WLWC is now just an empty shell after Michael Dell mercilessly sold it's spectrum and CW affiliation. They have a virtual channel assignment, and CourtTV accessible on that VC. That's it. You can see what Nexstar did to WNCN, right here on this thread! And lastly, WWHO is owned by a guy named Stephen P. Mumblow. There is not much money being invested in this station besides the engineering department. 360 is retained. They can do away with the unnecessary 3D, gradients are superior. Also, I WISH that Nexstar would stop offering this package to stations since Circle City has since bought its original user.
  14. Haha. They admire WRCB's...creative aspects, even though Nexstar popularised the branding. Unrelated stations don't need the same branding.
  15. That too. Also, if Tegna is taking over creative services of these stations (they should), then I would hope to see MCTYW back on WPXI.
  16. Not happening. The FCC will see this and force Apollo to divest one of them to a seperate, unrelated owner. They'll divest WXIA.
  17. Raycom's First Alert News was a big hit. Now we have First Alert Weather to match!
  18. Two reasons: 1. WLKY uses Strive 2. CBS Local has been used on non-CBS affiliates before
  19. You would've thought they would drop The Rock for something different. I think CBS Local might've worked. The new logo on the standard Gray website banner is atrocious. Change the colour of the logo, now.
  20. They should be back in the studio today. Airchecks, please!
  21. How could they be that cheap?? Again, this station is not worth your time. Watch WRAL or WTVD instead.
  22. See the "WFLA, but even cheaper" vibe here, and you can see why this station is such an easy divestiture option should Nexstar end up buying The CW.
  23. And WNCN has launched their 4:00 pm newscast. No more temperature, just time. The open seems to be some in-house modifications of the generic Nexstar CBS open. New VO, but I can't tell who. CBS Local remains, but now they're using the same cuts as WKYT.
  24. Not to mention that there are large market CW affiliates that run newscasts produced by independents (WLVI) or have a standalone news operation (WPIX). WPIX is operated by Nexstar, so NewsNation at 10pm is a no-go if they want to compete with Fox affilates running newscasts at the same time.
  25. If the play button was replaced with a different motif (I'd say NBC peacock) then this new package would be perfect for the ex-Quincy stations! Just as most broadcasters are dropping Inergy. I think Guardian/production music would've fit much better.
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