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  1. Another option: let the networks jointly gobble up Tegna. That way, they can more quickly obsolete the network-affiliate model.
  2. Well then, known commodities suck. Add a little bit of mystery. There’s a reason why it’s “The National” rather than “The National News” on CBC.
  3. CBS would just go to WUPA. We were discussing the rationale behind removing CBS references from WANF.
  4. The thing with DMAs is that Nielsen has basically stopped publishing rankings every year. The FCC is looking for a replacement metric as of now.
  5. Nielsen DMAs basically no longer exist, so I think we would now have to go off by metro area population. The old Meredith package was based off of WOIO’s, but first they need to fix their VHF/encoding issues and potentially drop a few subchannels before anyone will be convinced to watch WOIO to get new graphics.
  6. WGCL/WANF switches from CBS to NBC if that happens? Yes, I know that is pure speculation, but it's what WRAL did, and Gray doesn't have too much to lose now they ditched the CBS branding.
  7. For this (Nightly News at 10pm) to work, the West Coast edition as seen on KNBC and KNSD would need to be scrapped and the regular version aired on time-delay. It would integrate nicely thanks to those two stations having 11pm local newscasts.
  8. Hothaus won. Death to the Gray graphics hub!
  9. Now could they consider moving Nightly News to 10? That would make everybody, the viewers and the affiliates (aka O&O management) happy.
  10. It seems pretty clear that Gray indeed does have a new graphics department, but I will admit that is pure speculation and we would need someone to officially address this.
  11. Wth. As if one merger wasn’t enough. If we all just watched BBC, CBC or PBS maybe the private companies would actually start to compete and not just M&A to one monolith.
  12. It’s just “19 News” now, with “Cleveland’s CBS 19” as it’s general brand, thanks to him.
  13. Because The National airs at 10 and American/Canadian work culture isn't too different?
  14. They probably should air it at 10 and make it hourlong, and they already replay it at 10 on NBC News Now. Doing so would guarantee a monopoly on national news at this time. They sell shows to themselves?
  15. Now leaving Cox with fewer stations, I guess this will give them additional leverage against the broadcasters which have filed to deny.
  16. However, I still think that whatever new “O&O package” comes out will be extremely similar to this one, especially now it’s seeing more use on-air and not just online.
  17. The now-garbage 2016 graphics has reached the beginning of the end. Good riddance. I wonder how WJZ will look like with this.
  18. Chris Crane? But yes, no doubt this is a custom theme.
  19. I think Nexstar has stopped offering NewsNation to network affiliates. WCMH (in my locale) has been airing NBC's coverage since the hearings began.
  20. Why the actual heck would you cheap out on a VO when you know you'd be better off not hiring one? Also, this is Rey's work? What? I just thought of it as an in-house Hothaus/Gray ripoff cobbled with existing Linear Drift graphics they could get for free. Woof.
  21. Indeed quite a massive upgrade, though if I had a thing to nitpick on, I wish those gradients would be smaller then they are here. Otherwise, it's looking great, and hoping for NS2K+'s return!
  22. WBNS: "Am I a joke to you?" But yes, I concur. I suspect this is an in-house pack given all these unnecessary extras. This could quite be the worst in-house job a Nexstar station has done.
  23. More likely than not, CBS will keep the affiliations and see what happens. Sunbeam or Scripps, I'm not so sure. What about Sinclair (WLFL or WWHO)?
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