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  1. More likely than not, CBS will keep the affiliations and see what happens. Sunbeam or Scripps, I'm not so sure. What about Sinclair (WLFL or WWHO)?
  2. *Investing just like Marquee
  3. Yeah, thanks to Uncle Perry. Wasn’t the helicopter axed after he took over WCMH? But, this is the Gray thread, and we’re talking about a market that doesn’t have a Gray station and one Gray continues to ignore.
  4. Appearing like an O&O is my guess. But I really don't know since these are not former O&Os.
  5. I bet if you tell this to Uncle Perry, he'll think we're in the year 2200 and try to get NBC to replace whatever Scripps diginets he has and add cable networks to his NBC affiliate(s). It's actually a solid idea!
  6. Both WSYX and WBNS are considered "affiliates of record" for the Zanesville market, which implies that their affiliation agreements include Zanesville as part of their coverage area. Marquee may be able to add CBS once WBNS' current agreement expires, but likely won't be able to add Fox because of Sinclair's iron fist on the affiliate base.
  7. It’s why WNJU should probably go ATSC 3.0 sooner rather than later. Problem is lining up 1.0 hosts in a tightly packed market. Also maybe WCMH could replace Ion with Oxygen just so they can reduce their reliance on Scripps.
  8. Looks like Henry Littick was desperate to sell. Wow that's cheap (for a few broadcast stations).
  9. Reception wise, I live northwest of Columbus, and I get a very faint signal (but no video or audio) from Channel 30 (WHIZ). That Channel 17 translator is now WDEM-CD, itself an HC2 wasteland. I'm thinking that WHIZ will remain the NBC affiliate for Zanesville unless Nexstar significantly downsizes and sells to NBC. Only then I can see WHIZ go independent. And yes, being a news intensive independent in that case is an option.
  10. Just as a benchmark, WCMH is essentially the same as WVIT or WBTS but with cheap packaging (graphics, music) and high turnover. Why would anyone go there versus smaller market NBC O&Os?
  11. IS THIS AN APRIL FOOLS' JOKE? But anyways, will NBC try to do something with the WHIZ-WCMH situation?
  12. That is Gray graphics. WOIO was the first ex-Raycom station to switch out of LIM4. They're not getting new graphics at the moment, because they're not pressured to do so.
  13. I can’t believe it. KCBD is now the final Gray station to have LIM4.1. No update on when it will get Gray graphics. Limerick will continue to live on via Lockwood’s WFXG for the forseeable future.
  14. This is like going from MG’s last graphics package (WCMH, WFLA, WKRN) to Nexstar NBC graphics, a package that is the symbol of failure. Great job, Gray.
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