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  1. Not to mention too, some members of both communities work in the media industry itself locally and around the world. So by saying what was said is disrespectful to them and an insult to them. It's unbelievable that a personal beef has to be dragged into here, but please don't throw us all under the bus because of it, especially local news employees who didn't had to partake in our discussions.
  2. Hi @Rusty Muck, if you felt like you've been bullied, I'm very sorry. I've been bullied myself in real life when I was young, so I can understand how you feel. I just want you to know, though, and you may not see it in you right now, but the way you've been handling what's been going on in the aftermath is like exactly what you've been talking against. Talking about kiddie this and kiddie that, and you've been reacting to some comments by dropping a laughing emoji? Is that not kiddie? I mean, you need to be the bigger person for yourself in this situation. As I already said before, people who may have never been on this forum could be seeing this right now. Is this the first impression you want to give them on behalf of this community? Think about all of this. Your response, reactions, everything that you're doing right now. Maybe not now, as I'm sure you'll respond to this, but when the dust settles. Was your behavior today in response to all this mature or, in your word, kiddie?
  3. I want everyone to know this right now. This is a public forum. People can Google search and see the back and forth debacle that's going on. When they see it, people are gonna have doubts and turn offs from joining a group like this because they're gonna wonder, is this gonna be the environment I'm gonna face on a daily-basis? We don't need this drama. We don't need this unnecessary stress. Please.
  4. He started yesterday (Wednesday), and his first story was on drug abuse.
  5. Well, I guess it's been 2 to 3 weeks since the rumored reverting to the old CNN look. I guess it's safe to say I was wrong, and so was the original "source" who spark my thinking. My apologies.
  6. Give it a few weeks, as I think that source said. The changes started yesterday, and they're slowly going back to the old one. I think they're recreating it from scratch, or finding the files to help do it from.
  7. Yea. You can see how it fits well for the digital aspects. People have got to understand that some viewers are not watching newscasts on TV. They are watching on Snapchat, Instagram. The media companies are changing to adopt to it and remain relavent. That's why they had to do what they did, from having the simple two Ns, to having a simple l3rd. They're trying to have a digital focus, while seeing how it looks on the big screen. And they did it good to me. I only have two negatives. They didn't use the simple two Ns more than I thought they would. And, they could've incorporate real time graphics, like a data of locations and time zones of it, local news there, etc. Basically like what ABC O&Os are gonna start doing in a minute. They could've done more. But for the way it is, it's a good product.
  8. I mean, they still do use it in the morning newscast, but I get your point. As for the question, of course the new graphics Trumps all the others. But, and this may be controversial, WABC. It's nice and simple, uses a good amount of red white and blue. But the issue is when they want to make a graphic for something, sometimes I feel like they're inconsistent with the theme of it. Hopefully that's not the case when they get the new look.
  9. Fake? I don't know why would you think that. Based on my observation, that is a real ticker real time and temp, and even has weather as well....talk about that small station concept of bring weather in the news first before the news. If it would've been fake, the time wouldn't say 6:59, and towards the end of the intro say 7:00 on the 7pm streaming intro.
  10. I know that my recent opinion has drawn controversy. So let me say, my opinion has nothing to do with the facts. Of course, the facts are they cut the jobs to save money and streamline the graphics department. My opinion was, what I believe, this may lead to how it may affect how viewers will notice it as the graphics will be better as a result. And how I wish some would've stayed and helped out in that aspect. Hopefully I cleared up my comments. Sorry for the confusion. But at the same time, I don't blame y'all for even letting me know what the facts are already.
  11. Of course, the bad side of it is people are losing their jobs. The good side of it is there's gonna be new people to make sure that the graphics stick along with the guidelines for all stations without anyone doing anything weird that would catch folks eyes here, like messing up the fonts, logos, headline graphics that don't match the theme of it, etc. Maybe if the folks that were fired would've been trained, and do it right, there wouldn't be any need for that.
  12. The newscast intro for CBS News Miami captured at 4pm on their streaming channel. This is the first station to use the full CBS intro, and not just shorten it. CBSNM.mp4 For the 5pm Newscast, which airs both streaming and linear, they used a very short intro after the headlines teaser.
  13. CBS News Miami is next. They've just launched their new graphics package at noon Wednesday. As for the logo, as you can tell, they kept the channel number as part of the rebrand maybe because the logo is iconic. Oh wait, what's this? They got rid of the wave from the previous logo. Maybe because they wanted to keep it as minimalistic as possible? Well, it seems like that was on purpose. Or if it was by accident, they can always add it later.
  14. Well, CBS designed the entire intro, which has portions that all three stations are using. And it's up to the stations to pick cuts from the long version to shorten it down. Seek to 0:45 for the full intro. https://youtu.be/xPGBEiM49lQ
  15. My bad for not knowing that they aired the newscast for months. I don't live in NY anymore, and I shared this from the Discord.
  16. Oh, my bad. I don't live there anymore, and I shared this from the Discord.
  17. For the first time since 2014, CBS News New York is bringing live morning news back to its sister station WLNY that'll air at 7am. The station' previous incarnation, "Live from The Couch," aired from 2012 to 2014. It had a different premise, which was offering a bit of news, and a lot of interviews, and light-hearted segments. Obviously, this one is going to have complete news.
  18. For the first time since 2014, CBS News New York is bringing live morning news back to its sister station WLNY that'll air at 7am. The station' previous incarnation, "Live from The Couch," aired from 2012 to 2014. It had a different premise, which was offering a bit of news, and a lot of interviews, and light-hearted segments. Obviously, this one is going to have complete news. **CORRECTION:** Updating this to note that WCBS has been airing morning news on WLNY for months now, and that they're now promoting it.
  19. Well, CBS Sports has went local. At least in Colorado so far.
  20. As stated previously, with the rebrand, stations can opt-in with keeping their channel logos as a symbol, or switch to call letters due to research and viewership feedback. Therefore as CBS Texas debuted last week, they've kept the channel logo as a symbol. “Based on that research and a little bit of gut we know that’s something that resonates. I think it was a no-brainer that while you’re trying to make a position around CBS New Texas, that it remained.” https://www.The Other Site.com/2023/02/28/cbs-news-texas-rebranding-ktvt/
  21. Another note too. "CBS News Texas Sports"??? Long name for a local sports division. When CBS was developing this entire local strategy as part of the national rebrand, didn't they thought of a division combining CBS Sports and the locals that cover it? Or....just simply asking stations to brand sports coverage based on it? SB: Nice to see Andy Adler from her (W)PIX 11 days.
  22. According to someone on the Discord server, the regular linear station has the CBS News bug blue, while streaming is white. What is Texas doing right now?? Get your graphics in order.
  23. Sorry for being nitpicky, but they didn't even align the CBS News logo right. Some portions of the graphics aren't aligned right either.
  24. I think a question that pairs well is does she even work for any network, or a station? Or does she work on TV at all? Haven't heard or seen her name in years. Maybe because I stream-only too much. But still. Update: I knew on Wikipedia it states that she did infomercials for Westmore Beauty Body Coverage in May 2020. But right after I made the original post, I researched and saw that she's at Clarity Media Group working as a Communications Specialist since June 2013. But if anyone knows if she made any other appearances after her "Live From the Couch" WLNY days, let me know.
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