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  1. Interesting. That new music is going to take time to grow on me. Maybe if they would've launched it with the new graphics, they launched last year on WFXT, I would've liked it? I don't know. Let's see.
  2. WFXT-TV used to use this news music package called "Impact V.6" from Warner-Chappell. They've used that package ever since Cox Media Group brought in new graphics in 2015 after buying them the year before. They've used that music all the way up to this week when they change their music package. I first heard it while watching it a 6pm on October 13th, 2021. If anyone is able to help identify what the new music package is called, that'll be appreciated. I don't have anyways right now of finding the video with the music, but if anyone finds a video of the new music on WFXT and then they ca

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