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  1. ABC 11 has a fifth Kim Deaner she’s a fill in but her role is mainly traffic.
  2. They been in that set for while. I temper watching a video talking to a boy who is from war-torn Ukraine. And been trying to get to his adoptive parents in Philly and they did a cross interview they were in their street dude studio.
  3. World News dos a east coast and a west coast edition at 7:30 P.M. during a short time during the worse of the Pandemic. Though I’m not sure if that was limited to ABC owned stations like WTVD, and KABC or both owned and affialties. Las Vegas ABC did a full hour. 2016 election CBS and NBC day after hour-long. Boston Marathon ABC, NBC, CBS hour long. CBS I think went to 8pm. Hurricane Sandy I think ABC did a full hour one time. And Osama Bin Laden Death day after ABC did a full-hour.
  4. They keep updating till it didn’t look good anymore.
  5. Yeah but entertainment is more his thing.
  6. That could be true what about WRDC? I guess Univision could but that up. And yes I think Rupert Murdoch and is jealous of WRAL that’s why they may want to keep FOX50 WRAZ.
  7. WLFL probably gonna try to get FOX back of Sinclair leave the market in hoping for the latter good riddance.
  8. Perhaps they make all there CW affiliates successful independents like LCAL and WLNY.
  9. KTTV had debuted the set. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2022/05/10/kttv-set-updates-2022/
  10. This smells a new set they’ve had it since 2014 it’s now 2022, so 2024 will be ten years that they’ve had and it’s 2022 two years before that year which will be 10 years having it and we’re 2 years before 10 years so whatever 10-2 is which is 8. So it’s pretty damn old ole how it’s gone by fast.
  11. Extremely inconsistent on the social media and website domain. So the adding of the station to the CBSNews.com format will be much more easier.
  12. Well paid I wonder if their annual salaries are $500,000-1,000,000 or in that ballpark.
  13. For the Weather Channel. To join AMHQ and be Managing Editor of all Operations.
  14. That reminds me of what happened at WLS-TV in Chicago more than 15 years ago when a car plowed into street-level studio sending Ravi Benchwal into a panic.
  15. Then with one control room how were the able to do it live from the Newsroom.
  16. This sounds like a bunch of robots rehearsed this just the way he walked into the set it feels like this intro was done by bots.
  17. FTVLive said it was Josh Elliot and her have broken up. She has even left the house they had together.
  18. No it could’ve been successful if it was on a digital multicast like Bounce TV is. Because that enables linear and digital at the same time. They even have some fully non-sub channel owned-and-operated stations in LA, Raleigh. In addition to their secondary digital repeater station In those markets which are sub channels of Univision stations in the markets which are also Univision O&Os.
  19. It sad it’s truly a shame black peoples need their own TV networks just like how Hispanics have Univision and Telemundo and in English some younger Latino programming. This isn’t about racial segregation it wasn’t that it is about that blacks have no voice in America. White and Hispanic media don’t cover us well, and we need our views amplified like the former show on BNC. We need our own network owned by black also I firmly believe blacks should own their media, not a white person running it like at BET, which lost its spark a long time ago.
  20. You mean FOX News Special Reports?
  21. They could bring out Shirley Chan, or another anchor maybe Arrianee LeBleu. To anchor see how that works, Nexstar is gonna give up on this station, it’s gonna be a mini KTLA.
  22. Yeah it be in May or June 2022. Gosh WRAL will tank after this. ABC already has beat them at 11pm, and mornings, 4pm. Yeah that should happen in Nay or June 2022.
  23. Who’s the anchor? What his/her name LOL?
  24. They could also force the western stations (specifically the O&Os) to broadcast the east coast live at 3:30pm. I know KPIX does it, That could increase ratings.
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