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  1. Tell firesponge to leave me alone or suffer revenge beyond belief.

    1. Gavin M.

      Gavin M.

      It’s in his best interest to let me back on Fictionaltvstations or I will drop his IP address to the world that isn’t a threat it’s a consequences if he continues harassing me getting me banned of sites and being a coward. I’m not afraid of getting to a 13 yo I just can’t make death threats.

    2. ColDayNews


      You are deranged. Plain and simple.

  2. Yeah because even they have limits. She a full on white supremacist. They have to protect them advertisers for a network younger than OAN and survived on cable longer then they did tjere a major outlet now.
  3. Yeah some tight shot but I can get used to it.
  4. And that’s other thing the Black Caucus (which imo doesn’t really care about black people) wouldn’t back Byron but did Soo Kim says a lot about them. Byron literally had the investors for Tegna. He briefly put it to the Broncos but ya know what happened. Also black caucus should’ve questioned whether he put more African American GM & NDs.
  5. Ikr, we don’t know if CBS wants to do that if @Myron Falwelladded me back on discord if shut them down.
  6. Austin wasn’t work out kinda like WNCN in Raleigh. And as MG did Cerberus did a lot of damage to KEYE.
  7. That Nexstar corner haha…
  8. I just said I think Nexstar have a service like “CW News Special Report” or “CW News Special Presentation” in the future. PIX probably wanted to retain revenue from ads. Sometimes PIX produces coverage locally of national stuff especially during the Tribune Days, but there in a period of transition. I know why FOX5 doesn’t carry it there a little biased in 2016 they didn’t show the democratic convention Hillary’s nomination speech. Which was during the 10pm news and went to 11:35 not sure about 2020. But I’ve seen them skip things.
  9. Why would PIX carry it? Maybe Nexstar will start a Cut-in or news service for affiliates where they provide special reports for affiliates kinda like FOX does. Why would FOX 5 carry it either. FOX 5 kinda has a right-wing scant to it. Some of the stories and questions they have sound right-wing.
  10. Most likely local news especially during an election season imagen the revenue.
  11. Maybe Philly will pick that up.
  12. Ik I just said I don’t think FOx will mind mind since it’s affiliates know how to clap back at the network.
  13. Okay it’s gonna good or bad for NBC. Ed Ansin WHDH owner is laughing from Heaven. Yeah I’ve been wondering WRAL here in does WRAZ newscast I don’t think FOX will mind since in some way affiliates push back at FOX a lot. FOX remember is only a network during prime time and sports. Outside of that affiliates do syndicates or news.
  14. Hmm, she left KUSI quietly for CBS8. The former WTVD alumni. Hmm okay.
  15. No, there just leaving the set to collect dust.
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