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  1. I Know were a little late (A day late) But KAAL Posted new Graphics Here they are
  2. what about copying their station in Atlanta do CNF Cleveland News First
  3. KBAK/KBFX Needs this new set package theve been inside that studio since their westwind days
  4. i doont think that bug is supposed to be there
  5. same music as kpix or its an new ver of enforcer
  6. Ok I Have A Question what graphics did KGPE And KGET Run in the 2000s Because KGET Ran Third Coast While KGPE I Believe Extreme? so yeah ok so it was metropolis i was just confirming it
  7. HAHAHHHHHHHH they got it baby and for proof:
  8. But i checked on their youtube and it was a test run
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