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  1. WROC News 8 Now at 11:00 (November 2000; go to 5:36)
  2. Rest in Peace. He also worked for KGTV and KCBS.
  3. KELOLand News at 5:00 (October 13, 2004) WAGA Fox 5 News at 10:00 (January 7, 2004) KRON NewsCenter 4 at 10:00 (unknown date, 1993)
  4. And here are some more rare finds from KRDO: KRDO News 13 Update (July 1, 1980) KRDO News 13 (November 6, 1978) KRDO News 13: The 5:30 Report (Cheyenne Mountain Resort fire coverage, 1992)
  5. I stand corrected. KRIV Fox 26 will have one airing of Pictionary at 1:30pm, and KTXH will have only one airing of said show at 4:00pm. Suprising that WXYZ even got this show, seeing that WJBK is a Fox O&O.
  6. KRIV and KTXH will have "Sherri" at 10:00am and 12:00pm respectively, replacing "Wendy". KTXH also gets "iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas", which time it will air is unknown at this time. And I now know that "Pictionary" will air at 4:00pm on KTXH, effectively replacing one hour of "Family Feud".
  7. I see this happening to KTBU too. Even if the Cox-Standard General-Tegna deal does not go through, the KTBU indie proposal would still be a possibility under Tegna.
  8. KWES NewsWest 9 at 10 (February 16, 1994) KWES NewsWest 9 at 6 (June 1996) KMPH Ten O'Clock News (December 1997)
  9. KMID Big 2 News at 10:00 (January 28, 2003) https://archive.org/details/kmid-big-2-news-at-10-pm-jan-28-2003-a
  10. WRGB Channel 6 News at 11:00 open (May 9, 1999)
  11. WGN Midday News (February 24, 1988) WTCN 11 News at 10:00 (June 14, 1983) WJW Fox 8 News (January 4, 2000) Apparently this open continued to be used to open a rebroadcast, because KNSD was using News San Diego and Groove News by this point.
  12. Coverage of the Philadelphia snowstorm from all three Philly TV stations (January 25, 2000)
  13. Another confirmation out of Houston: KIAH CW 39 has "The Neighborhood", starting September 12. Saw a promo for it this midday.
  14. WLUK NewsCenter 11 Tonight (November 8, 1987)
  15. I'm actually surprised by this. I'm not joking.
  16. WJBF NewsChannel 6 at 11:00 topicals and open (January 8, 1995) WABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News Late Edition (March 24, 1991) WNBC News 4 New York at 11:00 (May 11, 1992)
  17. There's one thing I've been wondering: Movies being aired in local syndication these days have been those produced by either of the Sony film companies (Columbia, TriStar, Screen Gems, etc.) (distributed by Sony Pictures Television), Paramount Pictures, or Dreamworks SKG (distributed by Trifecta Entertainment & Media). Why have films produced by companies other than what I've mentioned been taken off local syndication?
  18. "Pictionary" is going to KTXH My 20 Vision -- saw a promo for it recently.
  19. WBMA ABC 33/40 6:00 News (June 28, 1997) WYFF NewsCenter 4 segment (unknown year)
  20. KTXH My 20 Vision apparently will air the "Sherri" episodes first run on KRIV Fox 26 (according to a promo I've seen on the former); at which time, I have no idea yet.
  21. At 6:34, WFLD Fox News at Nine open (February 6, 1998) And here's the rest of the newscast from that same day. WFRV Eyewitness News at 10:00 (February 1986) WCCO 4 News at 5:00 story on the passing of Mrs. Minnesota, Mary Kay Sanders (February 3, 1998)
  22. WRGB NewsCenter 6 Promos and News Segment (February 23, 1989) WXXA Fox 23 News at 10:00 (November 17, 2004)
  23. KDNL News 30 at 10:00 teasers, weather update, and partial news open (April 28, 1997)
  24. TV-Signoffs.com, a website devoted to TV station sign-offs and sign-ons created by J. Alan Wall, has been inactive since February 2022, and the website has not been updated at all during this time.
  25. WWJ CBS 62 In Depth Detroit (March 8, 1998)
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