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  1. Sign-on for KTXL Channel 40 in Sacramento and opening to The 700 Club, dated September 14, 1984 (exactly 37 years ago)
  2. Josh Goodman has replaced John Young on KWWL in Cedar Rapids (recorded just before the sale to Allen Media):
  3. Here's something that I find ridiculous: With KUBE-TV Houston switching to full-time ShopHQ programming, none of the syndicated programs (first-run or off-net) that were being shown as more ShopHQ programming came in are currently shown on any of the Houston-area stations, that according to listings on Zap2It. Couldn't any of the other stations in Houston at least have made an effort to try and pick those programs up for their schedules? For now, for those people who live in Houston, you're gonna have to tune to KBTX (if you're lucky to get it, which I am right now) to see some of the programs
  4. Another WTAE sign-off unearthed, from September 14, 1987!
  5. Bumping an old reply, but it looks like the link to this is no longer available. I would have loved to see how KPRC signed off in 1983.
  6. Here's Houston's coverage of 9/11, from KHOU (CBS).
  7. This belongs in a new thread of its own, not in this ABC thread.
  8. Here's what has to be the earliest sighting of a 11pm newscast to use the "Eleven at 11:00" title: Some news teasers and previews for WGHPiedmont News on July 8, 1989.
  9. And a KTVT sign-off at the end to boot!
  10. Some schedule changes in Houston, TX to talk about, according to Zap2It: On KTXH My 20 Vision, "Judge Judy" replaces the 2nd run of "Divorce Court" at 2:30pm on September 6th (and on the 13th, another run of "Judge Judy," moving DC to KRIV FOX 26 at 1:30am) and the two extra runs of "Family Feud" move up to 6pm and 6:30pm, shifting "Modern Family," the three runs of "The Big Bang Theory," "Schitt's Creek," "2 Broke Girls," and "The Simpsons" down an hour. "You Bet Your Life" with Jay Leno will air on KRIV at 6:30pm and 11:30pm, starting Sept. 13. "Relative Justice" will air
  11. The March 20, 1998 broadcast of UPN 38 Prime News (WSBK-TV).
  12. Here's WNEM's modified opens. I assume that the city shots are different for each daypart; this particularly comes from the morning news.
  13. I'm very curious about this question: Are there any ABC/CBS/NBC affiliates that air "The Steve Wilkos Show" at anytime?
  14. For Houston, it has 6:00PM and 6:30PM as the airtimes, but no station listed.

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