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  1. KTRK Eyewitness News Tonight (August 9, 1996)
  2. WRGB NewsCenter 6 New at 11pm (October 19, 1997)
  3. WCIA Newscope (November 30, 1987) WCIA Channel 3 News at 6:00 from that same day. KDKA Eyewitness News Update (December 19, 1989) WFMY News 2 at 11:00 (November 17, 1982)
  4. NewsCenter 7 at 10:00 on UPN 17 (2004) WRGT Fox 45 News at 10:00 (2002)
  5. I think this explains to me why KTRK in Houston (the only ABC O&O not airing the show) may not be getting the syndicated "Wheel" anytime soon.
  6. Houston Fox-owned duopoly KRIV and KTXH have had these special logo bugs for Veteran's Day week, seen below (sorry that they're sideways, I don't know how to rotate it correctly). Are there other Fox-owned stations doing this?
  7. WLFI Lafayette Live TV18 News Live at 6:00 (November 11, 1993, exactly 28 years ago today)
  8. The advertising on TBD (pre-midnight) is back to normal as of this week.
  9. WLFI TV18 Sign-off from the Late 1980's (according to the original uploader)
  10. Two 1990's WLFI newscasts to post... WLFI Lafayette Live TV18 News Live at 6:00 (September 30, 1995) WLFI Lafayette Live TV18 News at Noon (January 18, 1991)
  11. KTBC Fox 7 News at 10:00 (December 30, 1996)
  12. KWCH Channel 12 Eyewitness News at 10 Weekend (February 6, 2000)
  13. I know this is a little bit out in left field, but I wouldn't have minded Fox's RSN's going to CBS Sports (CBS Sports Southwest, CBS Sports Kansas City, CBS Sports Ohio). It would have been nice to see CBS get regional IMO.
  14. Includes the KTTV sign-off at that time as well.
  15. WKBT Action 8 News Tonight from October 28, 1988:

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