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  1. WCVB NewsCenter 5 Tonight Weekend (January 6, 1985) WRGB NewsCenter 6 11 at 11 (October 27, 1992) WNEW The 10 O'Clock News (January 22, 1986; starts at 15:32)
  2. WCPO Channel 9 News at Noon open and weather forecast (1990) WRIC 8 News at 11:00 (May 3, 2007)
  3. KSAT 12 News Nightbeat (December 26, 2001) WSBK The 7 O'Clock News (September 10, 2001; one day before the 9/11 attacks) KBMT 12 News at 10:00 (December 5, 2001)
  4. Starting September 26, Houstonians know now what will be replacing "Nick Cannon" at 1:00pm on KRIV Fox 26: "Family Feud" (which I don't think ever aired on said station before) and, as previously mentioned, "Pictionary" at 1:30pm. Also that same day, KTXH will start airing one of the runs of "Divorce Court" at 11:00pm to replace the departing "Schitt's Creek". AFAIK, "Ring Nation" has not been cleared in Houston either. Maybe this is the reason why we're seeing many markets not clearing this show...
  5. KCCI TV-8 News Live at Six (June 15, 1992) KFVS Heartland News at Ten (December 3, 1991)
  6. Geeze Louise, NBC is STILL using the OUTDATED 2015 graphics for Notre Dame football coverage in 2022!
  7. WKBW Eyewitness News Nightcast (November 3, 1985)
  8. Apparently my mind was in another area code because KRIV Fox 26 will actually start airing "Pictionary" on September 26. A promo I saw just a few minutes prior to the time of typing confirmed this. So now I know why I see "Nick Cannon" at 1:00pm instead.
  9. KTXS Action News at 10:00 (February 21, 1993) KTPX Channel 9 News at 10:00 (April 17, 1989; starts at 7:03)
  10. WTLV NBC 12 First Coast News at 11:00 (October 22, 2002) KOB Eyewitness News 4 at 10:00 (November 14, 2002; sourced from KOBR, and also includes a news update from KOBR Eyewitness News 8 itself) KOB Eyewitness News 4 at 6:00 (November 15, 2002) KBIM News 10 at 5:30 (November 14, 2002) WAWS Fox 30 News at 10:00 (October 22, 2002)
  11. Las Vegas investigative journalist Jeff German was killed in a stabbing outside his home last Saturday. He was 69 years old. Las Vegas investigative journalist Jeff German killed | Las Vegas Review-Journal (reviewjournal.com)
  12. I reckon that "Divorce Court" with Star Jones will be in the 1:00pm slot prior to "Pictionary" on KRIV Fox 26, but I'll keep checking to confirm.
  13. WISH 8 On The Scene News at 11:00 (May 8, 1984) WISH 8 On The Scene News Start 1984 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive WCBI News 4 Newsbreak (1994) KOSA Super 7 News Late Edition (May 16, 1991)
  14. More updates from Houston: KIAH will air "The Good Doctor" at 12:00pm starting September 17, and "WOW: Women of Wrestling" will be airing on KIAH at 11:00pm on that same day. "Storm of Suspicion" also moves to KIAH from KTXH at 3:00am in the early hours of September. And my earlier prediction was right: "Relative Justice" and "Paternity Court" WILL air at 4:00am and 4:30am respectively in the very early morning hours starting September 19, to make room for "Karamo" at noon. "9-1-1" --> ABC O&O KTRK in the early hours of September 18 at 12:05am. Seeing that this is a Fox show, not an ABC show, this reminds me of one time when, for a year or two, KHOU-11 (my local CBS affiliate) aired "White Collar", which was produced by Fox, syndicated by 20th Television, and originally aired on USA Network, as one of their late-night weekend dramas (it surprisingly enough didn't air on KRIV Fox 26 or KTXH My20). I personally find the "9-1-1" airings on ABC 13 to make more sense seeing that 20th Television (formerly 20th Century Fox Television) is now corporately under Disney's watch, just like ABC is. ABC 13 will also air "The Rookie" on late Sunday/early Monday starting September 19. "Magnum P.I." (the 2018 reboot) will replace "Bull" at 12:30am on September 18 on KHOU 11. As for KPRC, the "Dr. Phil" and "NBC News Daily" timeslots are swapped for some reason, putting the former back in the 1:00pm slot. Is this some kind of error by TV Passport (the TV listing site I'm currently using)? And I thought "Impractical Jokers" was leaving syndication? It's still scheduled on September 18 and 19 (the early morning hours). I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this, but KTXH will air "Law & Order: SVU" on the weekends starting September 17, with Saturday being a double run. The weekend runs of "Judge Judy" move to 2:00pm and 2:30pm on the same day. "Modern Family's" weekend quadruple run moves to Sundays from 8:00pm-10:00pm.
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