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  1. augustv123's trend of uncovering rare Louisville, KY TV sign-offs continues! This time, a WAVE-3 sign-off from the late 70's:
  2. Two well-known KRIV Fox 26 News personalitiles are retiring in June: Longtime morning news anchor José Griñan and longtime sports director Mark Berman. mikemcguff.com: José Griñan to retire from FOX 26 Houston mikemcguff.com: Mark Berman to retire from FOX 26 Houston
  3. A game show on The Weather Channel?! How low can you go TWC?!
  4. A WLKY 32 Alive sign-off from the late-1970s!
  5. WRBL Eyewitness News Update (October 3, 1986) WBAL Action News Special Report on the Colts' move to Indianapolis (January 1984)
  6. Well, they did just that today.
  7. Fox Weather Live started very early today with Ian Oliver reporting from the studio and Brigit Mahoney reporting from Dallas to cover an upcoming severe weather event.
  8. WBBH TV-20 Eyewitness News at 6:00 (October 18, 1990) WBBH TV-20 Eyewitness News at 6:00 (August 4, 1982) WBBH TV-20 Eyewitness News at 6:00 (July 9, 1985) WWL Eyewitness News at 10:00 (January 27, 1981)
  9. In keeping with the sign-off theme, a extremely rare WDRB sign-off from the late 70s/early 80s:
  10. WIS News Nightcast (August 27, 1996) WIS News Olympic News Updates (July 22 and August 4, 1996) WIS News: The 7:00 Report (July 22, 1996) Credit to @Ntropolis for these rare finds!
  11. WVUE News 8 at 10:00 (July 12, 1995) WTVH Eyewitness News 5 at 11:00 open (February 6, 2002)
  12. WMAQ Channel 5 News at 5:00 (March 10, 1985)
  13. Various WEAU NewsCenter 13/WREX Dateline 13 News clips (1980)
  14. Former WGEM news anchor Lesley Swick Van Ness passed away suddenly this week at age 42 while vacationing with her family. Remembering Lesley Swick Van Ness (wgem.com)
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