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  1. So 69 News at 8 will have a new anchor. Dayne Marae will be joining the newscast. No word on if she’s replacing Rob Vaughn as WFMZ didn’t make that clear in their announcement.
  2. Where has Rick been at 11 these past few days? Is he on vancation and Shari is filling in? Is he not working out ratings wise so 6 is trying Shari in his place? It’s just strange that Jim’s so-called successor at 11 hasn’t been there.
  3. And wasn't it the 6PM newscast that Jim would walk away from and not the 11PM? I could've sworn he said he would stay on at 11 until the end of 2022.
  4. Today was Ali Gorman's last day. She didn't specify if she's going to work for another television station in her Instagram post.
  5. I don't meant to derail the conversation, but FightGuy42 on YouTube has uploaded an Action News broadcast from June 29, 1977. We get to see a young Jim Gardner, Jim O'Brien doing the weather, and Steve Levy doing the sports. Sadly, the video cuts off at the end so we can't hear MCTYW in all it's 1970's glory. But this is still a nice treat to find.
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