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  1. 11pm is a ‘bigger’ show, more prestigious time slot…
  2. NewsMax is adding to its weekend live news schedule. “Sunday Agenda” premiers this weekend
  3. Exposure…. Showing they have a local connection?
  4. I think Fox should move out numbered to 3 PM shift Martha back one hour to 2 PM. then have Harris Faulkner and Faulkner focus move to 7 PM and at 8 PM Jesse Watters prime Time
  5. Is Shirley still anchoring the 10pm. Have not seen anything on social media or otherwise on this…
  6. The TV page on CNN.com needs to be updated. Not only does it still have links to old shows like New Day, Right Now, NewsRoom, At This Hour and Don Lemon Tonight, there’s still no page for CNN This Morning and it has Ana Cabrera still referenced as an anchor!
  7. I don’t really understand why they have meteorologists staffed in Orlando…. It’s awkward when they fill-in…
  8. I always liked Ian and Brigit together. Was Stephen Morgan off yesterday or was he paired with someone else?
  9. Just odd that the personalities made no mention of it…
  10. Today the 9am hour is branded “FOX Weather First” and co-hosted by Brigit Mahoney and Kendall Smith…. I wonder if Amy’s show was deemed too political? She was appearing as co-host on Outnumbered on FNC… mixing weather with politics doesn’t work! Ian and Brigit were great together as co-hosts - bring them together again for the 9-12 block’
  11. Occasionally - sure…. Thought the comment was she would permanently host it
  12. Doubt it. She’s LA based and not moving back to NYC
  13. One thing regarding anchors... To an NBC News Viewer - they should all be recognizable. Vicky Nguyen is on the Today Show as the consumer correspondent. Morgan Radford is a veteran correspondent and occasional guest co-host on weekend-today. Aaron Gilchrist is the newest to the NBC family, while Kate Snow is another veteran who anchored on MSNBC daily in the past and now is on Weekend Nightly News. While i have not see Aaron and Kate together, i will say that I don't think Vicky and Morgan have any chemistry. It would almost be better if they moved Philip Mena off Early today and paired him with Morgan or even made Steven Romo an anchor and paired him with one of them. Vicky and Morgan are great, but just not a good pair. Another idea would be to pair Morgan with Jose Diaz Balart. The issue there would be location as Jose is based in Miami. Then MSNBC can re-align its daytime line-up and perhaps include Vicky Nguyen there? Or Swap Vicky with Morgan and have Morgan anchor an hour of MSNBC Reports...
  14. The new set really does look great. question, how does the size compare to that of WVIT-Hartford? I ask because while fairly new, the Hartford set looks low budget and not that good. The ‘big’ LED walls aren’t as expansive as they can be. The dual ones even have terrible resolution and instead of being split with the faux wood should be a continuous curved wall. In fact, I don’t see why WVIT can’t replicate the WMAQ set (other than cost being a factor due to market size)
  15. Looks like she’s a ‘NewsBreak’ anchor on MSNBC and probably NBC NewsNow as well… atleast she’s done overnight news updates on MS…. Is Milissa Rehberger still around?? She did these forever
  16. Kate Snow has been named co-anchor with Aaron Gilchrist of the afternoon news block on NBCNewsNow
  17. After 15 years on the early morning shift, Bill Karins announced Friday morning that he is moving to the 12pm-8pm shift covering all things weather and climate for MSNBC, NBC News Now, NBC News, etc. Joe, Mika and Willie had a nice send-off for Bill on Morning Joe.
  18. NBC Connecticut (WVIT) has named a new 5:30pm co-anchor, replacing Kerri-Lee Mayland. Kerri-Lee took medical leave in early 2020, and announced in late 2021 that she would not be returning full-time to the anchor desk. She now fills-in on occasion. During Kerri-Lee's absence, Leslie Mayes served as her primary fill-in on the 4 and 5:30pm newscast, while Kevin Nathan took over as solo anchor of the 11am newscast. In late 2021 Shannon Miller began co-anchoring at 4 and 5:30 with Kevin Nathan Mon-Wed (as well as her Sat/Sun evening anchoring duties) while Leslie co-anchored on Thurs/Fri and reported Mon-Wed. In April 2022 - Amber Diaz joined NBC-CT from WTNH. Amber will serve as co-anchor of the 5:30pm newscast along side Kevin Nathan. NBC CT has yet to announce a permanent 4pm co-anchor, 7pm anchor (replacing Dan Corcoran who departed several months ago) or weekend morning anchor.
  19. Not a network generally discussed here, but curious on NewsMax TV's schedule. Seems odd to me that most (if not all) the morning/dayside shows have a co-anchor format, but with the exception of the 9am-12pm show the only anchor featured as the 'anchor/host' is the male co-host. The one that makes the least sense is naming the 12pm hour 'John Bachman Now' yet he has a co-anchor?
  20. Once Morning Joe @ 9am begins, it would be nice to see Chris Jansing shift to the 11am hour on a 'permanent' basis.
  21. with all due respect... i think its more than just having someone anchor, but the cost/efforts/availability to bring in producers, technical directors, camera operators, other behind the scenes folks is not easy. Utilizing resources under the NBC Universal Umbrella may make more sense in this case with an anchor like Chris, Richard, etc available in the event something warrants its own US based coverage
  22. When Dylan returns from maternity I suspect she will cut back on her 6 day workweek and exit Saturday Today… given that show is based in DC now they should do what had been done in the past with the weekend news desk role(where various NBC/CNBC/MSNBC anchors filled in) and rotate local DC area meteorologists.
  23. It seems every time there is an Olympics NBC News updates Studio 1A. Anyone know of any changes this go-around? Maybe something to the former Orange Room? That new video wall from election coverage does not really fit with the rest of the set.
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