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  1. Long time reporter/anchor Leslie Mayes has quietly exited NBC CT (WVIT). Perhaps upset over the recent anchor announcements and her being passed over for a spot again? Or after 9+ years she was ready for a change?
  2. Why do they need a bigger set to present the news? This set has atleast 4 separate areas - main desk w/ largest video wall, a large video wall (also used for weather) large monitor, corner monitor. In the rare occasion they need more space for a special show maybe they would use another studio within 30 rock? I will say I think the camera shots used for weather are awkward b/c they cut off part of the monitor - perhaps they can’t shoot straight on due to space constraints (if so, that’s a bummer)
  3. Looks like some similarities to the WVIT-NBC CT set, specifically the peacocks on the wall, the mix of some darker wood (used differently than WVIT). Overall it comes across as very small on-air, but an improvement over the previous set for sure.
  4. Appear to still be in 3k as of the 11am show today (10/26) but it very well could be in 3b has it been confirmed that they are replicating the 3k set in 3b, or should viewers expect a change?
  5. Is tomorrow the big debut day?
  6. Studio delays happen all the time…
  7. No debut yet (unless the new studio is exactly like the old)
  8. Sounds like ‘The Daily Bender’ was a Pilot. Has the morning show still been a rotating anchor alongside Britta? Is Jason M-fri afternoons?
  9. Looks like Steve was back with Marissa for atleast the 8pm hour on Tuesday. Not sure if he still solo hosted earlier or not?
  10. I’m sure Haley is thrilled for the opportunity and doesn’t mind just having the one day… Steve Bender was not out yesterday, as he hosted the 6pm hour. Perhaps they are looking to reduce live programming and will cut the show he previously anchored with Marissa down. I’m sure they will have a spot for Marissa when she returns. im surprised Bob doesn’t have his own show yet. Perhaps he’s going to transition into a role on the early morning show with Jason transitioning to dayside.
  11. More changes appear to be taking place according to Steve Bender’s social media be is hosting a new show “The Daily Bender”…
  12. I wonder if a new morning show is in the works with Bob included (given his prior morning show popularity at HLN). with Jason on the 12-3 shift now, wonder what this means for the other OCMs that were rotating hosts of those hours…. Did Jason have a co-host?
  13. Smaller studios are usually cheaper to operate. Given all the other assumed cost cutting measures (random reduction of live programming and scheduling changes) I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using smaller studios to reduce the number of staff needed.
  14. Bizarre… it has to be challenging for staff (on-air and off-air) to keep things straight! I assume Haley was in for Kelly?
  15. Looks great… they appear to have re-used the video array from behind the anchor desk as a standup area. WVIT did similar with their redesign by re-using the curved video array from the weather center. WFSB just did it in a better way!
  16. CNN’s website is in desperate need of a clean-up on its programming page… three themes things stick out to me…. No page for CNN This Morning, NewsCentral or The Source. CNN Newsroom’s page still has a picture as Anna Cabrera under anchors. There is still a page for ‘New Day’
  17. The lack of live programs is probably more tied to production staff than on-air staff…
  18. Brigit Mahoney has left FOX Weather. Kendall Smith posted a goodbye photo on Instagram. No word yet where Brigit is going.
  19. Funny how the caption mentions Michael and Craig, but the picture is of Stephen….
  20. When did Aaron Gilchrist move off of NBCNewsDaily?
  21. Morning anchor Ted Koppy has been off-air for several months while his co-anchor Heidi Voight has been off-air for several weeks. No word on what’s going on.
  22. I wonder what Bob’s schedule will be considering he will be splitting his time between ATL and NYC, would be tough to not have a set schedule having to commute like that on ‘weekends’…
  23. former HLN morning meteorologist Bob VanDillen starts Mon July 10th on FOX Weather. No word what shows he will host, but I anticipate changes coming to the daytime lineup. Perhaps he gets the mid-day slot along side Kendall? https://press.foxnews.com/2023/07/fox-weather-signs-meteorologist-bob-van-dillen
  24. Jane and Kiyana have indeed swapped shifts. Not sure what other changes have been confirmed… does Brigit have a permanent role on Ian’s show? Is Stephen confirmed as a permanent addition to Weather Command?? I hate using the term ‘permanent’ b/c nothing in tv is. But fox weather changes things up rather frequently. Jason and Britta are the only pairing that has not changed. Melissa has been a consistent on evenings, just different co-host. Same with Craig on weekend mornings…
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