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  1. And so it went... GB News launched last night with an hour-long show led by Andrew Neil and introducing their presenters, as well as the first edition of its opinion show Tonight Live with Dan Wootton. The launch was very messy: during most of the launch night, sound was out of sync with the picture, additionally, the studio built in their Paddington HQ suffers from bad lighting and sound problems, and their PTZ cameras were out of focus during the introduction program. Theses problems clearly came from their studio, as playout is outsourced to Red Bee Media and, otherwise, everything works fi
  2. From the Netherlands: an intro history compilation of Hart van Nederland, the tabloid/regional newsmagazine from SBS6.
  3. Indeed, it might be awful for a large-sized market, but it is OK for a medium-sized market like Little Rock. Switching to the package will also put KLRT on a par with KARK, which is one of the early adopters of the Linear Drift Nexstar NBC package. They already share a set with them and the KLRT part is fairly new, so I don't think there will be any updates to that specific part of the set (maybe updating the duratrans or LED graphics to reflect the update).
  4. Next Sunday, the UK will see the launch of its first ever 24-hour news channel since the launch of Sky News in 1989 and BBC News (24) in 1997, with the launch of the GB News channel. GB News is backed mostly by Discovery, but also by think-tank Legatum and hedge fund manager Paul Marshall. The channel is led by former BBC star presenter Andrew Neil, who acts as chairman and lead presenter of a prime time slot, and former Sky News Australia director Angelos Frangopoulos. Although it is expected to be right-wing and pro-Brexit-leaning, and it is being compared to Fox News, it is adhe

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