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  1. Stream? What an horrible name! Otherwise, I find the package OK. Not as strong as Guardian or Inergy or even U-Phonix, but it is nowhere as bland as it is the Scripps package or even SAM's best seller Aerial. I think it could be useful for the mid-market and small-market stations which tend to use Aerial.
  2. As far as I can see, everyone is bashing NewsNation. Even with the scandals and chaos going around the station, there should be definitely a room for NewsNation for many reasons. First of all, they are quickly finding an audience thru new media outlets and MVPD services, and they are slowly picking up new deals with both traditional and MVPD providers. Second, there is space for a right-leaning news outlet to compensate for the direction Fox News and Newsmax have taken. Maybe you've got executives which have some kind of relationship with a former President, but, as far as I can see, there is not Fox-like rhetoric, and, if they finally make the programming and content right, NewsNation can easily target the more traditional conservative audiences by making their news-based pundit programming as a selling point to disaffected viewers. Finally, they have a larger network of resources (the Nexstar local stations, WGN Radio, The Hill, BestReviews) that they can boost the network's audiences, and make additional programming with an infotainment focus. Live PD could also be a fit for their weekend primetime hours, as one of you suggested, as their direction into true crime-based specials with the Missing in America franchise (which should be spun-off as a weekly show) can also attract viewers. They also need to use more their wasted staff, like Rich McHugh, which could do a semi-regular, long-form investigative series. The thing is using the Nexstar stations as their only external source is not going to be easy enough to attract an audience, they should use the rest of their national brands and resources to make additional programming. The other problem is that their transitional Blue Bloods/news/opinion schedule is making both audiences and advertisers to go away from the network. They should go all-news/opinion/infotainment as fast as they need to build an audience.
  3. Nope. The new logo is very different from the Sinclair-era logo. Although it has the same order of positions, the new logo has that new wordmark inspired from the historic KOMO-TV logo from the 80s, whilst the former used Helvetica, in a style similar to the logos used during the final years of Fisher ownership.
  4. Liking the new set from what has been seen. However, nothing will beat the former set (specially during its first years). It looks like NBC News is trying to do the best to unify all the visual styles of its new set to have something of an Art Deco-like style, which has been already implemented over at Studio 1A across the street. However, the look they developed for MSNBC reflects better these attempts (it doesn't work at 1A because it is a mess of things which have been constantly changed since 2013). The best part of the set is, with no doubt, the entrance zone which shows virtual portraits related to the show on air. The set is airy, much more simplicity and has that retro feeling all around. EDIT: NewscastStudio confirms it is a Clickspring set, fabricated by Mystic and lighting made in-house, plus additional information about the set.
  5. Right-wing pundit Piers Morgan, known for unsuccessfully replacing Larry King at CNN, and for its stint at ITV's Good Morning Britain, which took in a more opinionated direction and increasing ratings until his resignation early this year because of unappropiate comments regarding the CBS/ITV Oprah with Meghan and Harry special, is joining Fox News. His new show, produced by News UK (which is launching an equivalent network called talkTV, based in London Bridge, and which will use resources from their radio division and newspapers to rival GB News), will launch next year and will be also broadcast on Sky News Australia.
  6. And NBC News has revealed the name for the show... Top Story with Tom Llamas. The show debuts September 20.
  7. Many people often associate the theme from KIRO's News Out of the Box era as a composition by Gerard Schwarz. It is not. Although the Seattle Symphony recorded the theme package under Schwarz as conductor, the themes were composed by Mark Haffner, as shown in this newspaper report from the Morning News Tribune: Haffner would later compose the more traditional News Now package, used during the NewsChannel 7 era, and which had the same sonic logo as the News Out of the Box package.
  8. Really liking the new set. This proves how the Lance Schroeder-led Nexstar design team has learned from the FX sets and improved to do more professional set designs which clearly are miles away from the infamous Dalek Desk designs, and more in-line with other videowall-led sets. I hope this will be the case with other sets being designed by them (except for many of the sets for the bigger markets, which are being mostly outsourced to FX).
  9. From what I can see, it does have the new ABC logo. But the logo itself looks very poor. It looks like a scrap attempt to reposition WKBW, but it is really lacking an identity and has really a small-market vibe. Doing away with the Circle 7 would be detrimental for the future of the once-proud station. Anyway, back on track...
  10. We now have a designer... Another Nexstar/FX Design Group collaboration, as it was the case for WFLA, KRON, WREG, WNCN, WKRN and many other stations. As I told previously, these Nexstar/FX collabs have also allowed the Schroeder-designed sets to be less set-in-a-box and more in line with the FX sets, doing away with the infamous Dalek Desk and using more videowalls and elements related to each DMA and their culture, whilst retaining some cookie-cutter set elements.
  11. I am so surprised this is a Nexstar in-house design. Really surprised. That set has lots of elements inspired by the NewsNation Network set, as well as some inspiration from Clickspring/Provost. The days they began to do so set-in-a-box designs with the infamous Dalek Desk are really long away, as they learned from the designs FX made for KOIN, WFLA and KRON, and from that, they succesfully achieved up their game with their own elements. As you said, this set, along with the KHON and WJZY sets, has been the best Nexstar designers have done. I hope they do something similar at Studio 2 for WGN's newscasts, as the BDI set is really starting to get dated.
  12. I have been looking forward to the debut of the new set during this time. MSNBC does deserve a great new set and from what I have seen, it looks promising. From the sneak peeks, it has a style more in line with recent Clickspring works made for NBC, including the Nightly News studio in its first incarnation. I like the fact the multifaceted videowall with the big horseshoe extension is staying. And, I am with @TennTV1983, there is no need to have a newsroom in studio when you already an expansive space one floor up. It is sad to see newsroom designs being dispensed by videowall-led sets, but this time, it makes sense to do so. The thing is when this set will make its grand debut. Although it is scheduled for September, there's no exact date still. 14 years for a set is an incredible achievement. When it launched in 2007, coinciding with MSNBC's move to 30 Rock, it was billed as the most technologically advanced of all cable news sets. The thing is how both NBC and Clickspring managed to keep up to date over these 14 years, with numerous new elements, modifications, replacing videowalls, introducing and retiring many set pieces, introducing a breaking news booth which did not last long and even giving each show their own desks. The longevity of the set is something that needs to be given a merit, as sets are usually replaced every 3 to 5 years. This set will be sorely missed. To conclude this, I want to ask politely if there are any updates on the construction of the set and its launch schedule. I will appreciate your response if you're entitled to do so. Thank you.
  13. And it has been a rocky first month for GB News, as the channel has become fodder by viewers and media alike, with its programming being beset by many technical problems, including vision and sound out of sync, poor lighting at the station's studio (designed by office design studio Morgan Lovell), sound and vision outages, and botched format changes, including moving all programming to the soft set, and dropping the Fox & Friends-like format of its morning show in favour of a more conventional style. Additionally, there have been compliants of overtalking in a negative way about taking the knee, which has been already made by English athletes to protest racial injustice. This led to a hot water situation when, during a Saturday morning slot, presenter and former government spokesperson Guto Harri did the gesture on-air in solidarity with the England football team. This caused GB News to suspend the presenter, describing the event as an "unacceptable breach of our standards". Harri, which also works with ITV Wales, promptly resigned. However, ratings fell to a record low, even to the point of registering the equivalent to hashmarks. In the aftermath, founding programme director John McAndrew, which championed a concept focusing on "regional news and talk", also resigned, and chairman and lead presenter Andrew Neil is out on vacation since late June, being filled in by Colin Brazier in his primetime slot (he is set to return in September). Presenter Alastair Stewart is also out, this time, due to health issues. In the midst of this, line-up changes are already being made. Since July 19, former UKIP and Brexit Party leader and LBC broadcaster Nigel Farage has been the lead anchor of a 7pm commentary show, Farage, which airs Monday-Thursday. The show follows Michelle Dewberry's slot, shortened to two hours. Although the right-wing punditry is still part of the show, Farage's style is less shock-jock-like, taunting and aggressive than those of other GBN commentators. There is also a quite gimmicky segment, Talking Pints, where Farage and a guest politician debate about the day's political stories while drinking some beer. The show, professionally produced unlike many GBN shows, did had some incidents however, where pundit-reporter Tom Harwood was attacked by protesters using swear words, however, Mr. Farage did manage the incident in a very courteous way. Here's a look a the first show: Additionally, the weekend edition of Tonight Live has had a commentator change: comedian and pundit Mark Dolan joined the station to present that edition, with Dan Wootton remaining Monday-Thursday. The content under Dolan has become more shock-jock-like, which is no surprise, however, as Dolan was presenter on Murdoch-owned radio station talkRADIO, where Wootton also worked. The launch weekend presenter, Naka Akua, has moved to weekend afternoons to present an human interest led show, which is set to debut soon. Additionally, hourly newsbreaks are set to be introduced from September, and improvements to the studio are being developed.
  14. The logo font looks like Futura Condensed Black and not Neue Plak. It does not look bad however, it has a quite retro feel and it harkens me to the golden age of TWC. As I can see from this write-up, it looks like there will be some foes within the Fox News organization. We know that Fox commentators do what they do, but it is really good to see Fox Weather will be overseen by their news department and not their opinion department. And the response from TWC it's clearly aggressive. Let's see what will happen next.
  15. Great update of Look N!!!! It looks very good and, as said, it mixes elements of that look, Look G and the NECN graphics. I wonder if they were planned to debut for the delayed 2020 Olympics, but, honestly, they update their O&O graphics every Olympic cycle.
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