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  1. From watching the Weather Across America segments it makes me wonder when the o&os will adopt the graphics.
  2. Why are they doing this wouldn't you think it would've been revealed on the newer stations like WATN WTHR? But I did do research and if they stick with the 4 year cycle then you'd be right. Returns Home 2009-2013 This is Home 2013-2017 C Clarity 2017-2021 ? 2021-2025
  3. KTRK has begun using it's new logo on social media Twitter,Facebook,and YouTube. Not on air yet which makes me think the O&O package is on the way.
  4. nothing

    Amy Freeze

    I already knew
  5. Would also like to add that Head Shots have been done Stephen Morgan posted his.
  6. Why in the world is everyone using Proxima Nova. Tegna,Scripps it's everywhere, I really would've thought they would use there own Font.
  7. The logo isn't new it was used during the 2012 Olympics
  8. All the Gray Packages can't effectively compete with the competition.
  9. nothing

    Amy Freeze

    Fox Weather Maybe.
  10. They're ready for the new branding for sure
  11. I knew this was going to happen. And with them going red and blue will they change to the default O&O color scheme. And it's sad to see the Q going.
  12. Official Promo https://www.facebook.com/JasonFrazerTV/posts/263584662252069 They're hubbing the weather department across the O&Os

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