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  1. Here's a brief news clip from KMOV 4 St. Louis from 1993:
  2. WREX 13 (Rockford, Illinois) News clip from 1979:
  3. Here's WJBK 2 Detroit from 1980 (at the time, a CBS affiliate). Most of this video is of a made-for-TV movie called the "Jayne Mansfield Story", but there's a bit of news at the very beginning and end.
  4. Sign-off from CBET 9 (CBC) from Windsor, Ontario. I remember seeing a similar sign-on in the morning when I was growing up in the suburbs of Detroit.
  5. Some commercials from WJBK CBS 2 Detroit (now a Fox affiliate) from 1987: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VVGd3JSnZ4 And from WDWB 20 (now WMYD, a MyTV affiliate) from 2004: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVv5eYHqpSw
  6. WXYZ (Detroit) Stands for News 1994:
  7. And to think some marketing firm made millions of dollars off of this.
  8. I'm glad that everyone made it out safely.
  9. A promo for WXYZ Detroit from 1984:
  10. I'm hoping for Disco Brothers. Maybe they can get the BeeGees involved somehow.

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