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  1. My dad thinks it might have been Steve Schill but he’s not 100% sure on that name. Hah I don’t want to bother everyone on this thread - that’s why I was hoping maybe there was a website/wiki/forum that might have a list of anchors/reporters of WFLD over the years? That way I could just go through the list (he’s sure that if he heard the name he could confirm).
  2. thanks for responding! But unfortunately they were not the ones! The guy my dad met might have been a weather man too (not Rick DiMaio, but maybe around the same time as Rick) lol my dad just wants someone to believe him when he says he met someone famous from Fox News!
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but hoping someone can help me out! 1) is there a database/list of all the WFLD Chicago 32 news reporters and anchors since 1999 or something? 2) reason being, my dad said he met an anchor a while back but cannot remember his name! He was a Fox 32 anchor with slightly tan complexion and salt&pepper hair and beard/gotee? Maybe around early 2000 did the nightly news? Any ideas? Thanks!

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