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  1. Harry Caray and Bob Bell are rolling in their graves. In fact, they might get better ratings if they give Bozo an hour-long talk show. Where's Joey D'Auria? The whole network is a circus, no pun intended, and an insult to what WGN used to be as a cable superstation. When reruns of a particular Tom Selleck program beat Dan Abrams and Fredo, they are in deep trouble. I can't see too many people returning to Chris Cuomo, tainted from his brother's COVID nursing home death and sexual scandals.
  2. NEW finds...About eight minutes of KOMO News 4 at 11, taped 2/1/93 with Dan Lewis and the late Kathi Goertzen Also a KING 5 News open at the end of this from 3/19/90...interesting theme that must have been short-lived. Ed O'Brian is the v/o - not Joe Michaels or NBC promo announcer Danny Dark who did work for KING in the early '90s.
  3. Interestingly, Donahue episodes seem to be 'safe' on YouTube as of 2022...some episodes have been up for nearly 10 years.
  4. Too bad that the late David Downs' legacy has been wiped from YouTube. That is why I've been on the fence on posting any 'Price' episodes as I now know Pluto has a 'channel' with both Barker and Carey-era episodes.
  5. KAPP/KVEW in central WA will take Jennifer Hudson. My guess? 4:00 replacing The Good Dish. They also need to find something to replace The (lone) Doctor.....I meant "s" in the 2:00 hour. What a shell of its own self after Travis and the others were ditched at the start of COVID. And Dr. Ordon looks and sounds tired. Good freakin' riddance. That seals the deal for KNDO to find something else in the 4:00 hour when the Ellen repeats run out in early September. NBC Right Now Local News at 4?
  6. KIMA News at 11 (5/17/2000) a previous upload before the channel(s) went down last March. I'm still around, but haven't spent time digitizing as much as I should...too many other priorities including a move back to Yakima last week. Many 100s of tapes are in storage right now.
  7. Treats...some from old re-uploads, some new KING 5 News at 5, 2/17/94 CNN covers the annular eclipse on May 30th, 1984, includes some Take Two clips Most of The World Today on CNN, 4/26/90, with Bernard Shaw and Catherine Crier. KIRO Eyewitness News at 11 - 2/9/88 (most) - a classic pairing of Aaron Brown pre-ABC/CNN, the late Harry Wappler and the late Wayne Cody. What a team.
  8. CNN Headline News with Gordon Graham, taped 8/15/91 (TBS)
  9. KOMO 4 News at 11 open, 4/12/99 with Dan Lewis and Margo Myers KY3 Action News from August 2nd, 1987 (KYTV Springfield MO) at end of this clip...a new find overall! Early ABC World News Now, taped 10/1/1992 with Lisa McRee and Aaron Brown. KNDO News 23 Late Edition open 11/6/91 at end of this clip (also new)
  10. Mt. St. Helens retrospectives from Yakima, all reuploaded from the old channel
  11. Two Sunday night 'Eleven at 11' Eyewitness News broadcasts from KIRO, taped 4/27 and 4/20/2003. Wayne Havrelly and Sally Schulze are the anchors.
  12. KNDO NewsCenter 23 broadcast from 1/23/89, hours before Ted Bundy was executed. Anchor is Mary Leonard
  13. Dennis Prager tried to put his hat into the ring based on the minor success Rush Limbaugh was getting on his TV program. It didn't work. Gloria Allred is a guest in this episode, and also includes a WPTA Fort Wayne sign-off.
  14. Save those videos from VintageNoSpinage. There's lots and lots of stuff on that account that is eligible for strikes. Oprah Winfrey's, Geraldo's, etc. even soaps. Anyways, here's 5 minutes of KING 5 News at 11 from 11-15-88, with Don Porter KIMA NewsBeat at 11 (most), 6-1-92 with Heidi Adami, and a story about Bickleton (WA)'s HS graduation of *one*!
  15. KIMA News at 11 open, 4/23/96, with April Minister anchoring
  16. Summon Tom Skilling (WGN) to pull double duty at NN. Or maybe James Spann, Alabama's favorite weatherman.
  17. "From the heart of the Tri-State area...", a few minutes of WCBS News 2 at 11 from 6/21/2000. Previously uploaded in early 2021 before I lost my channel(s).
  18. A brand new batch of classic Yakima clips. I wish they were more complete. But in this age, finding any VK-250 tapes in the wild (like this one) is worth a scan in the VCR. KIMA NewsBeat at 11, circa January 1982, unknown female anchor albeit the late T.J. Close is doing a report on Greyhound cuts at the start. Also an unknown anchor, but here's three minutes of KNDO Newservice from October 1980!! Finally, much newer, the first few minutes of a Sunday night KIMA newscast from 9/28/03 with Roxeanne Vainuku.
  19. Speaking of these old Judge Judy reruns, Young Sheldon has never been cleared in Yakima, KIMA is running 4-year-old Judge Judy reruns instead...they could have tweaked the schedule last fall...i.e. 4:00 Judge Judy rerun 4:30 Inside Edition 5-6:30 news/CBS News 6:30 Young Sheldon 7:00 Big Bang Theory 7:30 The Simpsons But they didn't. The "Big Bang Hour" could have been promoted like crazy. The reruns are popular at least with my family members.
  20. More re-uploads. Almost a year since I lost my channels, and still close to 2,000 videos left to re-upload. KIRO NewsChannel 7 at 11 clip, 2/23/94, as Tonya Harding's hopes break apart in the figure skating competition. Steve Raible and Margaret Larson anchor. This wasn't long after they built a real news set following the ill-fated News Out of the Box experiment. Start of KIMA News Weekend Edition 3/18/01, with David Mance
  21. We had Judge Steve Harvey, what next? I mean, the networks are running OUT of ideas. A comedian as a TV judge. Seriously. Judge Wapner spins in his grave. And I like Steve Harvey's humor.
  22. With The Real leaving syndication, it's another hour that FOX/MNTV stations have to fill. With what? These syndicators are going to need to find new hosts (and shows) fairly quickly. Kelly Clarkson, y'all!
  23. Bye bye, Nick Cannon https://pagesix.com/2022/03/09/nick-cannons-talk-show-canceled-after-just-six-months/
  24. I grew up N of Seattle, so I remember those Fisher graphics (and Al Vanik's voiceover - 'First 4 Local News!') very well from KOMO 4. Best anchor pairing ever - Dan Lewis and the late Kathi Goertzen. Through all of Kathi's brain tumor struggles, Dan and the KOMO team cheered her own as if they were her own family members. My parents lived in Seattle from 1987 to 2010, and I was born in the mid '90s...and channel 4 was still their favorite station even before I was born. They watched more news on KOMO than any other station, and Mom always watched Northwest Afternoon to get recaps of the soaps with Cindi Rinehart. The set with the Seattle skyline was gorgeous. I got to shake hands with Elisa Jaffe and the late Ken Schram as a kid, so that was fun - no, not on camera. Other Fisher stations did the same thing. KIMA's *best* set occurred in a major overhaul during the Fisher era, with a view of Mt. Adams and the valley behind the anchors. That can be seen at the bottom of this post. Then there was KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, with the unmistakenable voice of Scott Chapin on the openings. This was my family's #2 station, even though KING 5 didn't go through as many anchors as 7 did in those days - they preferred Steve Raible over Dennis Bounds. The set dated back a few years, to when they reunited with CBS, but it's what I grew up with. Lost my baby pictures in a move, but there was a picture that my mom took of me as a little toddler pointing to the TV as the late Harry Wappler gave a weather report. Again, this was about as good as it got for Yakima (thanks to Fisher) and it's too bad KIMA severely cheapened this set years later.
  25. An AMAZING KIRO find! Susan Hutchison with blonde hair and a young Gary Justice on the oldest Seattle find I've ever made, the open to Eyewitness News from 2/4/1982! This has also been reuploaded - the final noon newscast from KIRO before they went to 'News out of the Box,' on February 4th, 1993. An epic failure it was. KNDO 11pm news from 5/13/2004 KXTV 11pm news (partial) from 11/2/1997 and last but not least...KAPP's 11:00 Report from 3/15/1988 with Linda Schlachter. This came from an Ampex tape, thus the distorted audio at times. The worst VHS tapes of all time, complete with their sticky-shed syndrome and thick bottom coating. I have some Ampex Betas that I haven't even gone through...I'm waiting to purchase a food dehydrator to bake them first! At estate sales, I skip most Ampex tapes nowadays as they are terrible on VCR heads.
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