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  1. Hamlin is still in critical condition with no further updates. Game will not be made up tomorrow night either, from what I hear.
  2. JEERS to ABC for airing commercials during this monumental tragedy. It should have been commercial-free from the time the ambulance drove onto the field. CHEERS to Westwood One's radio coverage - Kevin Harlan and Curt Warner have been amazing tonight. They went to continuous coverage all the way through the postponement announcement. I am glad that ABC is running SportsCenter on the local stations, instead of finding an emergency AFV or movie repeat.
  3. Thirty years of the same music cuts is amazing, given a huge majority of stations aren't using the same package beyond 5-10 years at the most. I don't think we used any news jingles beyond 10 years in Yakima/Tri-Cities.
  4. Trailblazer is the word for Barbara Walters. She was one of the first female anchors on a major network, and then went into the newsmagazine genre with 20/20, Hugh Downs by her side most of those years. We saw the lighter side of DOZENS of celebrities and politicians because of Barbara's interviews and specials (that always aired after the Oscars). Trust me, it's not just people in the news industry mourning her loss - it's movie actors, actresses, and TV stars too. May she FOREVER RIP. She is now forever with Hugh Downs in heaven, along with her family, friends, and colleagues.
  5. Happy new year everyone! Here's a brief clip of KEPR NewsWatch at 11 on January 15th, 2004. The first of hopefully dozens and dozens more news clips and newscasts digitized in 2023.
  6. I've been busy. Not a surprise. But now that the local kids are on Winter Break, I have more time (no substitute teaching until after New Years') and have uploaded a couple of new finds... 1/2 of KING 5 News at 11 from 12/13/02 - Dennis Bounds and Margaret Larson. Growing up west of the Cascades, our family didn't watch 5 as much as 4 and 7 in the evenings, but I sure remember and miss these anchors! Open to KNDO/KNDU Live at Eleven at the end of this commercial compliation, from Sat. 11/29/97.
  7. New KEPR News clip from December 2000 and reuploaded stuff... KMBC 5pm 6/23/94 An hour to go before 1989 in this KOMO 4 newscast with Keith Eldredge Kerry Brock and Jim Harriott on KOMO 4 News 6:30 Report, 4/13/87 and a clip of KIRO's short-lived 7 Live with Joyce Taylor, when they were affiliated with UPN. 3/18/96. Also has a younger Andy Wappler! He later became the chief met. and has been a long-time spokesperson for Puget Sound Energy.
  8. Major given the Qatar World Cup and the ever-popular NFL. This will hit bars and restaurants hard if they are turned off.
  9. WCYB/5 and WJHL/11 news clips from a flash flood event in January 1998 - Carter County TN (Elizabethton) was hit hard. There's a WMBD/31 Peoria news open at 54:02, from Feb. 1984 more WMBD/31 footage from 6/25/1988 - local news, CBS Evening News, D.C. Follies, etc
  10. Quick clip of KRGV-5 Weslaco news in 1997 - not sure if this was added to this list yet
  11. Oh heck, you should check out the tired and worn-out operation of KIMA Yakima. 'Uncle' Jimmy Nolan is spinning in his grave. The anchor makes all possible effort to toss to a 'live' report that was taped HOURS ago. He or she will 'ask' the reporter a hook question. Sometimes the anchor is almost done with the question when boom! The recording starts and the reporter's mouth starts moving. Oopsie. That's not all. They will ask meteorologist Mike McCabe 'on tape' from KEPR a hook question as well. If anyone needs to use KIMA 'Action News' as an influence, it's for a Saturday Night Live skit and nothing else. Want a comparison? Check out the old NewsBeat videos from the '90s and you can see, even with a low-budget setup, how KIMA did their best to serve the local community. How long before 29 and 19 both shut down and Molly Shen or Eric Johnson pre-tapes an eastern WA newscast from KOMO?
  12. A consultant from Madison Ave that has never been to the east side of WA, perhaps...
  13. Losing SWX would suck. That's the only place you can find EWU and Montana football games here. They still air HS football as well. But why bother if you can stream all the games on NFHS or whatever site the college leagues use. I still believe that the building at 3312 W Kennewick Ave will cease to exist in the coming years.
  14. Gotta sell Limu Emu and 'Liberty, liberty, liberty...liberty'. Oh, and more medications. O-o-o-Ozempic, anyone? Don't forget the constant Pfizer PSAs telling us that 'COVID-19 moves fast...and now you can too...' Locally, only KAPP (ABC) aired live coverage of east coast races from ABC with David Muir, Chris Christie, and others. The others stuck with regular programming except that KIMA aired live CBS coverage in the usual CBS Evening News timeslot. Then went to CBS live coverage at 8PM.
  15. That graphics package was also localized as KNDO was using it for their Newscenter broadcasts.
  16. FINALLY! NEW VIDEOS! KAPP/KVEW Northwest Weekend (partial), 8/20/1994 CNN Headline News, when very few stations were still airing it OTA in syndication - 3/1/2004 (KIMA Yakima) KHQ Q6 Eleven at 11 clip, December 1994 with Randy Shaw. Way better than 'NonStop Local.' One of the dumbest names for a newscast ever... And this was previously uploaded to the old channel. KMGH 11:30am news clip from May 1994, Anne Trujillo anchoring - and this was found at the estate sale of someone who used to have C-Band satellite, so no doubt this wasn't taped in Colorado...
  17. The account was disabled from posting any more videos. I should have worded it better. Still, very disappointing, but it is what it is. Besides, my life is too busy for VHS digitizing. I expect Christmas uploads to AVTB YouTube will be lower than any other year since I started digitizing 7 yrs. ago. I'll be lucky to finish 10 full tapes, even during winter break for most schools. I'm substitute teaching 3-5 days a week in local elementary schools + working pizza deliveries on weekends for another 12-14 hrs./week added on to subbing.
  18. YES! Stealing videos from other accounts should result in a community guidelines strike. Why should I see the same sign-off clip posted on THREE different channels, just with different descriptions or title names?
  19. A dark, gloomy Halloween...access to my Internet Archive channel was disabled this morning. Looks like the VHS hobby is going on an even-longer hiatus than I thought. Unfortunately, my hobby may even end without any new videos uploaded. AVTB seems to be OK for now.
  20. Same w/ KNDO-KNDU...no longer using the older music I believe. We don't watch much KNDU as I think KVEW has improved in recent months. Could this be the beginning of the end for the central WA NBC affiliates? With KHQ sharing the 4pm news with KNDU, how long will Tracci Dial keep her job?
  21. And even worse...2,000 people 25-54 sipped their coffee in front of the TV as they witnessed the start of another "Morning in America." Adrienne Bankert ought to be ashamed of herself. Even Bozo in full costume would get 10,000 more AM viewers. Consider this: that's 40 people in a single state watching this program!!
  22. He was on CBS for so long...did the Sunday Night News in the early-mid '90s, and was a chief correspondent through multiple presidents. This came out of left field, especially with the hurricane going on. RIP Bill.
  23. Seinfeld is still on OTA syndication! I'm sure it will be renewed well into this decade and then some. Two and a Half Men surprises me, too. It still gets decent rerun ratings in syndication. KTLA Los Angeles still runs it at 7:30 weeknights, even though Charlie Sheen's last episode was aired in early 2011.
  24. Tons of new stuff to upload...been away from uploading for 2+ weeks because my life is so darn busy. KVEW 12/30/99 sports segment and a bit of KNDU KVEW 1/4/00 and 1/6/00, 'Hoop Train' segments KNDU Live at 11, 1/4/00, with Scott Stovall, still at KEPR. KIMA NewsBeat open, early 1993 KING 5 News following the Seoul Closing Ceremonies, 10/2/1988. A younger Joyce Taylor, David Kerley...and Rich Marriott with a beard?! (he's still there, the last KING meteorologist from my childhood) KING 5 News at 11, 4/4/1988 (partial) - different opening montage on this one. Classic desk pairing - Don Porter, Jeff Renner, Tony Ventrella.
  25. I don't watch televangelist TV. Joel Osteen doesn't need another 5 or 10 new affiliates for his megachurch sermons. HOWEVER...I believe that if a local church wants to stream their services on YT or Facebook for those who can't be there, think about the older audience who are in nursing homes/etc. who also can't make it. Thus, make it available for a 9AM Sun slot on a local TV station as well. In TX and a lot of southern states, there's at least 1-2 churches minimum that sell time on local TV. Here in eastern WA, not so much.
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