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  1. While I am waiting for YouTube's response to my appeal following my channel takedowns, I have re-posted numerous newscasts to my Internet Archive account (VHSgoodiesWA3). Bear with me, because I don't know, and don't think I can, post a thumbnail to an Internet Archive video. KMBC 9 News clip from July or August 1993 - https://archive.org/details/kmbc-9-news-clip-c.-july-or-august-1993 Full ABC Nightline from 8/13/1984, recapping the Olympics and the bomb scare,off KAPP 35 Yakima - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-32 https://archive.org/details/capture-a-33 A KBAK-29 Bakersfield news teaser from 1/14/96, at the tail end of their ABC affiliation - https://archive.org/details/kbak-29-credits-to-last-of-the-mohicans-and-news-teaser-1-14-1996 CBS Sunday Night News with Bill Plante, 10/27/1991 (off KIMA Yakima, which ran it at 11:00PM PT all the way until it stopped in the summer of '97) - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-52 Ads and NewsBeat at 11 open from KEPR 19 Pasco, 11/22/1994. Milo Smith is the anchor - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-70 KHON and KITV clips from the Kalapana disaster of May 1990. Joe Moore on channel 2, unknown female on channel 4. - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-73 End of a KXJB newscast from 12/27/92 - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-88 WDAF 4 News open, 2/24/1992. Phil Witt and Kelly Minton. - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-120 KING 5 News clip from 11/6/1992 following the loan scandal of Washington Huskies QB Billy Joe Hobert - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-145 KMBC 9 News, 5/1/1987 with Larry Moore and Laurie Everett, top story on Missouri's interstate speed limit increasing to 65mph - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-138 LOTS more to come, including many Yakima clips previously seen on YouTube before they yanked my presence there.
  2. I've gotten up to 100 videos re-uploaded to Internet Archive. Tons more coming as I wait for the appeal reply.
  3. My problem with suing is that the copyright people will nearly always win. Better just to either hope the appeal goes through and I get two of the three channels back... OR I fold completely, go to internet Archive and for the next 6-8 months rapidly upload everything I have minus anything 'questionable'. Of course the latter option means a massive loss in views and reactions compared to YouTube. Some of my videos got over 50,000 views, and 100s of likes. Plus most of the public would likely use YouTube vs. the Internet Archive for classic TV footage. YouTube is 'THE video-sharing site' and has been for many years. I wish I could go back to my YT accounts and find a way to tell my subscribers what happened...but I'm sure a lot of them know already. The problem is how many will be able to transition their clicks from YT to I-A.
  4. What gets me is when Michael Pannoni loses an account for suspensions, his other accounts *stay intact*...the ones without strikes or only 1 or 2 strikes. This move marks a new low for YouTube, and if they respond "after review, (bleep) you VHSgoodies! Your hobby, no matter how many people you've inspired, and how many TV station employees thanked you for posting vintage news content from their station, is dead to us and it should be to you too!"...time to boycott YT and go elsewhere. Like the NON-PROFIT Internet Archive.
  5. Thanks for the compliment. My Internet Archive channel is all 'she wrote' at this time until Google gives me the appeal response. Which may just be "after review, we still hate you and aren't giving you the channels back" - or maybe a miracle...fingers crossed! I've already put 60 or 70 new videos to my Internet Archive channel, including a partial KEPR newscast from 11/22/1994 with Milo Smith. LINK - https://archive.org/details/@vhsgoodieswa3 I hope some of you can alert my subscribers of what happened, and where to find me. Because I am worried that most won't be able to including any former TV employees to thank me for the memories.
  6. It's gone because they claimed that the other accounts were "involved with a channel that had more than three copyright strikes". Even though one channel had only one strike currently and the fourth was clean as a whistle and had never seen a strike in its entire life, they took everything down. I have lost my entire collection of classic TV and decades of Yakima history. I am frantically posting stuff to the Internet Archive as of this moment.
  7. YouTube has destroyed all of my accounts effective 8pm tonight. I am emailing them and hoping to get this resolved. Prayers.
  8. Thanks for that info compubit. I have started to re-upload videos on the new account again, but there is a video upload limit somewhere in the 30-ish mark. Mostly commercial breaks right now, but newscasts should start popping up again in the next several days, and especially in the next several weeks...
  9. Let's see... Ken Crockett's daughter (he worked at KIMA) replied to me a while back and with the help of my videos, was able to make a surprise Christmas compilation of his work...Ken has never seen my videos. It was amazing to hear back from her. She told me that after Ken left KIMA, he worked at YCTV (community TV) for several years. Got another reply from someone who worked in production at KAPP in the early '90s, told me about the equipment they used. Thanked me for uploading a video. I had someone at the Edward R. Murrow College at WSU reply to me asking for permission to use a KXLY video with Mark Wright (who graduated from there). I used to watch Mark on KCPQ and KING, so it was very humbling. I had a reply from another KIMA employee (never told me his position, but he was not an anchor/on-camera person). He thanked me for posting Stu Seibel's final weather segment before he retired (it was on Nov 16th, 2007). The employee was in the building that night watching Stu deliver his final forecast. I keep in touch occasionally with Stu himself. He is an amateur radio operator and while long-retired, still has so much knowledge about the television industry. When long time KIMA anchor T.J. Close died in 2019, Stu asked me to copy off the Flood of '96 special to a DVD so T.J.'s family in Arizona could have a copy. They had never seen it. I had it pulled off, and he came by to pick it up. They got that DVD and thanked me. I think he's an amazing asset to the Yakima area. My ultimate goal - once Covid dies down and normality becomes the way of life again, I hope to copy off a lot of my footage to DVD and donate it to the Yakima Valley Museum for preservation. Maybe just a dream for now...but maybe a dream come true...I would love for that museum to open an exhibit highlighting the 65 years of Yakima television history...complete with newscast samples and station artifacts from long ago. My family grew up there and Yakima has always been home for them.
  10. It will. I promise. I have a new account and I will be more careful this time, taking out a lot of the 'questionable' stuff, but the Yakima, Seattle, Kansas City, Dallas, etc. news recordings + commercials will be back! Tonight I should be able to throw 30 or 40 videos up from the old account. I started the VHS hobby about 7 or 8 years ago. I used to live in Snohomish County, north of Seattle. I moved out to Yakima in December 2013, and then to my current spot (Ellensburg, WA) in September 2019. This is one strange hobby for the general population, but in the end it's one that they will appreciate. Like I said, I've gotten replies from former Yakima TV employees thanking me for uploading videos, and it makes me smile.
  11. Something to really think about in this world of streaming and whatnot. It really is hard when you get replies from fans of those shows or former contestants, yet a couple of years later the companies take 'em down. I hope that they establish a way to stream those old programs on an app, but my lips to God's ears.
  12. Hi folks! Brand new to this site, but I think a lot of you probably know me already. I'm Taylor, the operator of the VHSgoodiesWA channels on YouTube. You know me as the 'Yakima TV archiver'. Wanted to sadly inform you that I have lost my original (VHSgoodiesWA) account to the copyright buzzsaws on YouTube. About 40% of my Yakima newscasts are gone, as are the recordings I've found from other markets like Seattle, Kansas City and San Francisco. In addition, I lost my Dailymotion account this afternoon to the buzzsaws (likely Warner Bros, Dailymotion will NOT tell me) and I have a new copyright strike on VHSgoodiesWA3. The '4' account is fine...for now. SINCLAIR / COWLES / MORGAN MURPHY DID NOT TAKE DOWN MY ACCOUNT. It was Warner Bros for Street Smarts and Change of Heart episodes. They had been up at least five to six years before the WB buzzsaws got 'em. Can't find them in reruns or on a streaming app yet WB still wants to protect 21 year old game shows with no current way to find them on TV... With the fact that Sloan's account was also taken down recently, the copyright police have a lot more power over on YouTube lately. They are scrubbing accounts left and right for whichever TV shows they choose, even if those shows have not been on the air in 20 years, and have never been in reruns anywhere since... And recently we lost another one of the Pannoni accounts because ABC cracked down on their entire soap opera library. Try going to Disney+ and searching 'all my children 1989'. Classic Susan Lucci ain't up there. Soap fans loved when we could put those up. Then Disney said no more. I will be SLOWLY uploading everything to a brand new account. VHSgoodiesWA5. But eventually we may all have to ditch YT if they continue this. Internet Archive, anyone? I've been up there for years and no problems. Maybe starve them when they need us the most. They can have PewDiePie and the million-subscriber 'let's play' Roblox and Fortnite players. Don't worry. The KIMA, KNDO, KAPP and out-of-market stuff will be back...very soon. But it will be months before everything is uploaded again, maybe even early 2022. As a new user here, I will also link YT and Archive links whenever necessary to new content I find from Yakima and elsewhere. I've been doing this hobby for years and I love it. In fact I have gotten the attention of former staff members at the Yakima stations, thanking me for uploading newscasts or old commercials they remembered from years past. Rant over. RIP VHSgoodiesWA, 2015-2021.
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