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  1. Shows like 24, Alias, and Smallville had huge 'appointment TV' fan bases. Everyone had to wait until the next episode and were predicting what would happen next to the characters. But that was going on 20 years ago. With Dr. Phil and (likely) Rachael Ray closing the curtains this year, broadcast syndication continues to decline too. It's cheaper to sell more lawyer and political advertising during a 3:00 or 4:00 newscast. Cheaper costs for the station as they don't need a Hollywood broadcast crew to do it.
  2. Too bad that he closed them. There was some great stuff mixed in on those accounts, not just South Bend IN, but also Midwest and East Coast TV, some newscast samples too. Latter-Day Saints blocking and yanking videos? That's new. Maybe I should watch out myself and check the AVTB account...
  3. Try KSTW Seattle and several hours of infomercials and crime drama repeats on weekends. A far cry from their days as a statewide superstation, with movies all weekend long, 10:00 news, great cartoons and sitcoms.
  4. Primetime tape-delays in between The World's Funniest Animals and Penn & Teller? Or will...GASP!!!...CW start carrying weekend daytime sports programming?
  5. Well that's a way to get up to ah, 150,000 viewers maybe? Throw in Bozo for 25K more. Tom Skilling for another 25K. Ah to heck with it, Pat Harvey would bring another 10,000...
  6. My mom loves her show and would be sorry to see her go. But honestly, I hear she is so rude and nasty towards guests, staff, and fans - that I don't care either way.
  7. Elizabeth Vargas and Dan Abrams at the same ho-hum network. Oh joy! I bet she doesn't get 100K viewers on night 1. Maybe not even 75K. The time to start this network has definitely passed - like 20 years ago. It could have been more successful in the pre-streaming days.
  8. Brief clip of KAPP 35 Nightcast at the end (4/29/91), with a different opening montage but has the same early '90s news music. Was blocked at first but should pop up this time around
  9. I don't mind Norman Lear's old shows. Sanford and Son is hilarious, and All in the Family was funny regardless of some of the controversial content they covered. But TV wasn't in decline back then. There was still lots of pure TV entertainment and fun. Bob Hope's specials, Johnny Carson, Happy Days, etc. It was definitely an awesome time for television. And yes, the remakes of movies and TV shows proves that Hollywood has ran out of creative ideas, unless they are political in nature. For the most part, remakes are not as good as the original thing. Murphy Brown proved that. Instead of hosting a newsmagazine, she was a news anchor for a cable news channel in the revival, and Rolling Stone and Variety panned the revival.
  10. Yeah, but Liberty Mutual got to air "Limu Emu...and Doug" another two more times! All thanks to TVLand pitching and speeding up actual television programming! Another one of those crappy channels now is Logo. What used to be a network for the LGBT community is now tons of old sitcom reruns, probably pitched and sped up for commercials. Very few BBC-sourced shows on BBC America nowadays, it wasn't that way 20 years ago. FYI runs The King of Queens and Storage Wars reruns instead of what used to be biographical shows.
  11. They're partying like they just won that crisp $50 bill on Bozo's Grand Prize Game, that's for sure!!!
  12. Corporate greed. The companies want to force cable companies to give in to the bundle. Are there any viewers of the binge-watch Henry Danger repeats on Teen Nick? It wasn't long ago that MTV2 was devoted to alternative music programming, and Teen Nick used to have reruns of GUTS and Double Dare among other classic kids game shows...ahem, it used to be Nick GaS. Even their '90s Are All That' block of Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, etc. seems to have gone away.
  13. Old-school local TV news is just about gone. Small markets have dropped news departments like flies, and those that remain are surviving on spit, chewing gum, and advertising. In my over-100 market, It's a wonder that my CBS station (KIMA) still has two locally-based newscasts and Sinclair hasn't taken a wrecking ball to the 1950s studios in Yakima. KNDU/NBC has gone 'NonStop Local' eliminating any type of local flavor to the name of the newscast and to its personalities. They are one step into the grave and one step closer to moving towards a permanent semi-satellite of KHQ. It's a ticking time bomb for small markets and for any mid-market over #50, I'm afraid. mrschimpf - At least the Weekend Adventure shows are relatively high-quality. They claim to target ages 12-16, but in reality my 60+ year old mother is watching them. Too bad Rock the Park was canceled, as I enjoyed that program. It's filler that could easily become infomercials (i.e., Weekend Marketplace), so I am happy about that. Yes, for the most part, that's the life of a typical middle-class American child. Fortnite, Roblox, and lots and lots of sports practices/games. The days of kids getting up to watch Ninja Turtles and Bugs Bunny has long past. If anything, they are playing soccer or little league games and/or getting on Fortnite early on a Sat AM. Even 20 years ago, there were Saturday cartoons on broadcast TV albeit most for E/I credit. Select Nick and Nick Jr. programs were on CBS, Kenny the Shark and Tutenstein were on NBC, and Disney Channel programs aired on ABC. Not to mention Fox Box/4 Kids TV. Why bother when a 7-year-old can find his favorite 'Plankton tries to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula' episode of SpongeBob on Netflix! That plot has been repeated ad nauseum for the last 20+ years on the show. Lastly, I would like to know how NCIS has any relation to the Sundance Film Festival (Sundance Channel) or how Two and a Half Men is related to independent filmmaking (IFC). Anybody? Anyyyyyy-body? (crickets)
  14. Broadcast primetime TV is a mix of stale sitcoms, tons of stale and stupid reality shows, the same washed-out crime dramas (i.e., CBS's THREE FBI: "Insert Here" shows, multiple NCIS shows, multiple CSIs) and the same washed-out medical dramas. Then they jump the shark, add relationships to the shows instead of focusing on the premise of the program. The Good Doctor used to be about an autistic savant doctor. Now, it's about his relationships with women and the relationships between other doctors/nurses at the hospital. Grey's Anatomy - same thing. The Goldbergs keeps going even though the 'kids' are now in their early-to-late 20s. I don't know how they do, the show has jumped the shark since the loss of George Segal and Jeff Garlin's departure. Abbott Elementary isn't that bad, on the other hand, and nor is Ghosts on CBS, but sitcoms for the most part have no life to them anymore. And yes, political messaging has destroyed many of these primetime shows. They just can't seem to have an unbiased plot on a drama or sitcom anymore - it has to show activism in some way. Game shows - you can't seem to find any contestant on any primetime or daytime show (except maybe Jeopardy!/Wheel) that isn't on five energy drinks' worth of caffeine. The Price is Right is one of the biggest examples, but even the last few primetime shows (The Wheel, Beat Shazam, Press Your Luck) are like this too... Late night TV shows have also declined to new lows. Same jokes about former President Trump EVERY NIGHT on every single show. We get it, I can't stand him either, but he's no longer POTUS. Surely is there anything else to make fun about? Segments are mundane and cookie-cutter compared to previous hosts (Leno's Headlines, Craig Ferguson, Geoff and Secretariat, Carnac on Johnny Carson). They have little to no creative value to viewers. I love Bill Maher, but I don't watch any other late night show. That ship sailed when Letterman, Ferguson, and Leno retired. Even the soap opera fans are noticing extremely poor writing and the lack of nuance on Y&R, B&B and General Hospital, compared to 20-30 years ago. Days already went to Peacock (to die, probably). It looks as though the rest of the soaps are also on life support. Do NOT get me started on cable TV. What was entertaining (Cubs games and Bozo on WGN, great movies and Night Tracks on TBS, Cartoon Express on USA etc.) has become a wasteland of binge-watching repeats, zillions of commercials (of which Limu Emu gets at least 1/3 of the airtime), and reality shows that keep getting worse by the year. TruTV aired 'Jurassic World' last night. The channel for live, rolling court coverage and analysis is now running not just hours of Impractical Jokers, but also MOVIES. What gives! Nickelodeon = zillions of SpongeBob repeats with oodles of commercials. Food Network = tons of food competitions, very few how-to cooking shows. Where art thou, Essence of Emeril, Barefoot Contessa, etc.? TWC spends all night running Highway Through Hell repeats (and all day on weekends) and once in a while, they will shove those away if there's major tornadoes. The ghosts of Dr. John Hope and Dave Schwartz haunt the studios, I bet. What was Chuck Roberts and Gordon Graham on Headline News 24 hours a day has turned into WEST WING repeats. Oh, and a zillion Forensic Files showings. Might as well call it TNT2 at this point. TLC's constant reality garbage, same with Bravo, USA, MTV, Discovery Channel. GSN's constant Harvey Feud repeats, too! Isn't he on a few other cable channels...TVLand maybe? Honestly, I'd be fine only getting ESPN, ESPN2, and a few other sports networks a la carte. The rest of cable TV is garbage. Yes, that includes CNN/FOX News/MSNBC. Honestly, I stopped watching TV for the most part after the start of the pandemic. And for the most part, except for some sports, and maybe the local news, I haven't come back. I would rather watch a classic movie or Seinfeld repeat than 95% of what's on TV nowadays. RANT OVER.
  15. I think that depends on the status of Damar. If he dies, I wouldn't be surprised if NFL pulls a "COVID-19" and cancels wild card games. But we're praying that he makes it through regardless. I don't know whether someone like this could ever return to the sport, but maybe after long recovery and therapy.
  16. Hamlin is still in critical condition with no further updates. Game will not be made up tomorrow night either, from what I hear.
  17. JEERS to ABC for airing commercials during this monumental tragedy. It should have been commercial-free from the time the ambulance drove onto the field. CHEERS to Westwood One's radio coverage - Kevin Harlan and Curt Warner have been amazing tonight. They went to continuous coverage all the way through the postponement announcement. I am glad that ABC is running SportsCenter on the local stations, instead of finding an emergency AFV or movie repeat.
  18. Thirty years of the same music cuts is amazing, given a huge majority of stations aren't using the same package beyond 5-10 years at the most. I don't think we used any news jingles beyond 10 years in Yakima/Tri-Cities.
  19. Trailblazer is the word for Barbara Walters. She was one of the first female anchors on a major network, and then went into the newsmagazine genre with 20/20, Hugh Downs by her side most of those years. We saw the lighter side of DOZENS of celebrities and politicians because of Barbara's interviews and specials (that always aired after the Oscars). Trust me, it's not just people in the news industry mourning her loss - it's movie actors, actresses, and TV stars too. May she FOREVER RIP. She is now forever with Hugh Downs in heaven, along with her family, friends, and colleagues.
  20. Happy new year everyone! Here's a brief clip of KEPR NewsWatch at 11 on January 15th, 2004. The first of hopefully dozens and dozens more news clips and newscasts digitized in 2023.
  21. I've been busy. Not a surprise. But now that the local kids are on Winter Break, I have more time (no substitute teaching until after New Years') and have uploaded a couple of new finds... 1/2 of KING 5 News at 11 from 12/13/02 - Dennis Bounds and Margaret Larson. Growing up west of the Cascades, our family didn't watch 5 as much as 4 and 7 in the evenings, but I sure remember and miss these anchors! Open to KNDO/KNDU Live at Eleven at the end of this commercial compliation, from Sat. 11/29/97.
  22. New KEPR News clip from December 2000 and reuploaded stuff... KMBC 5pm 6/23/94 An hour to go before 1989 in this KOMO 4 newscast with Keith Eldredge Kerry Brock and Jim Harriott on KOMO 4 News 6:30 Report, 4/13/87 and a clip of KIRO's short-lived 7 Live with Joyce Taylor, when they were affiliated with UPN. 3/18/96. Also has a younger Andy Wappler! He later became the chief met. and has been a long-time spokesperson for Puget Sound Energy.
  23. Major given the Qatar World Cup and the ever-popular NFL. This will hit bars and restaurants hard if they are turned off.
  24. WCYB/5 and WJHL/11 news clips from a flash flood event in January 1998 - Carter County TN (Elizabethton) was hit hard. There's a WMBD/31 Peoria news open at 54:02, from Feb. 1984 more WMBD/31 footage from 6/25/1988 - local news, CBS Evening News, D.C. Follies, etc
  25. Quick clip of KRGV-5 Weslaco news in 1997 - not sure if this was added to this list yet
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