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  1. Time to go back to some childhood memories. Dan & Kathi...the best TV news anchors in Seattle. Ever. Kathi, you are forever and ever missed. Meanwhile, I just reuploaded this rare 1995 KRCR newscast that looks like it's 5 or 6 years behind the times. Small town TV at its finest, and crude graphics especially in the WX forecasts. And back to Seattle for part of KSTW's 10 O'Clock News from Feb 6, 1993.
  2. Hard to believe an 82-year-old man is still telling men whether they are or aren't the father. That amazes me.
  3. Yes, the logo changed slightly on KIMA. And the new opening means the end of any Fisher-era graphic package. They were one of the last holdouts. I assume KLEW has done the same.
  4. In which they will be lucky to see 250,000 viewers on any given Saturday. Let's face it, the last top 30 Saturday night show was CBS's The District. TWENTY years ago. And with life rapidly returning to normal as vaccinations rise, everyone will be o-u-t on Saturdays to bars, college football games, or other places. Or if they stay in, they are watching college football or the HBO movie premiere, and not The CW. I give them good luck regardless.
  5. Several minutes of KAPP Local News at 11, from 1/8/2003. Anchor is Janice Miller Meanwhile, that night's 'Up Close' from ABC has been reposted. This was the short-lived filler program that aired at 12:05 in between the end of Politically Incorrect and before Jimmy Kimmel went on the air. One person of interest was interviewed for the whole half-hour timeslot.
  6. WCBS was known for that. They were still doing that routine even in the early '90s I believe. And there were several others who decided to do the same, not just the other CBS O&Os.
  7. That's right...Macey was the Presidential expert. Nate was the little 5-year-old geography whiz. I have no doubt they will go far, very far indeed.
  8. KNDO is already doing the weekend news from Q6. A sign of the times. Pre-COVID it was Tri-Cities based with Ryan Overton's WX taped at KHQ. Now there isn't anybody at KNDU on weekends. Sinclair's probably waiting patiently for Alan Sillence to retire, and then all systems are go for a KEPR simulcast... It's better than the '90s. There was no weekend news whatsoever in Yakima, except for Saturday at 6 on KAPP. At 11:00 on Sunday, you could either watch the CBS Sunday Night News on KIMA, George Michael's Sports Machine on KNDO, or an infomercial on KAPP. And this went on for years. Yakima
  9. Didn't know you grew up in Yakima. Yeah, everything is still behind the times here We still have no noon newscast to this day (but KNDO and briefly, KIMA, did in the early '00s...wonder why they went away), and of course KAPP is news-free on weekends. And 85% of the news on TV comes from Tri-Cities or even Spokane...but at least we still have a few local people at KIMA left. Wonder how long it takes for Sinclair to move Jake Taylor out to KEPR. Even I can't believe KIMA still runs 5 and 6pm news locally, with the mass amount of Sinclair-mandated stuff and KEPR-fed stories. Young
  10. There will be a lot of timeslots to fill, but I bet Ellen will try and fluff Kelly Clarkson as her replacement show on most affiliates. There may even be incentives for stations not carrying Ellen to move Kelly Clarkson to an ex-Ellen affiliate in the fall of '22. Either that, or get ready for 'KING 5 News at 3' in Seattle. Or 'NBC Right Now Local News at 4' in Yakima...yeah right, not in market #114. I wonder if she will continue to host Game of Games for NBC, even after her rocky executive producer scandals. That's how this show met its end. And it's not that they ran out of money for 1
  11. What about American Housewife, Katy Mixon's ABC show? CMT airs reruns but I don't think that has gotten a syndication deal yet for local OTA. They are up to 103 episodes.
  12. First couple of minutes from KIMA's Weekend Edition at the end of this video. Taped 3/17/02
  13. I've mentioned this on Radio Discussions, but I would love for KIMA (CBS) Yakima to get Young Sheldon reruns. It would fit right in with The Big Bang Theory, which is on weeknights at 7 and has been for several years now. It could bump the 6:30 Inside Edition to earlier in the day when Judge Judy ends this summer. YS, BBT, Simpsons...what a prime access lineup that could be. All bets are off if CW+ gets it however... Not sure where You Bet Your Life will go. I would assume either KIMA at noon replacing the Judge Judy rerun, or KCYU. I don't see this being a CW+ show. An
  14. And now I present to you, back from the dead...the oldest KIMA NewsBeat clips I have! And of course, thanks to Eric and the AVTB folks for giving me some storage space back on YouTube.
  15. The Sally clip they pulled off was from July 2000 (but was very likely a rerun from earlier in the 1999-00 season). From then on out they were no-nos on YouTube. We did not get Charles Perez, Mark Walberg, Ainsley Harriott, along with several other lesser-known talk shows in Yakima. We did get Bertice Berry (on KIMA), Judge for Yourself with Bill Handel ('Handel on the Law' and KFI morning show host, that one aired on KIMA), Les Brown (on KNDO), and Carnie Wilson (also on KNDO). I was able to find part of a Judge for Yourself episode and it never got blocked or taken down.
  16. Good to know re Street Smarts and Change of Heart. Jay Leno was also fine (my Headlines clips had tens of thousands of plays and 100+ likes), but very occasionally I did get a block for a segment (like if a celebrity was being interviewed and they aired a 45-second clip from the upcoming movie they were pitching). Conan O'Brien is a whole different story. I had blocks on about three episodes I posted, including an early episode with Sid Caesar. They seem to have left Letterman alone, even his CBS show was fine. The one Later episode I found was OK, but not the "Friday Night" broadcast I
  17. Warner Bros. is streaming old Street Smarts episodes? That would be cool to see. Shame Frank Nicotero's show rarely got good timeslots where I lived. One season they were at 11:30PM, but two or three seasons ran at 4 or 5 in the morning. This was in Seattle. It never got cleared in Yakima. Back in the olden days, Johnny Carson was an absolute no-no on YouTube. Anything and everything got taken down. Not the case anymore. I used to post clips from '80s episodes of The Tonight Show and no one ever touched them. It's a little interesting as the show is still reran on Antenna TV.
  18. WB is where my nightmares began. Anything Sony is a no-no of course. Vintage ABC soaps were on YouTube for years and years, and then Disney had time on their hands during the pandemic to take 'em all down. I'm sure the Susan Lucci fans are not happy anymore. The stupidest copyright strike I ever got was for a commercial...never post anything from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, at least commercials from about 1999 onward. They are known to take down their commercials (and they gave me a strike for a random CTCA commercial on a KMGH break from 2001). To make it fair on all of us
  19. The ill-fated version. At least Patrick (You WINNNNN!) Wayne didn't host that one AND Tic Tac Dough... Pat went on to much better things. Shop 'Til You Drop was fun to watch, I got to see it when I was very little before PAX dumped the old reruns for the J.D. Roberto version in that big warehouse-like place...and of course The Big Spin, where he turned ordinary Californians into millionaires.
  20. Darn. Oh well. That's where you have me to fill you in! I went to an estate sale last Saturday in Yakima and found a tape that had among other things, 2004 KNDO and KIMA newscasts on it. One of KNDO's Northwest Today, one of the 11pm KNDO news and a partial clip of KIMA NewsWatch at 11. Those are going up to Archive soon as is everything else I've found so far...trying to hurry and get them up as fast as I can. I should have the Flood of '96 specials and news clips, Stu Seibel's final forecast and most of the other 'big' finds up this month. And keep in mind, the "AVTB" channel on YouTube is w
  21. Thanks for the Vegas newscasts, @compubit. Did you ever make it up to central/southeastern WA anytime in your news recording days, to record KEPR or KIMA, KNDU or KVEW? Just wanted to ask in case I missed a post somewhere along the way.
  22. First few minutes of WRC News 4 at 11, from February 18th, 1999. Top story: the Greaseman, well-known shock jock, is fired for a racist remark that went too far. https://archive.org/details/capture-a-764
  23. Even though my time at YouTube seems to be over, keep in mind that Pepsi9072 (Eric) has been posting selected videos from my collection to YT so at least the memories can return. Also, through a magical method that I cannot disclose, I have been able to upload a few things to the project he manages. It's called "The AVTB Archives". Keep in mind, I cannot disclose anything about how Eric was able to get me this privilege, but it means about twice a week I can post commercials and newscasts from my collection back to YouTube via AVTB. So, a small win I guess?
  24. My accounts will remain terminated. Sorry everybody.
  25. Nothing has updated with the YouTube situation. However, just now, I sent off appeal #2 for both VHSgoodiesWA3 and VHSgoodiesWA4. I sent the same appeal notice to both the regular appeal tool and the copyright@youtube.com address. We'll see what happens now............. If I don't hear from them this time, I will be sending ANOTHER appeal around May 10th. I will not give up on getting my videos back, even if I have to apologize to Warner Bros.

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