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  1. This and a series of newsmagazine/newscast clips from the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles (28 years ago tomorrow) have been re-posted:
  2. RARE stuff from Ha! TV Comedy Network, taped around May of 1990...no commercials, just bumpers and promos. This was MTV's short-lived comedy network which combined with HBO's Comedy Channel to create Comedy Central. This was long before South Park, Jon Stewart, and Roast specials. I was very pleased to find this.
  3. He stopped posting soap operas after he went down the first time, right? The bad luck just continues...sorry to hear about this!
  4. Start of a KIRO Eyewitness News broadcast with Nerissa Williams at the end of this video - 8/12/88 KIMA News at 11, 2/7/02
  5. A younger Scott Stovall on KNDO/KNDU's Late Edition news, from Veterans Day 1996 (he's been at KEPR now for several years). Part of the KTXL (Sacramento) NewsPlus from July 31st, 1985, Andy Asher the anchor: and a little clip of INN's USA Tonight, taped 6/12/88 off KNDO-23 Yakima with Marvin Scott (no local news on weekends).
  6. Small clip of KNDO NewsCenter 23 (Yakima WA), taped in the summer of 1989. Peter Fields is the weatherman, Mary Leonard the anchor. Wish I had more of this.
  7. Just the opening montage, but yep. I've got more coming from the core markets (Seattle/Yakima), maybe others as I go through tubs and boxes.
  8. Some clips as we all continue to dig out of nearly *twenty* inches of snow in Ellensburg. Apparently, will be the worst storm we've had since 1996. KGO 5PM, 4/6/98 (partial) Partial WCCO 10pm newscast, 3/8/96
  9. Some more 'previously uploaded' clips! KIMA NewsBeat, 8/6/1987 A small KING 5 News clip at the end of this clip, all about the ACM Award winners. 5/3/94 Another KING 5 News clip from 1993 or so, followed by a brief clip of ABC Primetime Live First several minutes of News 4 Colorado at 10 (KCNC) 2/3/96, Kathy Walsh and Alan Gionet. Captured directly from a C-Band dish...
  10. Harpo is protective of their properties at least on YouTube. And for Dr. Phil's show, even on Internet Archive. Not that Dr. Phil is that interesting anyways. And no, I don't have that episode around on VHS.
  11. Some more re-uploads: KIRO 11/23/90, partial, with a classic pairing of Aaron Brown, and the late Harry Wappler and Wayne Cody. and part of CBS News America Tonight from later that evening...RARE! Stu Seibel signs off from KIMA, 11/16/2007. I am so happy that I finally reuploaded this. Still alive and well retired in Yakima. Love that man...so much knowledge. KING 5 News open at the end here, 11/5/1990 - Don Porter, Jean Enersen
  12. RE OPRAH...I would download it soon, 90% chance a strike is a'comin from Harpo. Anyways, I was able to find the first 2-3 minutes of a WGN Bozo Show from 1994 recently. It's just the opening greeting and the start of a skit...no 'grand prize game', no bucket #6. Not easy to find these! It would have been just months before WGN pulled the plug on morning cartoons and moved Bozo to Sundays. https://archive.org/details/capture-a-4676
  13. WQAD Nightside open 1995, found on a YT channel that mostly had family home movies WQAD clip 1998 KWQC news from 1997
  14. Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I forgot to post this. Most of 'America's Thanksgiving Parade' from 1995, hosted by Mort Crim and Carmen Harlan from WDIV Detroit along with guest host *Tim Allen*! It was syndicated to a bunch of stations, and this was taped off Fox 28, KAYU Spokane.
  15. Classic clips from KING 5 in Seattle. Two from 1993 and one from January 1999.
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