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  1. KAPP Local News at 11 after a snowstorm - 1/11/1998, Lucinda Kay
  2. Several NEW clips here KBCI 2 News at 10 (partial), 3/15/1998 - a reupload from the old channel KYTV and KSPR news clips from March 1987, when Vice President Bush came to Mountain Grove, MO. Lucinda Kay on KAPP/KVEW news, 1/10/1998 Renee McCullough does a weeknight broadcast of KAPP news on 1/8/1998 Classic KIRO from Oct. 1984 - Susan Hutchison, John Marler, Wayne Cody, and Harry Wappler on top of Broadcast House
  3. All in to *losing money* from a dwindling TV audience. Wow, is there anyone with a brain left at Nexstar? Even a rolling news format ala CNN Headline News won't even work in today's environment. You can easily find news on Facebook, on the station's website, even asking Alexa. The average 30-year-old isn't watching NewsNation and neither will the average 50-year-old. At least they woke up and realized streaming apps are the way to go.
  4. That's great stuff up there. 1980s Tri-Cities TV is hard to find. I was able to find a few hours of Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons last September taped from KNDU and KVEW in 1986-87. Those ads should be posted soon.
  5. A KPHO news update late into this commercial compilation from 5/21/89 and a couple of previous uploads before the March 2021 channel suspension - KAPP news clip 2/1989 and a KNDO news clip also 2/1989
  6. According to the graphics, you'd think Marvel was involved in the SB LVII production. Couldn't watch due to second job. Listened to Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on Westwood One radio. Kevin and Kurt were top-notch announcing the nail-biter of a game. Congrats K.C.!
  7. The original LLS was awesome, yes. Extended interviews with celebrities that you wouldn't dream of finding anywhere else. At least @midnight will be something new for the Eye network to air at 12:30 in the morning. Hopefully it stays as a funny game/panel show and doesn't turn into another political monologue/celebrity interview/a little bit of a game/another celebrity interview like the rest of the shows.
  8. The big kicker is whether CBS gives 1:07AM back to the affiliates or not. Or if @midnight will be given the full hour timeslot. Personals and Night Games were the last game shows CBS did in late-night, and it was back in 1991-1992. I believe CBS scheduled them in the 1-2AM hour before Nightwatch. Some affiliates never aired them. Central WA never saw these shows as KIMA signed off at 12:30 following whatever Crimetime After Primetime program aired (Sweating Bullets, Fly by Night, etc.)
  9. Shows like 24, Alias, and Smallville had huge 'appointment TV' fan bases. Everyone had to wait until the next episode and were predicting what would happen next to the characters. But that was going on 20 years ago. With Dr. Phil and (likely) Rachael Ray closing the curtains this year, broadcast syndication continues to decline too. It's cheaper to sell more lawyer and political advertising during a 3:00 or 4:00 newscast. Cheaper costs for the station as they don't need a Hollywood broadcast crew to do it.
  10. Too bad that he closed them. There was some great stuff mixed in on those accounts, not just South Bend IN, but also Midwest and East Coast TV, some newscast samples too. Latter-Day Saints blocking and yanking videos? That's new. Maybe I should watch out myself and check the AVTB account...
  11. Try KSTW Seattle and several hours of infomercials and crime drama repeats on weekends. A far cry from their days as a statewide superstation, with movies all weekend long, 10:00 news, great cartoons and sitcoms.
  12. Primetime tape-delays in between The World's Funniest Animals and Penn & Teller? Or will...GASP!!!...CW start carrying weekend daytime sports programming?
  13. Well that's a way to get up to ah, 150,000 viewers maybe? Throw in Bozo for 25K more. Tom Skilling for another 25K. Ah to heck with it, Pat Harvey would bring another 10,000...
  14. My mom loves her show and would be sorry to see her go. But honestly, I hear she is so rude and nasty towards guests, staff, and fans - that I don't care either way.
  15. Elizabeth Vargas and Dan Abrams at the same ho-hum network. Oh joy! I bet she doesn't get 100K viewers on night 1. Maybe not even 75K. The time to start this network has definitely passed - like 20 years ago. It could have been more successful in the pre-streaming days.
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