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  1. A shop? The show is held by spit and chewing gum. They sent the whole team packing (including Travis) at the start of the pandemic. Then moved the show to Stamford, CT (cough - Maury - cough), replaced the team with one host (might as well call it "The Doctor"), and now he's gone. Cancel this 0.2 share failure already Phil McGraw.
  2. At least KNAZ was able to for as long as they did. Even if they could 'barely' support news, the community supported them. Small town TV is great, when done right. Then KNAZ lost money and sent everyone packing, simulcasting Phoenix instead. Anyways, another 'small town TV' newscast, KAPP 35's Nightcast from 12/21/90 with a young(er) Dana Cowley, Mark Lee and Bob Romero.
  3. KVAL Eugene had Wheel at 6:30 and Jeopardy! at 7 for several years so they could fit EXTRA, and The Cosby Show reruns (before Extra came on), leading into primetime. They later got moved back into prime access. A rarity for Pacific time. Anyways, I'd love to see the Seattle ratings for the weeknight 7:00 slot. How does KING and KIRO do with 7pm news compared to Big Bang reruns on Q13 and Wheel on KOMO? Do the ratings fall or stay the same?
  4. KNDO Yakima has carried Wheel and Jeopardy! since the very beginning (almost always at that 7 and 7:30 timeslot). One year, Wheel aired at 6:30 so KNDO could fit Family Feud (with Ray Combs) in prime access. That show later moved to 5PM, then went to the LPTV Fox station for the last 2 years or so. In Seattle, it was a different story (somewhat), KOMO didn't add Wheel until late into the 1st season but has kept it ever since, and KIRO aired season 1 of Jeopardy! at 9AM before punting it to KOMO in September 1985...KOMO has aired Jeopardy! at 7:30 since then. But I don't see 7PM news
  5. Casper is a cursed news town. See KTWO, new ownership, NewsNet, big chunks of the news department fired.
  6. KNDO is the better news station in Tri-Cities/Yakima than the other stations, on the other hand! But their WX has been from Spokane since Tim Adams left. I notice that sometimes KAPP and KNDO talk more about Yakima than the YAKIMA-based station actually does! (KIMA) And my family notices the same thing.
  7. Thank you Jim for posting away to the Archive. As of today I have re-uploaded 2,618 videos from YouTube with probably 3K more to go. About 4 months after my channels were terminated, so averaging about 21 videos a day and 654 videos a month.
  8. There's another partial KGWC newscast coming from '93 (relayed from KGWL 5 Lander). I didn't find anything from KTWO in that period, and KFNB/KFNR never aired news. It's my first newscast found from the state of Wyoming. I've looked at the Casper newspaper for that period and I notice that in the '80s they carried most stations from Denver. Let me guess, Casper folks WITH cable watched KMGH more than KGWC?
  9. Probably one of the rarest newscasts I have ever found. It's the Great Western News at 10:00, originating from now-newsless KGWC-TV 14 Casper, WY (and taped off their satellite in Lander, WY, KGWL-TV 5). Note the 'set' - a desk in front of bookshelves full of books, like it's a psychiatrist's office or someone's library or office room. One guy adjusts cameras behind the scenes and does floor directing at the same time. And then the male anchor juggles three jobs at one - news, weather AND sports!! No wonder KGWC has no news department nowadays.
  10. PAX's WeatherVision segment that they aired every night, taped sometime in March of 2000! KNBC Channel 4 News, 5/21/89, including most of Sunday Night Sports with Fred Roggin. KABC Eyewitness News clips from Oct/Nov 1988 And back home to Yakima with the open to KNDO News 23 Late Edition, 11/20/1995, with Heather Hays
  11. It's still on the air, but as a KULR simulcast with no locally-originating programming.
  12. Apparently Nick Cannon will be going to CW+ per a poster on RadioDiscussions, so we'll get it on KIMA/KEPR-DT2.
  13. Steve Raible doing teasers for KIRO News at TEN at a couple points on this commercial compilation, taped 5/28/96...this was during their short-lived run with UPN.
  14. Since FOX O&Os signed on to YBYL, it will be on either Q13 or JoeTV in Seattle in one of those early-evening timeslots. But Sinclair also reached a deal to air the show on their stations, and I know that KIMA has never scheduled game shows at prime access (and likely never will). I'm about 75% sure KIMA will air YBYL, and I'm about 75% sure it will be aired at noon in between the soaps (just like Funny You Should Ask and Celebrity Name Game recently, as well as other game shows in the '80s and early '90s). Prior to CNG, KIMA used the noon slot for an encore of Inside Edition fr
  15. I still have a few more tapes with KUTV-taped movies or miniseries broadcasts on them...never say never! However it seems like these folks did a lot of time-shifting and the recording ended at 2 hours on the dot. It came from an eBay lot a few months back out of Burley, Idaho (Twin Falls market), but the seller's family lived in Pocatello during that period, and Salt Lake TV was carried on cable - no SyndEx, no blackouts, right in the middle of the Idaho Falls market! That all changed at the start of 1990 when SyndEx went into effect. Bye bye Salt Lake. A lot of folks in Ellensburg, where

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