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  1. Looks like approximately 9:06AM ET is when the Fox network went on with coverage, unless they took FNC for the first several minutes like what WAGA was doing. KDFW Dallas was taking the WNYW Good Day NY feed. Fox stations with no news department may have either gone back to the syndicated program or (more likely) were taking available feeds in those breaks in the special reports during the 9:20-9:50AM timeframe. In the case of any FOX stations that carried Regis & Kelly at 9AM (or even 8AM CT), that may have been the actual R&K feed with WABC. A couple of old VHSgoodies videos have been posted. KCTV 5/3/91 10PM, with Wendell Anschutz and Anne Peterson KNDO NewsCenter 23 10/15/90 with Mary Leonard
  2. A "studio of zombies." An eerie thing for Kelly Ripa to say. I think everyone in NYC/NJ/CT, and eventually the rest of the country and world, ended up like that in one way or another. Seeing the show feed be thrown altogether for ABC News and no 'goodbye' from the hosts is also eerie.
  3. I don't think any station aired that Regis & Kelly episode unless they were an indie or a UPN/WB without a news department...were there any of those affiliates? And by then, especially PT/MT stations would have taken something - CNN, a sister Big 3 network station, etc. with rolling WTC coverage. Actually, FOX was simulcasting Fox News throughout the country especially for those without news departments. UPN took CBS, The WB I believe was taking WPIX and/or CNN as from what I've seen on channel surfing clips from 9/11, especially in the hours after both towers went down. I wonder what it was like in the studio after Regis signed off saying "We'll all watch it together, OK?" (i.e., WABC coverage). My guess is eventually the directors/producers told the cameras to stop filming, and I'm not sure how long the audience stayed in the studio...would they have left around the end of regular filming (around 10AM) or were they told to get out of dodge ASAP and find a way out? If only we had audience member accounts. And a technical blurb: Regis & Kelly fed on Galaxy 4R, ch. 24 every morning, in the days of unscrambled analog feeds. They didn't go back on for a week, so my guess is nothing was fed at the regular LIVE time on 9/12-14. Besides, it was all rolling coverage on the Big 3 networks for 2-3 days afterward. ps: Does anyone know when the Fox network itself went to nationwide coverage? Whether by WNYW or by Fox News? I'm searching the newspapers.com microfilm and find that WFXB-43 Myrtle Beach carried Live with Regis & Kelly...they may have been one of the few that aired this, if the Fox network didn't go to nationwide coverage BEFORE the 2nd plane hit...
  4. That would be KECI in Missoula. A strange daytime schedule, but it is what it is. Hoda and Jenna air at noon. Person, Place or Thing replaced one run of Pictionary two weeks ago.
  5. WGA ending their strike means nothing if the actors don't come up with any deals soon. And this strange era of 'filler TV' continues...thank God for college football!!
  6. I'm surprised there isn't a late-night CBS Evening News repeat at 12:37 and 1:07 left to the affiliates to air 11PM news rebroadcasts or syndicated. How much revenue are they going to get from these Byron Allen repeats? NBC never replaced Lilly Singh when she was canned. Most stations air 11PM news rebroadcasts at 1:37AM now.
  7. Honestly, I think Peter Jennings did the best out of the three networks. He was calm in a tragic situation and didn't care if his suit wasn't on...he still put on a show of professionalism. Still miss him. Anyways, new stuff we've found: WSBT 2/18/90 11PM and the CBS Sunday Night News from that night KREM 2 First News Live, 7/12/1991 (first 9 min.) CNN Headline News with David Goodnow, 2/28/1989 (via KUTP Phoenix)
  8. NEVER FORGET! Hard to believe, 22 years now. I have 4 hours of CBS News (Dan Rather) and 8 hours of CNN (Aaron Brown) from that day, of course everything has been posted on YouTube and then some. The CBS footage comes from KIMA and they put up occasional crawls, I don't think there are any local cut-ins on that recording. I will have to look more closely. It's buried in storage, I can't even remember which tub.
  9. And more to add from same account (whom I work with). KOIN News 6 at 11, 9/15/2005, with Jeff Gianola and Kelley Day. Nicole Sanchez on KIMA News Weekend Edition, 5/8/2004 KAPP News 35 at 11 (5/23/1988), partial with Linda Schactler Another KAPP news clip from 1984! Steve Mumm, before he moved to KXLY, plus an unknown, nervous weather anchor and Steve Beehler on sports. Great find, sorry for the rough video quality.
  10. Has to be on one of the two subchannels, either 4.2 or 4.3, Comet/Charge. The subchannel programming would be reduced to non-CW timeslots, i.e., outside of primetime, Saturday E/I and weekend sports. No way in our dreams that KOMO would drop their decades-long partnership with ABC just so low-rate World's Funniest Weather could have primetime clearance. "CW4" is NEVER happening.
  11. Bryan Norcross is amazing in these clips. He was the link to the outside world for those who couldn't, or refused to, evacuate. Often he was the only link because other Miami FMs, AMs, and TV stations were knocked off the air. But WTVJ stayed on the air. He's to hurricane coverage what James Spann is to tornado coverage. Professional, experienced, and qualified. Soon I will be posting a 48 Hours broadcast from Hurricane Andrew with Dan Rather, but I need to find the tape in storage. Also need to find the 3-4 tapes I have with Price is Right on them now that Bob Barker is no longer with us.
  12. KIMA Action News at 11 on 12/18/2014. With anchor Terry Chick, who would be let go within a few months or so. Bare-bones as can be...I was so glad when this 'set' was sent packing. Terry pre-recorded a 11PM segment from Tri-CIties for the Yakima market. Scott Stovall still does the same thing today.
  13. A few new finds KAPP 7/5/00 11pm (partial) - includes a story about a few youth skaters in Tri-Cities CNN Headline News 5/2/88 off KAYU KAPP 35 News at 5:30 (partial), November 1989 with Dana Cowley and Dave Ettl KNDO NewsCenter 23, 12/29/89 (partial) Mary Leonard, Jim Lewis
  14. The future of Big 3 affiliates in all markets #1-#50. If it ain't network programming, it's news. More news. And more news. Cutlers Court sounds like a CW+ pickup. It's either that or KCYU/KFFX in central WA. Yes, NTT is repeats from the 2021 and 2022 seasons, in 1/2 hour strips. *Could Beat Shazam be next, I wonder? Especialy IF Jamie and Corinne were to return? His latest health update has more good news in it.
  15. He has hundreds of newscasts and some talk programs from Des Moines, and mostly national newscasts or CNN programs. Here's another example, WHO NewsCenter at Noon, from 8/17/1992 You'll also find a lot of national news clips and special reports from the Rodney King riots on that channel.
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