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  1. Seinfeld is still on OTA syndication! I'm sure it will be renewed well into this decade and then some. Two and a Half Men surprises me, too. It still gets decent rerun ratings in syndication. KTLA Los Angeles still runs it at 7:30 weeknights, even though Charlie Sheen's last episode was aired in early 2011.
  2. Tons of new stuff to upload...been away from uploading for 2+ weeks because my life is so darn busy. KVEW 12/30/99 sports segment and a bit of KNDU KVEW 1/4/00 and 1/6/00, 'Hoop Train' segments KNDU Live at 11, 1/4/00, with Scott Stovall, still at KEPR. KIMA NewsBeat open, early 1993 KING 5 News following the Seoul Closing Ceremonies, 10/2/1988. A younger Joyce Taylor, David Kerley...and Rich Marriott with a beard?! (he's still there, the last KING meteorologist from my childhood) KING 5 News at 11, 4/4/1988 (partial) - different opening montage on this one. Classic desk pairing - Don Porter, Jeff Renner, Tony Ventrella.
  3. I don't watch televangelist TV. Joel Osteen doesn't need another 5 or 10 new affiliates for his megachurch sermons. HOWEVER...I believe that if a local church wants to stream their services on YT or Facebook for those who can't be there, think about the older audience who are in nursing homes/etc. who also can't make it. Thus, make it available for a 9AM Sun slot on a local TV station as well. In TX and a lot of southern states, there's at least 1-2 churches minimum that sell time on local TV. Here in eastern WA, not so much.
  4. Infomercials and Byron Allen's court shows? Or maybe CBS will give affiliates six episodes of Judge Judy to run per day?
  5. Fox not covering it here, again. KYVE (PBS) is covering the service with no bumpers or chyrons on the screen. Not noticing any coverage on Absolute Radio, Gold, Lyca, or Smooth. BBC radio networks only. Were they not allowed to simulcast the service??? You'd think on Britain's worst day of mourning in decades, that every radio and TV station in England would simulcast the service (well, except CBeebies). Even grocery stores have shut down.
  6. Well, it looks like NewsNation will air the state funeral for the Queen. At least they did something right, heh?
  7. Ring Nation not cleared in Yakima. My prediction: it's going to be 1 and done, maybe less than that... On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson might be the competition that Kelly Clarkson needed post-Ellen. She's doing a great job in her first week! I expect renewals.
  8. The Simpsons has been a 7:30PM staple on KIMA/KEPR/KLEW for 25+ years. There were a couple of years in the early 2000s where The Simpsons didn't air at 7:30, but for the most part it still has a loyal audience in central Washington.
  9. Didn't 'Average Andy' move over there? I wonder if they will let him continue the Halloween haunted house segments. The best thing about him, by far, getting scared by costumed zombies on Ellen's Halloween episodes. Well, until COVID and the bombshell abuse scandals, which led me to stop watching her show altogether.
  10. I just want to make sure - did Kelly Clarkson move into Ellen's old studio or did Jennifer Hudson? It sure looks like Ellen's old set on full display watching Jennifer Hudson earlier today. I see KCYU acquired 'The Neighborhood,' but only in a weekend double-run, 1-2AM Sundays, and Thursdays following MLB baseball. No weeknight time slot. Young Sheldon goes into another year of reruns with no clearance in Yakima. With how much KIMA advertises the Big Bang reruns at 7, it still baffles me why they didn't clear YS reruns. They could have promoted this as 'The Sheldon Hour' after the local news, or something like that...
  11. KIMA/KEPR-DT2 (CW+) will air The Good Doctor, Sat at 7pm KAPP will air 9-1-1 and The Rookie reruns on weekend evenings. KNDO will air Magnum P.I. (2 episodes) at 2:30AM early Sunday morning, and another repeat following Sunday Night Football. iCrime not cleared here. In a HUGE change in Seattle...KIRO-7 says bye bye to Judge Judy after over *20* years, and has started airing a 4:00 newscast (joining the other Big 4 stations). In addition, The List airs at 3PM, and a new show called Afternoon Focus airs at 3:30. Entertainment Tonight and The List are the only weekday syndicated shows left on KIRO. Where did her reruns go? KCPQ.
  12. NewsNation SHOULD HAVE stopped regular programming and AT LEAST SIMULCAST WGN-9 when the announcement broke out... But they didn't. What a joke of a 'network'. Poor Dan Abrams, Marni Hughes, and Leland Vittert. Whenever the time comes to jump ship, do it!
  13. Will CBS preempt Big Brother? It's a double eviction night. In fact, will they break long tradition and share this news with the remaining houseguests? Some may remember when Julie Chen shared news of 9/11 with the houseguests, and the reactions that followed. They very rarely do that.
  14. Absolute Radio - somber music Lyca Radio - somber music Gold - LBC coverage Smooth - I believe also LBC coverage Many other FM/AM regional networks are using IRN (Independent Radio News) which is in rolling coverage.
  15. What's the situation on non-news cable networks in the UK? Gold, Comedy Central, Sky Sports, Discovery, etc.? Are they relaying BBC or a news network, ala 9/11?
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