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  1. I won't be around tonight to see what happens with KIMA's Big Bang Theory and Simpsons episodes, but I wonder if they too are missing local ads. Young and the Restless seemed fine this morning with local ads and ID bumpers displaying during the break around 11:30. Just a screwed up situation all around. Sinclair won't be in good shape for a while. I wonder which country got away with this attack? Russia? China? Will we ever know?
  2. Did they air on any UPN, WB, or IND stations that likely didn't have a news department? Or Fox stations? I'm not sure when the Fox network started relaying Fox News Channel to all their stations on 9/11...was it when the 2nd tower got hit?
  3. Off the satellite feed, I see. As WABC was into live coverage, I doubt this got aired on any of their affiliate stations that day. Amazing to see this.
  4. KIMA Yakima local news was ran on cue cards tonight. And Jake Taylor had no idea which camera to point to at times. The technical system was screwed up due to the attack.
  5. It's the KAPP Local News Hour, taped December 2nd, 1998. Dana Cowley and Issa Arnita are the anchors: And a NEW find! About half of KNXV News 15 at 10, from February 28th, 1997, same day as the North Hollywood Shootout. If I recall, this is my first newscast find from Phoenix.
  6. The worst opening montage that KIMA/KEPR ever had...the first version of Action News. This is with the Battery music package that was used up until 2018 when Sinclair finally started transitioning them. The same montage had been used a year prior with a variant of the CBS Enforcer music package and a different announcer. It's not as choppy as I've seen in other videos, but the graphics scream "yuck"! Compared with KOMO and KATU at the same time, with the same owners, they treated these folks like the red-headed stepchild.
  7. Sunday Today broadcast from November 6th, 1988 with Garrick Utley and Maria Shriver (KCRA taping) - two days before the presidential election Also, part of a KPIX Eyewitness News broadcast from 5/7/88 (B&W video and fuzzy audio) and the first 6 minutes of KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Eleven at 11, from 5/6/2007, with Amy Clancy and Essex Porter
  8. This is sad news! Wow! I loved waking up with M.J. in the morning and so did my mom. MJ's Pet Walk Forecasts always brought a smile to her face during the hectic AM hours. Best wishes.
  9. Young Sheldon gets a weeknight run on KAYU Spokane (6:30 weeknights) beginning Monday. But I'm scratching my head as to why KCYU and KFFX did not clear this. Let alone KIMA. Do program directors even exist anymore in little markets > #100?
  10. I grew up in western Washington. KING 5 used the 11:00 AM slot for Ellen DeGeneres in the first several years. She didn't move to afternoons until Oprah Winfrey's show ended, as I recall. When KING launched 'Take 5' at 4PM, Ellen moved to 3PM and Dr. Phil moved from its long-time 3PM time to 2PM. Meanwhile down here in the Yakima market, she started out on WB 100+ (on cable), then went to KNDO a couple of seasons later...and she has always been at 4:00 leading into news. I don't bother watching it anymore since her executive producer fiasco and the pandemic, much like 98% of my TV vi
  11. Hot Bench, you say? It's a strange world without Jerry Bishop opening up Judge Judy. And all those families that heard his voice on The Disney Channel, back when mom & dad actually had to pay extra for it!
  12. Two more videos for this rainy Saturday (i.e., relief to douse out nearby wildfires!) KNSD News San Diego Weekend Edition, 6/30/1991 - over-the-air signal so it's fuzzy I also have the first 90 seconds of KREM News at Ten on KAYU Fox 28, taped 1/8/1992. Now-Mayor Nadine Woodward and Charles Rowe are the anchors...they were together for several years on channel 2
  13. KIMA News at 6, 2/19/2003 (Craig Galbraith, Roxeanne Vainuku, Stu Seibel, Alan Sillence) At the end of this compilation of commercials from 2005 is another KIMA News open, when they adopted the 'NewsWatch' branding for a couple of years before switching to Action News. Most of the Fisher-type graphics stayed around, but the announcer changed. Long time KIMA announcer Joseph Litzinger (deceased in 2014) was on the first video and had done IDs and advertisements for KIMA Radio and TV since the 1960s.
  14. I've got the whole CBSpirit campaign video on tape. CBS had a few minutes to fill at the end of a broadcast of The Dark Crystal, in August of '87, and instead of 5 minutes of promos, that image song went into the break in between the movie and the news. That was the year Jake and the Fatman and Tour of Duty went on...and the year that Tom Selleck departed Magnum P.I. The remake is nothing like the old series.
  15. 15 minutes of a July 2004 WCCO newscast: And the complete 5/20/1993 KNDO News 23 Late Edition, the night the final beer was poured at Cheers. Top story: that said finale, with Yakima-area watch parties.

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