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  1. KNDO 9/21/1988, NewsCenter during the Olympics PS - Those KIRO clips from the 1970s are amazing!! There's tons of JP Patches clips on that YT channel too!
  2. Are you sure that's not KIMA or KEPR? That's the *exact* same news set!!! Without our British anchor or Mike McCabe's silly suits, that is. I do remember Rachelle Murcia from her days at KOMO's morning news.
  3. Yes! Jason Valentine left KVE...I meant, 'Apple Valley News Now' to take a job in Franklin County government...he is the new government affairs coordinator. Franklin County consists of Pasco and other smaller towns to the north. https://www.nbcrightnow.com/tricities/new-government-affairs-coordinator-in-franklin-county/video_fd7eb3a0-aab7-11ee-a9df-978d45c93036.html Austin is up here now. He's not too bad so far! We spend more time watching KIMA local news...still going strong with our British anchor, John Kennedy O'Connor but I do catch ch 35 news here and there.
  4. See how long it's been since I've watched Spokane news? I know KPAX (Scripps/CBS) in Missoula does the ticker and WX forecast/stocks at the bottom of the screen. Maybe I was confusing KXLY with KPAX.
  5. Three things will always resonate with a Sunday morning: church & worship, NFL football...and Charles Osgood. His friendly personality, signature bow tie, and interesting segments made a Sunday morning on CBS worthwhile...especially with a cup of coffee. He will forever be missed, say hi to the other Charles (Kuralt) up there, still probably 'on the road' (if there are highways and backroads up in Heaven), and of course, Walter. RIP!
  6. KAPP/KV...I meant APPLE VALLEY News Now, finally added time and temperature to the bottom of that little logo box. No ticker like KXLY.
  7. I'm not upset that the video was posted...I appreciate it! I've got more coming in the next few weeks as I have time. This includes, hopefully, the oldest newscast clip I have found - more than 4 months older than my previous record.
  8. I've got tons of footage from Northridge, it's all national/syndicated shows, like Inside Edition and American Journal. I've already posted it all, to my knowledge. That KPDX newscast is from my collection, but I have been SO busy (subbing, gig deliveries, even freelance TV work) that new content just hasn't been uploaded. I've got several tapes ready to go whenever I have the extra time.
  9. KAPP/KV...I meant, "APPLE VALLEY NEWS NOW," in Central Washington, doesn't have any rolling news on the bottom, or sponsorship logos. I think KXLY does. The logo is on the right of the screen in a box. I'll be traveling back to Montana later this year so I'll check out KXLY's newscasts on the way there.
  10. Early KDNL 'News 30 Now' clip from 1995 that I just found.
  11. Merry Christmas!! A new KAPP find from Christmas night 1997, with Lucinda Kay. And for good measure, the Nightline that followed. Enjoy some music from the Harlem Boys Choir. They sing three Christmas songs on this broadcast.
  12. WSYM FOX 47 news clip circa 1998 or 1999 And a WMAQ news clip from 2002 on the O'Hare Airport expansion
  13. Wow - that logo hasn't changed since the late 1990s. The font has changed to reflect the rest of the NBC platform, it seems. These graphics are what I remember as a kid...the 3-D arrows and the little Dow/NASDAQ/S&P on the side:
  14. The oldest Yakima sign-off I've ever found! Hugh Davis is the voiceover, he founded Columbia Empire Broadcasting in the late '50s (and likewise, KNDO/KNDU).
  15. This is why I avoid posting most newscasts from 2010 and later. Besides, why should I? I collect *VHS and Betamax*, not DVR recordings... On the other hand, videos will be coming slowly but surely to the AVTB account. There is now a 10-video limit per day, then it forces the account to verify with a QR code or picture or some random thing. I guess the site thinks we're spamming it or something...
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