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  1. The ABC logo's design does not stray too far from the 1962 Paul Rand original. The "b" is slightly shorter, the "c" has a smaller gap and all three letters are centered, but the logo is still instantly recognizable. The reason for the centering of the letters, is to add an outline to the circle/dot in some inverted applications, such as an on-screen bug seen during ABC's network programming.
  2. XETV-TV 6, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico/San Diego, California, USA (formerly Independent/ABC/Fox/The CW, now Canal 5) "XETV-TV 6 News Up To Date" newscast with Ron Fortner, December 30, 1977:
  3. A WJW-TV 8 (Cleveland, Ohio) promo: "Still the One!"
  4. WNDU (NBC) 16's top story about Quincy Newspapers switching the ABC affiliate WSJV 28 to the Fox network (now currently H&I), forcing ABC onto the then low-power station W58BT 58 (now WBND-LD 57). The story was filmed live at the Concorde Mall, a once-popular, now-defunct shopping mall in South Bend, Indiana, on October 18, 1995: It may have given South Bend, Indiana a new Fox affiliate, although ABC expressed displeasure with it, because it was another excuse to air Chicago Bears NFL football games... ...but... ...in retaliation for Quincy New
  5. Only time will tell if they drop the "5" entirely and embrace the NBC Action News branding...hope I'm wrong!
  6. The illuminated circle 5 logo is the best part of this new look. I don't know why WEWS-TV 5 got rid of their version of this circle 5 logo (it originated with WEWS, but it was "adopted" by WPTV). I think they would've gotten a set similar to this, but with an ABC dot, if they kept theirs...
  7. I don't know if this was posted before, but it's a promotional video for CBS from 1995 with various affiliate IDs: Fox "It's on Fox!" IDs: More Fox affiliate IDs:
  8. The studios shared by WLUK-TV 11 (NBC/WMBV-TV 11 from 1954-1959, ABC from 1959-1983, NBC again from 1983 to 1995, the station is currently affiliated with Fox) and WCWF 14 of Green Bay, Wisconsin on located on 787 Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin, almost a block east of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, winner of four Superbowls (I, II, XXXI and XLV). WLUK-TV 11 first operated out of the studios in 1966 when they were still an ABC affiliate (and when Lombardi Avenue was still Highland Avenue). The studio expanded in the mid-2000s with a single-story news and content center.
  9. Well...at least it's not a low-budget green-screen "virtual set" like at their Green Bay, Wisconsin sister station, WGBA-TV NBC 26.
  10. The TV studios for WBAY-TV 2 in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin are located inside a former Knights of Columbus clubhouse that was later converted to a Roman-Catholic high school. The building's gymnasium has been converted to an auditorium (WBAY-TV 2 holds their Cerebral Palsy Telethon down there every year). A bar and bowling alley, The Bay Bowl, used to be located in the basement during the building's early days as a TV studio. WBAY-TV 2 (a CBS affiliate from 1953-1992 and an ABC affiliate from 1992 to present day) started their first broadcast from the bui
  11. Most of the Marks Radio Group TV stations have that low-budget appearance...
  12. WBAY-TV 2, the ABC affiliate out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, eighty-sixed their Media General-style set and graphics for a Gray Television-style news set and graphics. They also ditched the "Eyewitness News" music package by Gari Media in favor of "Guardian" by Stephen Arnold Music. At least they kept the current version of the Circle 2 logo, used since 1987, when they were still affiliated with CBS. Ever since WBAY-TV 2 affiliated with ABC after losing their long-time CBS affiliation to rival WFRV-TV 5 in 1992, WBAY-TV 2 has since placed the ABC dot logo next to the Circle 2 logo in promotional
  13. WBKB-TV 11, the CBS/Fox/ABC affiliate out of Alpena, Michigan is a textbook example of a small-market station with a low-budget setup compared to other stations in neighboring media markets...
  14. Here are a couple from Green Bay, Wisconsin's oldest TV station (having been on the air for nearly 70 years), former CBS (from 1953-1992) and current ABC affiliate (from 1992 to present day), WBAY-TV 2: WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, Wisconsin "We've Got The Touch" ID (1983) WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, Wisconsin (March 1987) WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, Wisconsin (1988) WBAY-TV, Green Bay, Wisconsin (July 1989) WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, Wisconsin TV-2 station ID (1989) WBAY-TV 2, Green Bay, Wisconsi
  15. WBKB-TV 11 - Alpena, Michigan - June 1994

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