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  1. I like the attempt at a news set/newscast with news graphics and a logo modeled after ABC News, "PBF News," from WPBF 25 out of West Palm Beach, Florida in the mid-1990s:
  2. From what I've seen of that anchor desk, it looks brighter and more inviting...
  3. MyNetworkTV came into being in 2006 as a way for Fox to create a rival station to The CW, which was formed by combining CBS/Viacom's UPN with TimeWarner's The WB. MyNetworkTV stations were mostly leftover The WB and UPN affiliates from that merger, depending on the market... These days, MyNetworkTV is now a lost cause, not only because it was demoted from "network" status to "program service" status, but also because of the current programming, of which MyNetworkTV is down to the bare minimum of programs... The E.W. Scripps Co. had the right idea, when they reverted both WMYD-TV 20 of Detroit, Michigan and WACY-TV 32 of Green Bay, Wisconsin back to independent status. Doing so offered some more programming freedom for both TV stations...
  4. I have a feeling their next set will be spacious...
  5. Many Gray Television and Nexstar-owned stations also used that fake brick pattern in their set designs...
  6. With all the turbulent weather the Midwest had dealt with (and still continues to deal with), I think the new weather forecast branding signifies how important the weather is, rain or shine...
  7. The only reason I could see the WJMN-TV 3 newscast sticking around, is because of the fact that it is a semi-satellite of the much bigger WFRV-TV 5... I would love for channel 3 to become a CW affiliate and to take the affiliation away from not just WBKP 5.1/WBUP 10.2 in their market, but also WCWF 14 in Green Bay. I would love to see WJMN operate on a digital subchannel of WFRV, channel 5.5 in Green Bay, but with a few market-specific program substitutions... WCWF 14 would become an independent or Telemundo affiliate as a result, modifying their callsign as WLUF-TV 14 or WLUY-TV 14.
  8. The current WRIC-TV 8 logo is bland compared to WRIC-TV's "twisted 8" logo...
  9. WMTW and KOLO have better designs for a logo for an ABC affiliate featuring the number 8. Even WGHP's Sottsass-Memphis art movement-inspired "triangle 8" logo survived the switchover from ABC to Fox in the big TV affiliation shuffle of 1994-1996 before it was unceremoniously ditched in the late 1990s, was a better logo...
  10. It's called "Aerial" as in aerial photograph, not "Ariel" as in the name of the little mermaid. Besides that, I I'm with the rest of this forum when it comes to the Aerial music package!
  11. They could do what Marks Radio Group's WBKB-TV 11 in Alpena, Michigan did and add the other stations on digital subchannels, but have each channel simulcast each newscast. 11.1 - CBS 11.2 - NBC 11.3 - ABC 11.4 - Fox/MyNetworkTV Here's how I'd imagine WHIZ-TV would do theirs (18.6 to 18.12 could be possible future subchannel additions): 18.1 - NBC 18.2 - ABC 18.3 - CBS 18.4 - Fox/MyNetworkTV 18.5 - The CW 18.6 - Ion 18.7 - Antenna TV 18.8 - Rewind TV 18.9 - Laff 18.10 - MeTV 18.11 - H&I 18.12 - Decades
  12. WJMN-TV 3 was the only one that got away, although it is still operated as a partial semi-satellite of WFRV-TV 5...
  13. WLUK-TV 11 was never owned by Media General, but WBAY-TV 2 was...you meant to say common Sinclair Broadcast Group ownership...WLUC-TV 6 was traded to Gray Television in exchange for WSBT-TV 22 of South Bend, Indiana.
  14. One thing this channel lacks, is a way for them to insert local weather, but I guess that's what competitor Local Now is for...
  15. WBAY-TV 2 just celebrated their 69-year anniversary on March 17, 2022!
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