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  1. Sold to Byron Allen for 11 mil.
  2. Wildish


    This is a joke, right?
  3. She’s a Scientologist so she will fit in with their fake views.
  4. Conexion tiempo has been in the works for a while, I know a few of the Mets there.
  5. I honestly don't hate the graphics. For being a low budget station, they're pretty good.
  6. It's named after their streaming channel, I agree with you though.
  7. WVUE being such a strong market leader deserved better. This is worse than WGNO's package. Basic, Bland, Boring. Tegna looks better than this even. They should have stayed with Raycom's graphics if they couldn't do better.
  8. It’s a truck with a weather station on top. Sorry but these chase vehicles have jumped the shark.
  9. That’s the worst of them all. I thought they’d get the wkyt package.
  10. What package would that be? Can’t find one that matches.
  11. Looks like it, very similar to WBRC
  12. IMO the only entity that could fill this niche is BET News.
  13. Nvm I believed a yahoo news article
  14. Exactly. It’s a cheap way to fill airtime. They need to do weather 24/7 like AccuWeather, not become a cheap imitation of the already maligned Weather Channel.
  15. Fox nation shows are appearing on fox weather now. I had high hopes that they would be all weather all the time. That was wrong. What a joke.
  16. Wow I love these graphics. Seeing them in action… they’re easily the best graphics out right now.
  17. They're following the Fox method of making the bug small enough to fit in a vertical tik tok/social media video.
  18. I don’t really see anything different that would signal the new package.
  19. This is such a joke. Please make the same mistakes as the weather channel, but MUCH WORSE. If this is what they’re doing, it won’t last. It’s amazing how AccuWeather and weather nation do it right. Why can’t fox weather?
  20. Its ok I guess, but CBS did it better.
  21. The fact that they actively promote fox news shows is a turn off. I didn’t care to see Jesse Watters promoting his show while watching storm coverage. They should have kept it separate.
  22. New CBS news package
  23. Newsnet is being added to a new 8 channel news package on Fubo
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