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  1. The logo on the building is wrong.
  2. And? This is the nexstar thread. Deal with it.
  3. It’s not really speculation, it’s an actual news story. I’d argue it belongs here.
  4. They desperately need an update, being the top watched news in New Orleans. But let’s be honest, gray graphics are trash.
  5. Ugh that video is private now, anyone have a reupload‽ Also, I hope it takes the spot of fs2. A mobile only weather channel is a disaster and many of us don’t have access to ota sub channels.
  6. I hope WVUE sticks with their Raycom package.
  7. NewsNation's new morning show: https://www.newscaststudio.com/2021/08/16/morning-in-america-newsnation-teaser/
  8. This is honestly the most attractive package I've ever seen.
  9. I'm curious, since 1986, what has changed about the peacock?
  10. Link Now, starting in fall of 2021, the network will be rolling out an updated look. The circular globe motif, also known as the “dot,” is remaining. The trademark curved, all lowercase letters are also staying put, albeit with some slight modifications. Most notably, the ascender of the “b” is being shortened slightly and the tips of the “c” are being brought a bit closer together. ABC is providing guidelines on how to proportion the new globe next to other logos: it should be at least 60% of the height of other elements in the logo design. In the case of circular logos, such as the iconic “Circle 7” logo used by ABC owned stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, that increases to 75%, presumably to prevent the two shapes from competing against each other visually. All of these applications will likely be updated in network level graphics, though it may take more time for stations to get fully up to date, especially for livery and items such as mic flags that can be pricey to replace. Other sources tell NewscastStudio that a new graphics package is in the works for some or most ABC owned stations in major markets, though there’s no immediate word on when that may debut.
  11. You underestimate the rabid fans who watched him on Fox Business. It would be a hail mary.
  12. I hate to say it, but you know who is the one free agent that would save this channel? Lou Dobbs.
  13. It appears he will be co anchoring their upcoming morning show.
  14. Oof, looks like it was made with powerpoint.
  15. It's fine how it is. It matches the plainness of everything else. I get you have a personal attachment to this particular station, but the graphics package just doesn't warrant this much attention. It's plain like the others, and no amount of orange will fix that, nor will they add orange to it.
  16. Wow, as I expected nothing exciting. I feel for these stations that will be stuck with these packages for years now.
  17. BeckTV Builds Tegna ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ Master Control Facility
  18. And it'll be the same bland job the other stations got. Again, this doesn't need it's own thread. Moving on...
  19. My guess is on average WDSU is second, as they should be. WWL in third, with WGNO rounding it out. WGNO is trying hard with their rebrand, but people just aren't moving over. WWL used to own mornings, until CBS made them drop the last 2 hours of their morning show for CBS This Morning. Top that with losing most of their prime anchors over time and not replacing them with at least equal talent... it's not good.
  20. This probably could have been lumped in with the other Gray thread. There's nothing special about this station that warrants a whole discussion.
  21. Outside of WAVE's graphics, nothing I've seen here is better than what they have. WBRC still feels cheap.
  22. In New Orleans, WVUE continues to dominate. FOX 8 led all other stations Monday through Friday, morning, evening and late newscasts.
  23. Hopefully the hold up is that there is pushback on these below-par graphics.
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