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  1. I can't see how stations like FOX8 in New Orleans will ever do this.
  2. Yeah agreed, it’s clear this person is convinced they are correct. I’m not wasting my time.
  3. Distribution doesn’t equal profit, and they can’t get ads that pay enough.
  4. This is so stupid, the graphics were great for what they were, and miles better than before. CNN has had the WORST graphics for a while. CNN will stay in 3rd place until they sell it to someone who cares about the news.
  5. This is a weird thing to get hyped about. Geez.
  6. High is blue cause it's usually dry and cool, low is red cause it is warm and wet, there is no reason for the H to be red aside from someone who knows nothing about weather maps trying to be different with their artistic opinions. Hence, why I said you made up almost everything you said because you wanted to sound smart. It's not rocket science, and anyone who went to school and knows at least how to read, if not produce a weather map knows this.
  7. It's a countdown clock, they're not showing gore. Most people have thicker skin than the terminally online.
  8. It's been bare bones, but at least they have a weather show throughout the day while the weather channel is playing that Pattern BS.
  9. Actually no, this is some 90s news stuff that we need. News channels need to find ways to bring drama and excitement without being about politics all the time. This is old school. This is on par with a camera following OJ in the Bronco. People secretly hope for death and destruction, that's why they watch. You can say it's immoral, but humanity at it's core is immoral, this is just giving the people what they want.
  10. Once again, you type this with such confidence when you in fact have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to why the colors are the way they are. I’m sure you made this up in your head to justify why they are what they are but it’s just wrong.
  11. CNN has been really solid today and lately with actual news reporting. I’m shockingly impressed.
  12. Bye bye Chris Licht https://twitter.com/mikesington/status/1664785123517120513?s=46&t=_YbLEk6Ma0gGn2S1zm6XSA ”The captain of the Titanic steps aside. CNN CEO Chris Licht has ceded control of business operations to David Leavy, chief corporate officer for CNN’s parent company. In Licht’s year as CEO, CNN’s ratings, revenue, and reputation have plummeted.”
  13. It's literally what they have now with added rounded corners.
  14. Has it been mentioned that they were getting new graphics? That would be a welcome change.
  15. But then Pittsburgh peeps couldn't feel special about anything.
  16. Omg the black and yellow is SO ugly. It’s funny how protective people are over their special little colors too.
  17. Hard disagree, we have too many soft interview shows. We need conflict talkers stat. Karamo isn’t it, he went too far off the Maury path that made Maury what it was.
  18. Lol, LIV and Nexstar tried to make the deal seem bigger than it is. Not only is LIV paying Nexstar, they can't even get it on 100% of the CW stations.
  19. That's still the old logo. You can tell by the angle of the peacock, the inner shadow and the colors.
  20. https://thestreamable.com/news/liv-tour-analyst-hints-controversial-golf-tour-may-have-found-us-broadcast-home
  21. New logo showing up in DIRECTV stream guide.
  22. Houston isn’t that attractive of a city. Most southern cities aren’t attractive enough to pull in people at the pay they’re offering.
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