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  1. That's still the old logo. You can tell by the angle of the peacock, the inner shadow and the colors.
  2. https://thestreamable.com/news/liv-tour-analyst-hints-controversial-golf-tour-may-have-found-us-broadcast-home
  3. New logo showing up in DIRECTV stream guide.
  4. Houston isn’t that attractive of a city. Most southern cities aren’t attractive enough to pull in people at the pay they’re offering.
  5. Many in your echo chamber, which is thankfully slowly disappearing.
  6. This forum is very nostalgia heavy, and most here have an extreme attachment to graphics and their local stations (see the argument about Pittsburgh needing everything to be black and yellow) Nothing new will ever be ok unless it keeps the same colors, names, numbers, style, anchors, sets, bumpers, idents, while also being new, fresh, exciting, up to date, and representing their area with little call backs and touches that bring a tear to your eye and you can say "That's my station". It's pretty funny when you look at it objectively. Times are changing, get over it. Apparently the point is to show headlines, which is what it does.
  7. I love this format.
  8. In the interest of not pushing this thread on more of a tangent, numbers were used in branding because of 1) multiple national networks in the us, 2) non standardized numbering by area, 3) the need to let people know where to find their station due to 1 and 2. 4) It just became easy in a world with just 12 channels to reference the number. now with how global things are, having to compete with entities that don’t have a “number” or call sign, the numbers and call signs are very limiting.
  9. The obsession with numbers and call signs is going to be your undoing. It’s weak branding and a relic of the old age. This is the future, I think you will be disappointed when rather than numbers coming back, call signs go away altogether.
  10. The peacock isn’t the problem there. The rest of the logo is. Local stations need to get with the times and update their logos instead of holding the networks back.
  11. I’m sorry but having two different versions of the same logo is stupid. There’s literally no reason to use the old logo and the new one is miles better. Nostalgia doesn’t make something better than new.
  12. If it wasn’t clear through their commercials who they were targeting, this seals it.
  13. It's a shame Sheba Turk is coming to KCAL, but they got a good one. WWL continues to flounder.
  14. Some tea on the subject: Amy Robach cheated on her 1st husband with her current husband only to now cheat on him with TJ Holmes?! & to top it off they were caught by a PI hired by TJ’s wife who is an ATTORNEY
  15. I was speaking more to helicopters during tornadoes but now that you mention it you’re right.
  16. Eh, radars are actually useful in dead zones, the problem is the stations with money to get one aren’t in dead zones lol. Also, in OKC and LA helicopters are clutch.
  17. CNN needs a graphics overhaul badly. That looks horrible.
  18. And there it is. Fox Weather is a joke.
  19. TBH it sounds like Mark has been watching too much “The Morning Show” on Apple TV.
  20. That's wild, they must loan it out to other stations. WWL (which is a Tegna CBS affiliate) has used eyewitness news for decades.
  21. Pittsburgh isn’t as special as you imagine it is.
  22. I don't mind the stars. #ScanimateForever.
  23. Briella

    In Memoriam

    Confirmed by her sister to be suicide. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2022/08/29/former-usf-freedom-high-womens-basketball-player-neena-pacholke-dies-at-27/
  24. I'm trying to share an article but every time I post it gets hidden, can someone tell me why?
  25. Sold to Byron Allen for 11 mil.
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