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  1. The logo update is decent, I guess. The 3D version in the intro is already dated. The 2D version would look good for an app icon. The new graphics package though, while just being a flat version of the previous, is a downgrade in my eyes. On the logo again, it reminds me very heavily of their 2004-2014 logo.
  2. My O&O, KMSP, stopped the special report after the Bret Baier show. I found a stream from a different Fox station that had the special report continue up to the end of Hannity before Fox ended it themselves. Didn't know they had The Ingraham Angle on as well. Did it have the standard Fox News Channel logo (Blue box with White lettering, clock in the red sliver underneath) or the Fox Broadcasting version (which is a White box with a Blue lettering, red sliver has no clock) version of it? That would help know if Fox offered it or if you local station just simulcasted the FNC feed. And yeah,
  3. Just wanting to get a feel of what your local stations were doing. In the Twin Cities, I was watching KMSP (Fox 9) and they took the Fox News Special Report (which was a FNC simulcast) sometime between 1:00 and 1:30CT, in the middle of "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino." They stuck with it up until 5:59CT right at the end of "Special Report with Bret Baier" to go to local news for an hour then to the regular scheduled FBC programming like "The Masked Singer" They just cut away suddenly, which meant the Fox News Special Report wasn't over. KSTP (ABC,) WCCO (CBS,) and KARE (NBC) are all still

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