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  1. A few of the Meredith stations have updated graphics WGCL, WFSB, and WHNS all have revised background graphics and opens/bumps now WHNS has a new logo
  2. Yes, they do. They’re called Meredith Design Group internally and are run by a few guys that also do work for Hothaus Creative. Hopefully Gray keeps them on board seeing as Gray’s hub doesn’t exactly do great work. Unless you like cheap looking graphics like 95% of Gray stations have.
  3. I am still amazed at how fast this package has been rolled out in the span of less than a week. I wonder how this went down behind the scenes. I know some of their stations haven't received it yet, but damn. And yeah Meredith have less stations, but this puts Sinclair to shame. Remember how it took literally five years for them to roll out their previous disaster of a look?
  4. From what I understand, two people from Hothaus designed and are leading the team that are rolling this look out. Not sure if they are still working for Hothaus or what, but this is basically the Meredith/Hothaus graphics hub as of now.
  5. That is the most dramatic thing I have ever read. This is a smart move by Meredith, seeing as they have a team of about 15 people handling promotions/graphics for all 12 of their stations from what I've been told. Not just two people. Gone are the days of needing in-house CS departments most of whom don't do great work anyway.
  6. WHNS in Greenville has switched to a blue and red version of these graphics. I'm starting to think these are rolling out to all Meredith stations?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJIJZqD3YPQ
  7. It appears that KVVU in Las Vegas has switched over to the graphics that debuted on WSMV Nashville earlier this year. I'll see if I can grab snag a clip or two, but it's watchable on their stream: https://www.fox5vegas.com/live/nowapp/
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