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  1. Wow, really?? I liked him a lot. A lot of people have been leaving 3 recently. I know why, but it's still surprising to see such a high departure rate.
  2. Alicia Roberts in the studio today… doing sports.
  3. On WPHL, The Verdict with Judge Hatchett and Justice with Judge Mablean are swapping timeslots starting 9/6. Mablean moves to 10a, Hatchett to 11a.
  4. Zap2it says WTXF is not airing the special in the next 12 days (which would be September 8). They might air it the weekend of the 11th, because it starts on the 13th.
  5. That doesn't make any sense to me; if I was a Wheel Watcher, I would definitely rather see it at 10:30a then completely miss that day's episode. Another thing I never really got was why Wheel doesn't have a daytime run, but Jeopardy does. Is there a reason why Wheel can't air out of prime access (in CT, at least), and doesn't have a daytime run, but Jeopardy can/does?
  6. Would probably make more sense for him to say "See you on Wheel" at the end of Jeopardy, since J! airs first on most Central Time stations since Wheel is required to air in prime access and Jeopardy isn't (quite a few stations in ET/PT air J! first, too). There are a few markets where the shows air on separate stations (one example being Minneapolis; Wheel airs on CBS O&O WCCO, and Jeopardy airs on NBC affiliate KARE)
  7. Don't see it on WTXF's listings yet. However, "To Be Announced" is listed at 4p Sunday so it could air there.
  8. Not sure when this started, but the Sunday 11p news is back to an hour. Philly Live: Sports Edition aired from 11:50p to 12:05a for a few months.
  9. I just realized that the 5p, 6p, 10p, 11p, and weekend morning newscasts will soon be the only ones to not have a truncated open. I wonder if they will switch to the short open on all newscasts?
  10. I agree. Your scheduling gives Cecily and Adam equal airtime, whereas the real scheduling has Adam working one hour more than Cecily (he does 4p hour, 5:30p half hour, and 10p hour, adding up to two and a half hours; she does the 5p half hour, 6p half hour, and 11p half hour, adding up to an hour and a half).
  11. As reported in the Channel 6 Action News thread, WPVI’s morning and midday meteorologist David Murphy is retiring after 31 years at the station.
  12. It is sad news, but definitely well-deserved. I hope he enjoys his retirement. Adam Joseph says he will work for 10 more mornings before retiring, which means his last broadcast will be at noon on September 7 (if I’m correct).
  13. On TMZ Live today, they were talking with one of their viewers, who said Mayim Bialik could host the syndicated version, and LeVar Burton could host the primetime specials. I think that's an interesting idea.
  14. He's anchored at noon a few times before, including yesterday.
  15. I just heard that ad but I didn't look at it. Would've liked to see that.
  16. Technically, that "egg" logo has only been used for about 10 years - the "6" is the iconic part, and they can probably incorporate that into the new logo without viewers getting mad. They could go back to their old 6 in a blue box, lol.
  17. 5pm: https://www.wccbcharlotte.com/2021/08/18/the-kelly-clarkson-show-comes-to-wccb-charlottes-cw-this-fall/
  18. She still could, though, since she is already going to host the primetime versions. Apparently she will host for at least three weeks.
  19. The Hollywood Reporter says Mayim Bialik will get the job (this screenshot from the TVNT Discord).
  20. Eyewitness News will air on The CW Philly from 4p to 6:30p today, because of golf on 3.
  21. WPSG will be replacing the Saturday evening Millionaire reruns with an infomercial and Impractical Jokers on Saturday, September 4. Waiting to see what the Sunday airings will be replaced with.
  22. WPSG's program guide still has it listed at the usual 6p/6:30p slot on Saturday, the 28th and Sunday, the 29th. Not sure about the following weekend, though.
  23. Drew airs live at 9a Eastern. They’d have to carry CTM at 6a Central to actually air her live.

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