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  1. WTXF is currently re-airing the 9a hour of their morning show, Good Day Philadelphia. Mike Jerrick just explained why at the start of the broadcast.
  2. According to this article, Fox 29 is removing The Dr. Oz Show from the schedule. I think this could be a potential new schedule: 12p - Nick Cannon 1p - 25 Words or Less (x2) 2p - TMZ Live 3p - Judge Judy (x4) They could also do this but only air Judge Judy for an hour at 3p and debut a 4p newscast. But this is probably the easier way.
  3. I checked WTXF's article on this, and this message was at the bottom: FOX 29 will no longer be able to air the show because of his candidacy.
  4. I don't think stations in Pennsylvania will carry him anymore, at the very least (if he ends up winning).
  5. Are you trying to imply that MCTYW is weird? You're on thin ice... xD
  6. Personally, I'm a much bigger fan of Jeopardy!, but, still, Wheel shouldn't be preempted and have such strict rules. I don't see how it's good for CBS.
  7. I cannot think of one single good reason for CBS MV not letting Wheel air earlier. Nobody is going to want to watch it after Corden, and, if you don't have cable, you can't watch that episode at all (because you can't record it on your DVR).
  8. I like that. Would make a good transition for teases.
  9. A couple hours ago Kate Bilo posted on her Instagram story that she tested positive two weeks ago.
  10. Kate Bilo is also doing the forecast from her house. I wonder if someone there got Covid.
  11. Lauren Casey did the weather from her house last night, and, today, Jim is in the studio while Janelle is in the newsroom.
  12. Not sure. WFMZ airs both of those shows but only on weekends. They do, however, air The First 48 on weekdays; it seems like most stations air that on weekends only.
  13. Those L3's remind me of the WPHL graphics, which I absolutely hate. The rest isn't bad.
  14. There was a "10 at 10" bug during last night's broadcast. So for only the debut edition did it still say "10:00 News".
  15. Wow, I like that a lot. Much better than the "old" open.
  16. WTXF did it. Seemed a little obnoxious to me, having it that big and in color.
  17. Rick Williams for sure. Probably paired with Sharrie as well.
  18. Discussion should go in the thread made for this, but I thought it should be posted here too: Jim Gardner is retiring from WPVI at the end of 2022.
  19. Will we see Move Closer To Your World on all the O&O's now? ;D Seriously, though, I am curious as to how (not if... hopefully this message won't eventually be ironic) WPVI will use MCTYW with this graphics.
  20. TVNewsCheck says he will anchor the 4p news with Natasha Brown. His first day is November 15.
  21. Yeah, Jess did a preview of the 5p show sometime around 4:35p.
  22. Watching the 4p and Natasha is anchoring solo. She got the trivia question right and mentioned it was her second one in a row; they only do one per day so she has to have been talking about yesterday. However, Ukee and Jess were on when I watched last night at 10p. Maybe she's anchoring solo until Lewis joins her on the show? ETA: Jessica's Twitter bio says "Up late on @CBSPhilly 5/6/10 & 11PM". Don't know if she hasn't updated it since Natasha and Alex left the 4p show or if I'm right and Lewis/Brown is the new anchor pairing at 4.
  23. They do the 4 too. I definitely agree with you - right now, there are only two anchor teams the entire day.
  24. Interesting. Anchoring at 4p with Natasha was my first thought, but something else he could do is anchor the noon. I don't know if he would do it solo, with Natasha, or another reporter (maybe Kerri Corrado), but it would be a good start and it would relieve Jim and Janelle of having to work so long.
  25. phillynewslover

    Fox Weather

    Fox Weather launched at 6a EST on Monday, October 25, 2021. Here are some pictures showcasing their graphics package (will be updating later).

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