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  1. Interesting. Anchoring at 4p with Natasha was my first thought, but something else he could do is anchor the noon. I don't know if he would do it solo, with Natasha, or another reporter (maybe Kerri Corrado), but it would be a good start and it would relieve Jim and Janelle of having to work so long.
  2. phillynewslover

    Fox Weather

    Fox Weather launched at 6a EST on Monday, October 25, 2021. Here are some pictures showcasing their graphics package (will be updating later).
  3. Interesting fill in - Gray Hall is in for Rick Williams at 5p.
  4. That's right. Last night, the postgame show ended at about 7:20p ET. After a few commercials, Eyewitness News started, ending around 7:47; IE Weekend was JIP'd at 7:49, so only about 10 minutes of it aired. IMO, they should just schedule an infomercial in that slot, so if they have to JIP, it's not something people are likely to be watching. For a while, on Saturday nights, 3 has aired an infomercial in between the 11p news and their syndicated dramas (used to be NCIS, now SEAL Team). IMO, they could put Inside Edition Weekend there, and air the infomercial somewhere else.
  5. Yeah, It's used as a generic theme. I saw it on The Wonder Years.
  6. Health reporter Ali Gorman is leaving Action News.

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