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  1. Really? Just Tribunal? We're running out of court show names.
  2. WTRF has adopted the KOIN graphics (thanks to @news89 for the pictures). Aerial remains in use.
  3. A couple weeks ago they ran Inside Edition in the 10:30p slot for no apparent reason.
  4. I think The ClassH-Room episodes are new, but I don't know because I only ever see a couple seconds of it before the lottery comes on. It seems like the episodes now are "Family Editions".
  5. Walter Perez is doing sports tonight. He used to be a color commentator for "Princeton Football Radio Network" according to Wikipedia, but I don't think I've ever seen him sportscasting on Action News.
  6. They definitely must be shortstaffed. Matt O'Donnell is anchoring the 5p news tonight with Alyana Gomez.
  7. Cecily Tynan did the weather on the World News tonight.
  8. Yeah, for sure. It reminds me of "this is extremely dangerous to our democracy".
  9. TaRhonda Thomas and Alicia Vitarelli anchored the news this morning. TaRhonda was also on last weekend. I wonder if she (possibly along with Jaclyn Lee, who is often on the weekend morning show) could be the replacement for Gray Hall.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this. Jeff Chirico's LinkedIn says he left in November, and is now a realtor full-time. Erin O'Hearn's page still says she is there, though.
  11. I believe it means that the great artists steal and do it so well the work is often misattributed to them. However I don't think the News Channel Nebraska look is as well-known as the WFLA look.
  12. A lot of CBS O&O's don't air Judge Judy. KYW never did. Now they have a 4p newscast. I do agree that Drew Barrymore could move to that slot though (or she could start airing at 3 and Dr. Phil could move to 4).
  13. Matt Pellman is not doing the evening traffic reports anymore. He's moving to mornings full-time. I assume Jessica Boyington would take the evening slot?
  14. I noticed her in the promo, too, alongside Llarisa Abreu, Lauren Casey, and Kate Bilo, all of whom are full-time meteorologists. Speaking of freelancers, has anyone seen former weekend morning meteorologist Matt Peterson on lately? He filled in a while ago, and when someone asked why (because he left in August), he said he was back part-time.
  15. Yahoo is reporting The Wendy Williams Show has been permanently cancelled.
  16. No, it doesn't. They still use it for L3's I think.
  17. Jamie was doing sports tonight. Not sure about yesterday.
  18. I was wondering that, too. I've never seen him anchor a newscast. The only non-news talent I've seen anchor on 6 was Ali Gorman a few years back. Also, although I didn't see it, Chris Sowers apparently anchored for part of the noon show a while ago after Gray Hall had a medical emergency on the air. But yeah, it is weird that he was anchoring in that clip.
  19. It appears WZMQ-DT2 will begin airing CBS programming tonight, with The Late Show. WJMN's last CBS program will be the CBS Overnight News, with Antenna TV programming beginning at 4a tomorrow.
  20. WTF is that theme song? --------------------------------------- I put it through Shazam and it's "Gust of Wind" by Pharrell. I guess they're one of those stations that plays normal songs during the morning show.
  21. They're still using the Raycom graphics as of 4p.
  22. Maybe not across all the O&O's. Quite a few NBC O&O's already use First Alert. I guess CBS could take it though.
  23. I can't tell who it is but it's definitely not Eric Gordon.
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