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  1. Drew Anderson will be joining the Fox 29 Weather Authority team from WFMZ, where he worked weekend mornings. He is a great meteorologist and will be an awesome edition to their team.
  2. Karen Rogers is officially the new meteorologist for Action News Mornings. https://6abc.com/karen-rogers-6abc-action-news-mornings-meteorologist-matt-odonnell/11019541/
  3. Like I've said before WPSG got a double run of it at 6a. They also have Scene of the Crime and Forensic Justice airing in the 7a slot; the four shows replace infomercials. I have no idea what any of them are, except for Balancing Act (a Lifetime morning show).
  4. How do they have a jump on Days? Y&R starts at 12:30p, Days starts at noon. EDIT: Nevermind. Forgot Days airs at 1p in most cities.
  5. They're a CBS O&O. I don't think they would do that.
  6. Kelly Clarkson is in New York City for her third season premiere. Her in-studio audience is back, as well.
  7. No - I didn't know about it until about 11:30a, so all I saw was the reading of the names. However, one thing to note - they used Look N graphics for the names of the victims. It's probably because it takes a while to write out 3,000 names, so they didn't redo it with the new graphics. I wonder what it would look like with Look S.
  8. WNBC aired live, local coverage. I know because it was simulcasted on LX.
  9. PHILADELPHIA SYNDICATED CHANGES - FALL 2021 PART 1: NEW SHOWS First run - weekdays Nick Cannon - Noon on WTXF (FOX - Fox Television Stations; starts Sep. 27) You Bet Your Life - 7:30p on WTXF (FOX - Fox Television Stations; starts Sep. 13) Relative Justice - 2p and 2:30p on WPSG (The CW - CBS Television Stations; starts Sep. 13) The Balancing Act - 6a and 6:30a on WPSG (The CW - CBS Television Stations; starts Sep. 13) Scene of the Crime - 7a on WPSG (The CW - CBS Television Stations; starts Sep. 13) Forensic Justice - 7:30a on WPSG
  10. Why the laughing reaction? What's funny? Lol.
  11. Not in Philadelphia. WFMZ is airing it Sunday mornings at 1:30a and 4a; I thought WPSG aired it on weekends, too, but I guess they got rid of that. Also - are NCIS and NCIS: NO leaving syndication? Currently, they air Saturday from 8p to 10p on WPSG, and Sunday from 12:05a to 2:05a on KYW, but those runs will be replaced with CW Primetime, SEAL Team, and Bull, respectively.
  12. The NBC O&O's are moving her to Ellen's 3p slot in 2022, so I'm not sure. Speaking of that - what's going to air in the 2p slot on the O&O's? I think there were plans for a Tiffany Haddish talk show.
  13. Why? The previous design didn't (I don't think). Although it's better to have a ticker, I personally think it looks better without one.
  14. Lauren Casey did weather yesterday for the AM and evening newscasts, as well as tonight’s news; chief meteorologist Kate Bilo appeared this morning, interestingly.

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