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  1. I do like Kate and I'll miss seeing her in the evening but her personality is definitely better suited for the afternoon than the late evening. I'm not familiar with Bill Kelly, so I'll just have to wait and see.
  2. The KOLN graphics are really growing on me. For Gray graphics, they're terrific. Probably up there with the WOIO package, and the Meredith package (although technically that isn't Gray).
  3. Surprised they didn't call it Today Fifth Hour.
  4. That's an actual package that stations can use. It isn't a mock of anything.
  5. WTXF in Philadelphia is getting Sherri and Jennifer, probably to replace Wendy and Nick or The Real. They still need another hour to fill, though. Maybe Pictionary? I imagine WPHL will be airing Karamo Brown, and WPSG probably got We the People.
  6. Couples Court ended two years ago. The reruns have been on since then. I'm not sure if they're going to play a third season of reruns. The show was only on for one season anyway.
  7. WCAU is also swapping Ellen and Kelly on June 6.
  8. Really? Just Tribunal? We're running out of court show names.
  9. WTRF has adopted the KOIN graphics (thanks to @news89 for the pictures). Aerial remains in use.
  10. A couple weeks ago they ran Inside Edition in the 10:30p slot for no apparent reason.
  11. I think The ClassH-Room episodes are new, but I don't know because I only ever see a couple seconds of it before the lottery comes on. It seems like the episodes now are "Family Editions".
  12. Walter Perez is doing sports tonight. He used to be a color commentator for "Princeton Football Radio Network" according to Wikipedia, but I don't think I've ever seen him sportscasting on Action News.
  13. They definitely must be shortstaffed. Matt O'Donnell is anchoring the 5p news tonight with Alyana Gomez.
  14. Cecily Tynan did the weather on the World News tonight.
  15. Yeah, for sure. It reminds me of "this is extremely dangerous to our democracy".
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