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  1. I was wondering that, too. I've never seen him anchor a newscast. The only non-news talent I've seen anchor on 6 was Ali Gorman a few years back. Also, although I didn't see it, Chris Sowers apparently anchored for part of the noon show a while ago after Gray Hall had a medical emergency on the air. But yeah, it is weird that he was anchoring in that clip.
  2. It appears WZMQ-DT2 will begin airing CBS programming tonight, with The Late Show. WJMN's last CBS program will be the CBS Overnight News, with Antenna TV programming beginning at 4a tomorrow.
  3. WTF is that theme song? --------------------------------------- I put it through Shazam and it's "Gust of Wind" by Pharrell. I guess they're one of those stations that plays normal songs during the morning show.
  4. They're still using the Raycom graphics as of 4p.
  5. Maybe not across all the O&O's. Quite a few NBC O&O's already use First Alert. I guess CBS could take it though.
  6. I can't tell who it is but it's definitely not Eric Gordon.
  7. Rick Williams has started doing a preview of the 11p show during the 6p news. Like what they do at 4p.
  8. Which one? Will KAUZ get it too?
  9. Getting away from whatever this is... Jillian Mele, formerly of NBC10 and Fox News, was hired by channel 6 recently. Maybe that's where she'll go? Her Twitter bio just says "Journalist 6abc".
  10. Also, it appears this is wrong. The Fox 46 logo appears as part of the bug (alternating with the Queen City News logo).
  11. The new graphics and branding launched today at 4p.
  12. Former WCAU reporter Jillian Mele has joined Action News. Her Twitter bio now says "Journalist @6abc".
  13. WCCO did too (albeit on Sunday mornings). I guess it's all the O&O's are.
  14. Eyewitness News now airs for three hours on Saturday mornings. They added another hour at 9a today. Sister stations KTVT and WFOR also added newscasts. Looks like they just won't be airing the last hour of Dream Team anymore.
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