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  1. Yeah, LOL, at the end of the 6pm, Cecily said it was past his bedtime and he promised he would be awake for the 11. I don’t think it would make sense for it to go to an outside person (or really anyone except Sarah), considering how many times she has filled in. Then again, though, after Monica left, Sarah filled in at 5pm most of the time, but the spot went to Sharrie.
  2. Interesting fill-in tonight: Matt O'Donnell is in for Jim Gardner at 6. Anyway, it's been around 30 weeks since Jeannette left and there's still no official replacement. Sarah has subbed at least one time all of those weeks (or nearly all of them; I can't remember a week she was off every day). I wonder if they are just waiting for the new voiceovers to announce it? Currently CVD only does the opens and isn't used for anything else. I would hope they don't use the VA's that do the station promos and closing announcements; I don't think their voice would go well with MCTYW.
  3. So, in recent months, three reporters have left (Dan Koob, Kimberly Davis, Greg Argos) and only one has joined (Alicia Roberts).
  4. Today is Dan Koob's last day at CBS3. He came to the station in 2018 as a reporter/fill-in sports anchor. It looks like he is joining some sort of sports betting app.
  5. I didn’t see the beginning, but Jaclyn Lee is co-anchoring with Gray Hall this morning. She can’t be filling in for Nydia, because she’s only on Sunday mornings (unless she’s adding Saturday mornings). Is this just for Memorial Day Weekend, or a permanent change?
  6. Their website shows the usual half-hour at 6pm for this Saturday, but an hour at 6pm on the 5th. Looks like they are the only O&O doing this if they actually are.
  7. Sharrie just said “Brian and Sarah are off” at 4:30. I guess that means Sarah is the new 4pm anchor, like we thought.
  8. Joy Howe announced that today was her last day anchoring at noon. She'll continue to do reports in the evening.
  9. Will be interesting to see what Saturday nights on The CW entail - I'm expecting either reruns of The CW originals or, like the article says, acquisitions. A variety show/movie would also be interesting.
  10. That article also says Kelly will likely be moved up to 3pm, so if Tiffany does start a talk show, it would likely air at 2pm on the O&O's. If that happens, we likely won't see a 3pm newscast.
  11. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure Daily Blast Live is 30 minutes long so if that were to happen, the stations that replace Ellen with DBL would have to pair another show with it, or it would be extended to an hour. If I'm wrong and it's an hour long, then I think it could.
  12. Was thinking that as well. WCAU here in Philadelphia does 20 minutes of commercial-free news at the start of the 4pm newscast, right after Ellen, so a 3pm newscast isn't out of the question on the O&O's. That would be the easy option if they don't have anything to replace it with/don't want to make anything. WOIO in Cleveland already does, IIRC. KABC does a half-hour 3pm as well, since they air WNT live at 3:30 Pacific.
  13. While it is pretty big news, I'm not surprised - not only because of her alleged toxic workplace, but also because, according to Wikipedia, Ellen had only signed through 2022 anyway: The NBC O&O's will most likely move Kelly Clarkson up to 3pm (which, if I remember correctly, was apparently being discussed over the summer), but that would still leave an empty slot... or something completely different happens.
  14. I guess we can confirm Brittany Boyer will debut on-air next weekend - Chris Sowers is in tonight, and she should be starting this April, so she's either debuting on Sunday or next weekend (unless she's going to fill a different role).
  15. Christie Ileto in for Brian at noon today. Wonder why Sarah didn't just handle it solo?

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