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  1. Jessica's doing traffic again. Maybe Chris Sowers can replace Melissa, Karen can replace Chris on weekend mornings, and Jessica can replace Karen doing traffic on weekday mornings?
  2. Wasn't Jaclyn hired as a reporter AND anchor? She came in January and I haven't seen her anchor on any newscast since then. I think they should give Jaclyn Saturday and Sunday with Walter, and then Sarah changes to a normal Monday through Friday schedule, anchoring at noon and 4. There have been times where Sarah would almost certainly replace someone as anchor, and then didn't (like when Matt and Sarah on weekday mornings suddenly turned into Matt and Tamala, or when Sharrie replaced Monica).
  3. I noticed that too. Alicia did the 4pm preview on the noon show, so I thought that would have to mean that Brian and Sarah would be the 4pm anchors (since they wouldn't be able to do the preview while at the news desk).
  4. They’re playing a very long credit roll (everyone that works at the station is in it). It aired last night at 10 and 11, they’re playing it again now.
  5. Ducis Rogers is replacing Melissa Magee as co-host on FYI Philly. IIRC, he did reports before but this is his first episode hosting.
  6. I’ve heard that one; this one is different. That one is just “Action News continues,” but this one is “Action News, Delaware Valley’s leading news program, now continues.” That’s not the rejoin they normally play, even when someone has left and a spot is open. Yes, it was Charlie Van Dyke.
  7. I just (like literally just now) heard a rejoin voiceover that I've never heard before. Here's how it went: "Action News, Delaware Valley's leading news program, now continues." Has anyone heard this before?
  8. That's probably the 4pm team they're going with. Although I liked Jeannette, it wouldn't be hard to replace her since she had only been at the station for 4 years and anchored one newscast. Sarah can become the anchor, and Alicia retains her previous role at 4 as features anchor.
  9. Does anyone know if Clayton Stiver is still at WFMZ? It seems like Drew Anderson has been filling in for him on every weekend evening newscast for a while.
  10. Yeah. If Charlie Van Dyke doesn't do voiceovers for 6 anymore, what will they do for the 4pm and the weekend evenings? Jeannette Reyes and Melissa Magee both left for other stations, and now they use the standard opens. They would have to find a new person to do the VO's by the time they have replacements for the people that left.
  11. Yeah. They were only on at 6am to cover the severe weather. Matt O'Donnell posted this on Twitter: "We're going on the air at 6am to bring you details of a nasty weather system that left thousands of people without power on Christmas morning. It's a special edition of Action News, you don't even need to unwrap it!" Had to fix that.
  12. Action News was on at 6 this morning (instead of airing some Christmas special) to cover the storm. David was off, so Karen did the weather, which happens often enough. Instead of having Matt Pellman or Gina Gannon do the traffic segments, Jessica Boyington filled in during the newscast and the GMA cut-ins. Of course, it's Christmas, so lots of people will be off, but I haven't seen her do traffic since she left 10.
  13. Here is Alicia Roberts reporting, in case anyone hasn’t seen her yet: I could see her being a fill-in anchor, but it’s only her second day so we’ll see.
  14. They don’t anymore. It happened in May along with the firing of Chantee Lans, Lesley Van Arsdall, etc... of course, they still work at the station, but now only anchor as fill-ins.

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