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  1. I guess we can confirm Brittany Boyer will debut on-air next weekend - Chris Sowers is in tonight, and she should be starting this April, so she's either debuting on Sunday or next weekend (unless she's going to fill a different role).
  2. Christie Ileto in for Brian at noon today. Wonder why Sarah didn't just handle it solo?
  3. CBS3 adding the 8am hour back to Eyewitness News This Morning on Sundays.
  4. Bumping this thread because of something I'm confused about when watching Action News at 10 Weekend. Walter Perez/whoever is anchoring at 10pm on the weekend will always say "Central Ave is next, followed by Seinfeld." That is not the schedule; it's Central Ave, followed by Weekend Philler. Why do they say this?
  5. Sarah is off, guess who's filling in at noon? None other than Maggie Kent. I wonder why she has been filling in so much? Not that I dislike her, but I don't understand why she's the only person they can have sub.
  6. Also, I take from Brittany Boyer coming to the station this month that they'll probably record the new opens with a new announcer, since Charlie van Dyke only VO's the opens from a year or two ago. I wonder who will become the new voice of Action News...
  7. That’s what I’m wondering too. I think I actually prefer Chris on weekend evenings now. On a different note: Maggie Kent is in for Gray Hall on Action News Saturday.
  8. I definitely agree, it looks a lot better than the Good Day/Youse Up Yet logo.
  9. Me too! It's probably an April fool, but they made shirts, hats, a logo, and a full opening sequence. We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings, LOL.
  10. Goodbye, Good Day Philadelphia, hello Youse Up Yet?...
  11. Good Day is doing a 25th anniversary show on Thursday, the 1st.
  12. Maggie Kent was in for Tamala Edwards this morning.
  13. Shirleen Allicot (who was at 6abc, now at ABC7 New York) was on GMA last weekend, so yeah, I think they're just having local anchors do Pop News.
  14. Yeah, she will be. I'm assuming she's already in New York City so they had Alicia in.

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