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  1. Here's a WBFF Newscast from July 9, 2011. https://archive.org/details/WBFF_20110710_020000_FOX_45_News_at_10
  2. Guess What? Today is my birthday!

  3. Yeah, that could be a good idea.
  4. I like the new Nighty News set too.
  5. Here's a KMXC sign off from October 2008. Not sure if they still sign off though.
  6. We don't know yet. We will just have to find out and see if Allen Media Group buys Quincy Media.
  7. Keep in note that Allen Media Group and Quincy Media both own stations in the Fort Wayne and Mason City market. So that means one of them is most likely going to be sold off.
  8. Yeah, it is. I thought this was from the last day as a FOX affiliate, but nope, FOX Programming stopped airing on November 2. My bad, i need to look at the correct dates in the future.
  9. Here is the sign off of KTTW from a couple days ago, also the last day as a FOX affiliate.
  10. Glad he apologize. Joking about People's deaths is not funny at all. I know Mitch Mcconnell is still alive, but I need to point this out.
  11. I actually remember a similar site called Filmon that have a lot of ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS stations. I actually remember watching some out of market stations back in 2014. Unfortunately, it got removed months later, most likely for copyright reasons.
  12. CNBC and Fox Business aired coverage on Saturday afternoon. Both networks usually show infomercials during weekend afternoons. (CNBC doesn't start there weekend programming untill 4:00 PM.)
  13. So there's a new FOX station in Sioux Falls. KTTW had held the Fox affiliate for so long (there one of the few FOX affiliates that doesn't have a news operation!).
  14. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. I'm been viewing this site for a couple of months now, but it was time for me to finally create a account.

  15. NBC Nightly News for September 2, 1999.

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